Weekly Poll: Which Twitter Client is Your Favorite?

The world of Twitter clients is an ongoing obsession of mine. The history of how third party developers have helped push the platform forward and then left the market disgruntled at how they’ve been treated by Twitter is fascinating. Looking back we can see Twitter’s strategy clearly: wait to see who makes the best apps and then buy them up. Clear category leaders Tweetie and TweetDeck are prime examples.

Now that Twitter has such a strong presence in the Twitter client game both on OS X and iOS, it’s interesting to see which clients still hold on and choose to compete with the official apps. Recently, Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad has gained a ton of popularity as users flock away from the recently watered-down official apps in favor of versatility and awesome design.

While we’re waiting on Tweetbot to hit the Mac, I thought it would be interesting to check in and ask about your current favorite Twitter client on OS X. There are a few major players in this category to choose from, vote in the poll to let us know which is your favorite.

Once you’ve voted, leave a comment below and let us know your favorite bygone Twitter apps. For instance, the first native Twitter client that I really loved was Nambu, after which I switched to Tweetie. I also really enjoyed Kiwi during its brief stint.


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  • Echofon, hands down. Best (maybe only?) cross platform app that actually tries to unify the platforms (syncs mute preferences, read status, etc. across iOS, Mac, and Windows). Absolutely fantastic.

  • Used to be Echofon, then i kind of got into Twitter, now i love Osfoora for Mac.

  • I loved Echofon when I was using firefox. Now on chrome I use tweetings, which isnt as good sadly

  • I do not like to use Twitter on the Mac. On the iPad with Tweetbot i am very happy. Perhaps this will change in the future with Tweetbot for Mac?

  • i tried allot of apps.
    started with twitter app but it really sucks. it still notifies me again and again for each direct message and mention.

    then i bought weet but since last year there is no update for weet and after twitter changed the api weet spams me with annoying message about connection problems.

    itsy was my next try but it still feels not like a twitter app.

    so i bought twitterrific and found my first twitter app which i still love and use.
    last week i also bought osfoora because i know the developer a little ;-)

  • I’ve tried almost every twitter client. Tweetie used to be the best until Twitter bought the company and then ruined the app.

    Echofon does its job very well (syncs everything between Mac, iPhone and iPad) but its integration with OS X/iOS is not very good, and the app is pretty ugly, so I’m sticking with the official client on the Mac (even if it sucks), and using Tweetbot on the iPad/iPod (best iOS twitter client, ever).

    But I say, it’s not that the official app is the best… it’s just the one that sucks less.

  • Anything that uses Tweet Marker is great for me. That said the official Twitter app would be perfect if it synced timeline progress between devices.

    The features that I need from a twitter app:
    1. Tweet marker
    2. Integrated image viewing
    3. Reply to all option
    4. Tweet More or Tweet Longer support for the occasional longer tweet.
    5. Easier access to saved searches
    6. and as a guy spoiled by Tweetbot it would be great to have lists as choices for TL

    That said, there isn’t a great Mac Twitter app and I just don’t understand why. Obviously Tapbots has to make it.

    And this is a thought that has long bothered me so I’m sharing: Ever since Apple introduced Mac AppStore there was this one thing that I disliked about it in comparisment with the iOS App Store(s). The developers that publish to Mac AppStore are 1) slow on the updates and fixes 2) not so keen on implementing user requests and fixing user identified problems. If there is anything that makes me feel that buying iOS software is worthwhile it is regular updates with improvements and periodic updates that revamp the whole look and feel (usually for the better). You rarely get that in MacAppStore (the above mentioned wren is a great example of how you do not treat your app once published).

    Sorry for the long talk. I had to get this out of my system.

    • Right there with you regarding Tweet Marker. It’s a must for me. That said I’m using Twitterific on both Mac and IOS even though the official Twitter client is better in most ways.

      I know Tweet Bot is probably the best, and it supports Tweet Marker, but there’s no Mac version yet. If/when there is Mac version I’ll buy all three versions. Actually I may just get the iPad version now because it looks awesome.

      RIP Namu.

      • There is really only one app that comes close to Tweetbot for iPhone and its Twittelator. I sound like I’m a Tapbots dev but the whole Tweetbot experience is so reliable, sturdy and well thought that you can’t go wrong with buying both versions (iPad version needs an update though, there are some bugs).

        On Twittelator I like the way it displays image thumbnails in the timeline (Tweebot does it in the new version but this is better in Twittelator). The thing with it is that push notifications are an in-app-purchase (that lasts for a year!?!), and that definitely sucks (at least than the app should be free).

        I recently bought Osfoora for Mac and I’m using it even though it certainly isn’t better than Twitterific for Mac. Guess that the feel of the app got to me. The stupid thing about both apps is the lack of timeline streaming. I mean – who wants to refresh the app all the time just to keep up with the mentions (twitter also blocks you if you refresh a lot) when you have push notifications on iOS devices.

  • Got stuck with Nambu. Still the client that serves my needs best. It’s a shame it was discontinued. Apparently API changes broke some features…

  • Yorufukurou is the best for me.
    Its TABS are flawless.. being able to read users timelines even without following is great.
    but now i use AlfredTweet (Alfred extension) for posting. Yorufukurou for reading :)

  • I use the official Twitter client (formally Tweetie). It’s simple and is kind of showing its age and may not be for power users but I’m happy with it and it serves me well. It really could do with an improvement though.

  • I was a Tweetie fan…then a Twitter fan on both the iphone and mac….until the ugly change.

    Now I’m a Tweetbot fan and waiting patiently for the Mac client. I still like Twitter as my mac client. But I’ll like Tweetbot better.

    Apps need to look good as well as work well. I’ll trade function for looks sometimes. Well, lets say I’ll overlook some faults for the better looking app.

    Yorufukurou was always a good app for me….but it’s not a good looking app, even after customizing the colors.

  • It’s really become pretty bad how all the apps for Mac are these days. I find once you’ve used Tweetbot for iPhone it kinda ruins you for other apps. I use the official Twitter app, but it is so overdue for an overhaul. So many things are missing from it, like ability to see retweets, block spammers, see all replies to a given tweet. It’s just amazing how far ahead Tweetbot is. I refuse to use Tweetdeck as it’s way too bloaty and Adobe Air is crap.