Weekly Poll: Will Apple Adopt Blu-ray?

Apple is known for often being one of the fore-runners in adopting new technologies – Firewire, ExpressCard, and Mini DisplayPort spring to mind. But equally, the company can be ruthless about dropping the inclusion of features they no longer feel to be relevant.

Blu-ray is an interesting outlier, and it isn’t obvious whether Apple is planning to adopt the technology yet. As themselves a video distributor through the iTunes Store, choosing to include an optical format that’s almost exclusively used for HD films would not necessarily be in their competitive interest.

Apple is a purveyor of the benefits of downloadable content – whether that be apps, music, or HD movies and TV shows. It even seems that they’d ultimately like to move away from optical media altogether, as is the case with the MacBook Air.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with this. I rarely use the DVD drive in the MacBook Pro – a couple of times per year at most – and I wouldn’t think twice before purchasing a machine with no optical drive at all. I don’t own any Blu-ray equipment or media, and am content downloading HD content from the iTunes Store.

But do you feel the same? Or is it Apple’s duty to support a wide range of formats – especially widespread standards such as Blu-ray? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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  • Meh. Optical is pointless for the most part. As long as you can get an external device, I don’t think they need to include it in their machines.

  • I would really like to see them adopt Blu-ray, whether it be integrated drives or just supporting external devices. In many parts of the world downloading high definition content is simply not an option, due to limited internet speeds and bandwidth quotas. Personally, it will be a long time before I give up optical media for online content.

  • Apple has no duty to the consumer. It is their product why should they need to pay for license fees for competitors technology. Blu-ray should be paying THEM for all drives sold and put in the machine. I think that this is good practice for the Apple business model.

  • It would be nothing more than a little extra from Apple if they did do this. That is my opinion. I too rarely use the DVD Drive, and I have a PS3 on which I can play all types of Blu-Ray disc, including 3D. I struggle to think what I might need a 56GB disc for…especially with my large external hard-drives.

  • On some people’s questions of “why”… maybe to use a Mac Mini as a Media Centre?

  • Wow. How arrogant.

    Holywood is complaining about piracy, right? Well, if I want to see a movie i do want to see it in HD. Since Apple does not support movies in any other country except america, i can’t see hd content. How do I solve this problem? I could buy a blu ray disk, but since my mac doesn’t support them, I’m not buying blu ray disks. I could buy a dvd, but then i won’t have the hd quality. If apple removes all of the dvd/blu ray disk drives, i can’t watch videos anymore, except well… By stealing them? Download them from sites like TPB?
    We do not have Netflix either, so that isn’t an option.
    @bryce, it’s not about the bandwith, i do have blazingly fast internet

  • DVD’s were first released in the early 1990’s, and it took about 10 years to sync into the public that DVD’s would be the new medium for our videos, games and software. 5 years later, Blu-ray cam into the picture.

    I believe that Blu-ray is still in it’s honeymoon period. Though it’s now cheaper to use this stuff, I think Apple is wise to wait a little longer for Blu-ray. Anyway, we don’t often see Blu-ray for PC or Mac based software. It’s only movie, and games (because of the PS3)

  • As much as I would like to see Blu-Ray in Macs I don’t see it happening, at least not anytime soon.

  • I personally don’t think Blue Ray will ever be as big as DVD’s. Let’s face the facts, facts Apple is willing to face. People don’t want to own thousands of discs. They don’t want to be searching thru collections.

    Hard Drive space is becoming cheaper and cheaper and the future of media is digital, not physical.

    We are getting closer and closer to that every day, most of us already download MP3’s rather than buy CD’s, and as that is becoming more and more mainstream.

    I don’t own a Blue ray and never intend to buy one. I download my media, why would I want more crap to clutter up my house?

  • I think you’ve missed a trick. There are two questions here

    1) will apple add blu-ray? (the question you asked)
    2) do you want Apple to add Blu-Ray

  • Here is a wild thought….how about providing customers with GASP an option to include bluray in their configured apple’s? Let the consumer soak up all of the fees and make it expensive (I would GLADLY pay to use Bluray). I don’t own, nor do I care about DVD’s (sold them long ago). Apple needs to get with the times and offer the option to it’s customers. I think they would be surprised by the adoption rate.

  • Moving away from optical would be great… If service providers for Internet offered unlimited bandwidth to support the downloading of music, apps, movies, and especially anything in HD.

  • Apple already said they think Bluray is old technology.
    What they mean by that is f**k all of you who have slow internet, don’t get a mac.
    You need to watch video’s with our online service or buy a apple TV!

    Taking blurays with you on a trip or airplane without fast internet acces. or not paying
    NO F**K you .. really i don’t know what some people are thinkin’ about it being a good thing not having something you can take with you but then again the most apple people just sit at starbucks .. But if you travel alot ur screwed. imo

  • All you guys, thinking in your own personal situation but you do not think about other people. that don’t have internet acces. than again they can always buy a Pc instead.
    But it just seems they are bashing the consumers Prices go up, specs go down ..