Weekly Poll: Will Apple Merge Both App Stores Into a Single App?

Long ago Apple had what seemed like a simple idea: iTunes should be the hub to sync all of your i-devices to your Mac. It made sense at the time, when the decision really only encompassed the iPod line. Then came the iPhone and subsequently the iTunes App Store, the one-stop shop for third party iPhone apps. The final piece of this mess of a puzzle came in the completely separate, non-iTunes-connected “App Store” app, also known as the Mac App Store.

These days, this organization scheme is a frequently complained about aspect of OS X. It seems perfectly logical that Apple would give us a single “App Store” app from which we could manage all things app related on every device we own. This argument suggests stripping iTunes back to what it’s good at (music), and putting all that extra functionality where it belongs, in the App Store app.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with this idea, today we want to know if you think Apple agrees with it. Will we see a simplified iTunes app and a unified App Store any time in the near future or will Apple leave things as they are?


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  • I think this is a great idea. The only problem I can see is that there’s probably alot of work that has gone into itunes to get it to sync with the devices that would have to be added to the appstore… in effect making 2 syncing platforms which I don’t think apple would like to do. ATM I think iCloud really solves this issue. I never use the appstore in itunes but only from my phone (unless shopping for music)

    Maybe you could purchase something from the appstore and then it would automatically download to your iDevice via iCloud?

  • Imagine the mass confusion when searching for an app for your mac, and you come across an app that sounds perfect. You hit buy, but it’s only for iPad or iPhone… or the other way around. Yeah you could separate the results, but it’d be more of a hassle for the end user (If you launch the App Store on your Mac, you expect Mac apps, if you launch it on your iPhone, you expect iPhone apps, if you combine them on the Mac, then you have to have multiple apps to manage your iPhone, and one app that manages too many devices).

    iOS devices have an app store on them, and it’s specific to that device. It makes sense to keep the App Store specific to the device your on. I purchase most of my iOS apps through the device I’m on.

    I really don’t see the benefit of cramming it all together.

    • Second on that. Imagine all the confusion.

      Apple is probably going to refresh their store views to something with a much more elegant user experience but then again it a lof of confusion for the end-user. Especially for users like my dad who gets easily confused with changes since computers are not their strong side.

  • I don’t buy apps through the Mac App Store and I don’t buy music from the iTunes Store and I don’t own any iDevice. So it would be good to put all that useless crap for me out my music player and merge it into some app that I would never open.

  • I ditched iTunes a few months back since Apple has been notorious about blocking users from using anything but Apple devices to connect easily to a mac. And honestly, it wasn’t that good at anything but music and is highly invasive. Even now, with app gutted from my season down to the last trace, I still get nagged constantly to install the latest version.

    As long as that keeps up, I would never think of turning back, even though some of the open source managers I’m testing have a ways to go. But since iTunes was never that good at media in the big world, stripping it down to a music manager instead of media manager would be fine with me. Hmmm… maybe I’d take another peek at it… maybe not. And I don’t care about the AppStore at all.

  • It would be nice if iTunes was a streamlined audio library, if there was a Videos app for movies & TV, and if there was a separate App Store app for both Mac OS and iOS. All of this would be synced to iOS with a separate device manager app.

    …but I don’t see it happening.

    As long as iTunes is on Windows, it will need to be Apple’s everything. I doubt many people would download iTunes, and Videos, and App Store, and Device Sync to run on windows, but they do download them all as long as it’s just called “iTunes.” …and as long as iTunes is used to sync with an iOS device; I don’t think many Windows users prefer iTunes otherwise.

    For now, I use AppZapp. They show apps for Mac OS, iPhone, and iPad all together in one unified interface. …at least, their app does. Oddly, the web interface doesn’t include Mac Apps. When I asked about it, they said they were working on an update to the website that would add Mac apps.

    Sigh… maybe someday Media OS (AKA iTunes) will get properly split based on function, and the app stores will be properly merged.

    • This is the best argument I’ve heard so far… iTunes is on Windows! You know I sit in my little Mac walled garden and completely missed this huge problem with the idea of the two stores merging. This represents a serious logistical problem. Good catch.

  • Shouldn’t think so, I already hate on the iPad how you have iPhone and iPad apps…. Imagine buying angry birds for the screen size of an iPhone on your 27 inch iMac…..
    Would be stupid, best thing to do is keep each store solely for it’s own device.
    Makes more sense iPad developers developing apps for an iPad only store, right?

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