Weekly Poll: Which Version of OS X Are You Running?

OS X Lion was announced way back in October of 2010 and released in July of 2011. You’ve now had lots of time to prep for the switch and over six months to make the purchase and upgrade your system (granted that your Mac can handle the upgrade). So have you? Are you running Lion on your primary Mac or are you still on Snow Leopard?

For the readers who are still kicking it old school, we want you to chime in as well. Are you still running Leopard or perhaps something even older like Tiger or Panther? We want to know!

After you vote in the poll, leave a comment below and tell us why you run the version that you do. If you’re on an older version, is it because you simply haven’t felt the need to upgrade, haven’t had the cash or are you being help back by an older Mac that can’t upgrade any further?


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  • I’m running Lion on my desktop, but Snow Leopard on my laptop. I have no plans to update to Lion as I’m still not a fan. Aside from iCloud, there is nothing that Lion does better than Snow Leopard.

  • well, i gotta say i miss Spaces from SL, but i’m enjoying Lion alot

  • Lion really offers nothing to me that I want. It just seems like more iPad influences coming to the desktop, which I really don’t care for. I like iOS and Mac OS X to be separate. Plus the sorta faded looking gray and the smaller close buttons on the windows annoy me. Launchpad and Mission Control aren’t really important to me either, as I never really use Exposé or the App Store much. I still prefer all my apps to be manually installed, and I like my dashboard the way it is. I feel like Mac OS X is being dumbed down, so I’ll pass on upgrading until I absolutely need to, or buy a new machine. My current laptop can run it for sure, but I see no need to drop $30 for an upgrade that I don’t even want.

    • Yeah, what he said.

    • Hell yeah… plus snow was much more faster than lion. I’m running lion but going to roll back to Snow ASAP!!!

  • Lion, but I’ll switch back to Snow Leopard soon.

  • Snow Leopard. Alhough I bought Lion right after it came out, I haven’t installed it yet. Seems like more apps are becoming Lion-only though.

  • lol. i have to feel sorry for whoever is still running Cheetah.

  • I’m still under Snow Leopard because my first gen. macbook pro can’t handle a Lion but also, I don’t want that lazy cat !

    For the user that I am, I can’t stand Lion, full of gadget and super labelize for newbies ! No space for power user. Erk.

  • Mission Control is the dealbreaker in Lion for me. I actually have a Leopard-style Exposé in my Snow Leopard and this is as good as it can get for me right now. I tried to get used to Lion, I had it installed on another partition but I never used it so I erased it.

  • It is always important for me to be up to date. My macs, iPhone or iPad are updated each time it’s possible just for all these good new functions and stability !

  • Wow, didn’t realize Lion has been out so long. I know July 2011 to now isn’t really that long, but it feels newer than that to me. Since it’s been more than 6 months since release, i guess it’s time for the 10.8 rumors to start, correct?

  • Lion Baby

  • I’m a bit surprised to see such heavy Lion adoption. In my lectures of dozens of macbook users, I’ve never seen one with Lion. I’m not a huge fan, but I’m a bit hooked on the full-screen and the general finder improvements.

  • I’m on Lion but I wish I’d stayed at Snow leopard. No expose is a massive issue for me. Loads of other niggles that I think are a step backwards. OSX is basically a finished product. All the’re doing now is basically tacking on gimmicks to try and justify a new version. Look at at launch pad for example. What a waste of time that is.

  • I’m running on Lion since I just bought my iMac recently but I decided to let my MacBook stay on SL since I don’t want it to bog down. I do miss Expose on Lion but the Full Screen apps hooked me. It makes me focus on the job without the clutter of multiple apps behind or finder window. It also helps when you also have a magic trackpad with you. Gesture is king on the Lion. Launchpad are for newbies who doesn’t know where they’ve placed their newly installed apps or find apps inside their mac and I don’t see a use for it since I used Alfred to launch apps.

  • I switched over to Lion about 3 months after it was introduced. I have to admit, I prefer Snow Leopard, but 99% of my time on my computer is either in Photoshop, Illustrator, on my browser, Word, or watching a movie. For the amount that I actually interact with the OS, it’s not really worth it for me to reformat back. The kicker for me is if/when they start taking away my choice to really control things. Going towards an iOS way of running things will persuade me to go back to PC. So far, it’s okay, but I won’t put up with a company taking away flexibility, and control over my own computer, and treating me like an idiot.

  • I am using the latest and greatest, OSX Lion.

  • I’m using Lion on home laptop but Snow Leopard at work. I only switched to SL last August, and I’m still not fully functional, so I imagine it’ll be at least a year before the work machine gets updated. At least.

  • Snow Leopard only. I have a Hackintosh with a Pentium Dual Core, so I don’t meet the processor requirements for Lion.

    I do kinda want it, though.

  • Maybe i’m forgetting something about exposé, but what was so great about it that isn’t in Mission Control? Isn’t Mission Control just exposé with spaces built into one thing? I’ve had zero issues with it.

