Weekly Poll: Which Site-Specific Browser Is Your Favorite?

Site-specific browsers (SSBs) are web browsers that allow you to focus on specific sites. The benefit is that you can easily turn web applications like Gmail and Facebook into a neatly wrapped app that sits in your dock. This separates these apps out from your normal browser and allows you to run them independently.

Today, we want to know which SSB you prefer. Is the the tried and true Fluid browser or its popular alternative Mozilla Prism? Both offer similar functionality and easily allow you to create standalone applications for web apps. Or perhaps you prefer Raven, the newcomer in the SSB game. Raven has some unique tricks up its sleeve and is quite unlike any other app. Instead of creating standalone dock apps, Raven uses a sidebar with dedicated shortcuts and custom controls for all your favorite sites. There’s even a free AppStorm Raven app!

Cast your vote in the poll on the right and then leave a comment below explaining your answer. Have you tried all three apps? Which SSB do you prefer? Why do you think it’s better than the competition? We want to know!


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  • None, really. But when i do use one, it’s definitely Raven.

  • Shouldn’t someone build a really good normal browser first? No matter which one you choose, your are always stuck with some really annoying things. So if none of the big conventional browsers gets it right, why would i use some small experimental thing which is even more likely to annoy me, because it doesn’t have the latest features i’ve come to depend on in my workflow? Also, your are not able to use Extensions / Add-ons / whatever-they-call-it-in-your-favourite-browser in a SSB. I can’t surf without my extensions.

  • I used to use fluid until I just got bored with the whole SSB thing, blow it’s just Safari or Chrome when I need flash. It’s just not necessary for me.

  • You should maybe mention creating a dashboard widget through Safari as well?
    Personally, I don’t use an SSB, as I’m sure most people don’t.