Weekly Poll: Will Siri Ever Come To The Mac?

Siri is a delightful little piece of technology. Sure, it can be a bit troublesome at times but for the most part it is a great addition to the iPhone. Whether you want to find a good restaurant, ask about the weather, set a reminder, or get directions, Siri provides a quick, nearly hands free way to get it done, often with a bit of wit and humor thrown in.

The question that’s on everyone’s mind regarding Siri is whether or not it has found a permanent home on the iPhone or will eventually make rounds to the rest of Apple’s line of products. Some iPad fans were disappointed that the recently released “New iPad” received a pass on Siri, though others claim that it wouldn’t really be useful in this context. Apple did provide a watered down piece of Siri in the Voice Dictation feature, but that’s a far cry from the full Siri experience.

Today I want to push the question beyond iOS and ask what you think about the possibility of Siri on a Mac. Do you think that Siri will ever find it’s way to OS X? It would be nice to hit a keyboard shortcut on your Mac, tell Siri to fire off an email or create an appointment, then get back to what you were doing.

Cast your vote in the poll and let us know if you think this will ever happen, then leave a comment below and tell us whether or not you would find this feature to be helpful in your daily workflow.


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  • I’m busy writing an article for my blog…


    “Hi Dave….erhm Steve.”

    “Can you please find the names and contact information of the top bloggers for the phrase “buyers remorse”?”

    “Sure. Give me a few moments.” Results show up. (Siri searches blogs sorted by Google Pagerank, choosing top three based on rankings and frequency of postings, then searches for a contact page, and displays their contact information in a new window)

    One can only hope!


    “Hello Dave…erhm..Steve”

    “Push my next appoint

  • Oops – looks like I left a bit of my comment in there I meant to remove. Sorry!

  • Who will be talking with the Mac?

  • Would it be nice to hit a shortcut key, and the guy standing behind you just tell Siri to close all documents without saving ?

    • That would be hilarious. Maybe Mac Siri needs a voice ID lock like the guns on that Lost In Space movie with Gary Oldman (how’s that for an obscure nerd reference?).