  • Wow, 4 people still running Cheetah? That’s amazing!

  • The problem is, Mission control groups application windows. For example if you have 3 safari windows open , when you launch mission control you see 3 windows grouped, but the problem is while you can see the first windows, you can’t see what’s on the second and third, cause they’re under the first window . Silly . Exposé always showed All windows, and adjusted size properly if you had few things opened

  • I’m still on Snow Leopard and I don’t plan to upgrade. There are no major interesting new features (why would I want to use Launchpad? I’ve got both Spotlight and Cmd+Shift+A in Finder, both of these are better and faster). Plus I don’t like the look of the new square-ish buttons.

    But the biggest problem is that Rosetta doesn’t work any more. With Snow Leopard, I can quickly start up FreeHand MX to open an older file from my archive. In Lion, I’d have to boot into a VM to do that kind of stuff (which, in addition to taking time and being inconvenient, would waste precious space on my laptop harddrive).

  • Just so my tiny “contingent” is represented here, I’m running Tiger on my iBook – which does everything I need it to do – just as it has for over 7 years! It doesn’t leave the house anymore, ‘cos a battery replacement would be more than the resale value, but it’s my bookkeeping machine for my business (First Edge from MYOB), my podcast watching/listening machine, light surfing in bed, and I can save and retrieve any Word Docs I’m working on using Drop Box to get back and forth between it and my three year old Desktop PC.

    I’m fairly well off, but other priorities have been sucking up my cash until now.

    But I’m ready to drop a pile of money on Apple as soon as they release their next 15″ Thunderbolt notebook (hopefully it’ll be a lighter MB Pro, i.e., heavish-duty Ivy Bridge and graphics with the ODD stripped out – and I’d love see, say, a 128/256 GB SSD paired with a 500GB/1TB 7200 rpm HDD for both fast running a sufficient mobile file storage. But even if they go “all-Air,” and I’m stuck with 256GB until the next gen cheaper 480’s come out, I’m still a very likely buyer, if less thrilled. This will replace my desktop and be my vacation machine as well.

    I’m also waiting for a 4G iPhone and whatever new goodness the next iPad brings (with the latter being my local traveler) and once I absorb the cost of adding to AAPL”s big “pile o’ cash” I’ll probably pony up for the TB 27″ monitor and some new peripherals to plug into it.

    Just for the record, though, I’m also not thrilled.

  • Oops, didn’t finish my last para, which is:

    Just for the record, though, I’m also not thrilled.with several of the dumbing down directions Lion’s moved in (nor with the iOS design cues mentioned by others above). But I will be using some specific features and keeping it for years – likely with the initial OS unless I get sold on upgrading in place so I don’t have to reinstall and reconfigure all my apps and content. So I will go for Lion at the time I buy – for long-term support and app compatibility reasons if nothing else.

    And long as I’m still writing, I realize that chipset considerations (size, world compatibility and power consumption) could have me waiting up to say 18 months for that 4G iPhone. But with a new iPad and a phone/text phone, I’ll survive.

  • Six people STILL use Cheetah? Geez, time to upgrade folks…

    I’m using Lion, and I love it! I do miss the color that was in Snow Leopard though.

  • This poll’s results are a fantastic example of ‘selection bias.’ (Wiki it.) Why? Because legitimate studies (as recently as November) show that Lion adoption has significantly slowed or even stalled, and that Snow Leopard installations are roughly double those of Lion.



    So what’s the point of this article and poll?

    • I would hardly say it’s pointless. For example, the writers could use this poll to see what a majority of their readers are running and can cater their articles towards these readers accordingly.

  • I just heard too many bad things about Lion to upgrade. I’m perfectly happy with Snow Leopard

  • I’m still running Tiger, unfortunately. Partly because my lovely (note that I’m being somewhat sarcastic) eMac will only let me upgrade to 10.5 Leopard, and being a high school student without a job makes it rather difficult to acquire enough money to purchase a new machine.

    I can’t believe there are still people running Cheetah though. Can you even watch YouTube with a machine that old?

  • I’ve tried out Lion and wasn’t convinced. Mainly, it’s a lot of additional bells and whistles I don’t really need. The colour scheme is less distinctive and rather dull. There was only one real improvement for me: the possibility to resize windows not only from the lower right corner but from every side (something MS Windows has allowed for ages). But the last straw to make me stay with Snow Leopard was how badly it worked with my Magic Mouse and Better Touch Tool. This was a no-go.

  • I regularly use OS 9.2.2 directly and OS 9.2.2 in Classic Mode in OS X 10.4.11 for Claris Draw in conjunction with Appleworks 6 in OS X 10.4.11 and OS X 10.5.8 for inserting in MS Office 2004, 2008 and 2011 documents, but I also use OS X Snow Leopard and OS X Lion and waiting for OS X 10.8……

    I like the ‘clean style’ and ‘speed’ of OS 9 apps on PowerPC Macs, including MS Word 5.0/5.1.