Weekly Poll: Which Part of OS X Would You Most Like to See Redesigned?

By now many or even most of you have gotten a chance to really dig into Apple’s latest operating system: OS X Lion. This update was a significant one and brought about tons of changes from both a visual and functional standpoint. With this in mind, we already can’t help but to look toward the next iteration and wonder what’s in store, not just from a new feature standpoint but regarding which existing features Apple will decide to refine.

Today we want to know what you would like Apple to take another run at designing. Whether it’s a brand new feature like Mission control or something that’s been there since the beginning like Finder, which piece of OS X are you really hoping will see a major facelift next time around?

Vote in the poll and then leave a comment below telling us what you would change and why.


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  • Dual Monitor Support/Features!

    This should have been included on the list. Anyone who uses dual monitors knows this is in desperate need of some help.

    • +1

      for example: lion fullscreen’s app are useless at the moment.
      painfully useless.

  • It’s tough to choose because some of these features are due for retirement, others need to be re-imagined, but are still useful, and others are simply broken.

    I chose iCloud integration because it’s been on my mind lately. Today, I discovered that Address Book deleted nearly all the entries from the categories I had set up. It’s now just one massive list of contacts, and without the categories, it means I have to be looking for a specific person (or keyword). Thanks for nothing, iCloud.

    Launchpad is also broken, since I can’t move the apps out of a group once it’s been added. I stopped even trying, really.

  • 1. Notification Centre: iOS 5 has a great notification centre, but the Mac doesn’t have one at all? A bit odd, no? (to preempt anyone, i know about Growl. I just think something so fundamental should be built in)

    2. Finder: I’d like to see an iDocuments to enable users to shift the focus to content rather than remembering the folder locations, and moving files around. Is it really necessary? Having to move files around always seemed like an arbitrary solution to a problem that could be more elegantly addressed.

    3. General UI: iOS made significant improvements to the way we interface with computers. While not all are compatible (touch > mouse), many are. PopClip is a great example of a UI element from iOS.

    4. Menubar icons: my single most hated aspect of Mac OS X. I can’t hide passive background apps. If Apple could combine this with a Notifications Centre, i’d be in heaven.

  • Spaces needs a redesign to work the way it used to in Snow Leopard and Leopard. Also, Launchpad is useless for users who use QuickSilver, Launchbar, or even Spotlight for that matter.

    No ‘Save As’ feature. What was Apple thinking?

    Lion is a step backwards from Snow Leopard, sad to say.

    • Ah yes, the missing ‘Save As’ feature, such a delight not having that option when working with HTML, CSS, InDesign and other such creative things.

      Gosh, seeing all of these opinions and critique of Apples decisions makes me dislike my iMac a bit, really gets me irritated..

      Anyone know any terminal command that can bring out the Save As feature? (@LUNDLUND)

    • +1

      “Lion is a step backwards from Snow Leopard”…and sooo slow and choppy!

  • It’s not listed, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the aesthetics of OSX updated. Yes, I’m a Mac user, but I actually think that Windows is doing a better job of keeping their OS fresh-looking.

  • I just want my minimized windows back to expose / mission control.. Then next is to turbocharge finder. Or let us truly replace it with Forklift or other 3rd party filemanager.

    • What are the other popular 3rd party file managers? I am thinking of trying a few out.

      • I think Path Finder is the most popular suggestion, but personally I liked Forklift more.

        The problem with 3rd party finder replacements are that they don’t really replace Finder. You can’t set a default filemanager in OS X like you set a browser or mail application. Total Finder is the 3rd option and does a better job in this, but lacks features I would get with Forklift for example.

        Personally most issues comes when using other apps that ‘calls’ for Finder. Like Adobe Bridge has option to ‘reveal in Finder’. When I click that the file is shown in Finder, not in the 3rd party filemanager like I would want it to do. So I end up using a mix of finder and other software which is not ideal.

      • Totalfinder – completely integrates in finder and is very lightweight. It has tabbed views and side by side views of folders.

      • True. But Total Finder still lacks many features I would like to have in my file management application. But it’s better than Finder on it’s own, for sure.

  • Reverse all the animation bloat, it’s killing the UI and sense of speed.

    Launchpad is really just for show and not useful if you are like the majority of mac users whom use spotligt, alfred or any other keyboard driven launcher.

    Mac OS X is getting bloated in many ways, and not that much smarter. Sadly now when Steve is gone (bless his heart) the funkers at apple who preach this “bloat for sales” are getting more power. Guess it’s just another theory, but I think there might be something behind it, Apple is a profit company after all, and flashy effects sell sadly.

  • TouchPad is useless, I have disabled it. I really don’t like the iOS elements that have been incorporated into osx , they really are not all that useable, but I would really like to see a more unified interface, with maybe more of a graphite or carbon look to it. I feel like the ui is a bit everywhere now with the new elements in lion

  • 3 simple things would be great…

    1 – System wide notifications à la Growl
    2 – Tabs in Finder
    3 – In Mail, a “copy email into a todo or a calendar” (like Lotus Notes does it) function

    Give me those and I’ll be a lot happier…

    • Exactly

  • The Finder and iChat. I think the Finder could be a lot more powerful (tabs etc.) and iChat needs updating for iMessage.

  • *Undo the iOSification of Mail & iCal
    *Better Multi-monitor support
    *Build a try-before-you-buy mechanism into the App Store
    *Reopen windows when logging back in should be an option a choice at login rather than a choice at logout.

    Unlike some of the other commenters, I prefer mission control to spaces/expose in SL.

  • I’d like to see iCal and Address Book redesigned to not use really lame, really ugly real world metaphors.

    • Yes

  • The lack of “Save As..” is getting to me more and more.. Feel the need to go back to Snow Leopard.

  • Sure there are bugs and features that need to be addressed, but at this point the thing that would make me happiest in a future update would be for Apple to admit that their movement toward colorless gray sidebars in Mail, Finder, iPhoto, and iTunes is a big mistake. Aside from taking away valuable color cues, the new gray sidebars visually imply that everything is “inactive” — the time-honored meaning of an all-gray icon. Apple has gone from mocking “1984” to using it as a visual style cue.