Weekly Poll: Will You Boot Your Mac on Christmas Day?

For many people, Christmas Day is a great opportunity to switch off completely. I always try to avoid using gadgets and technology, preferring to spend quality time with the people that I really care about. It sounds cliché, sure, but days like these are incredibly important from time to time.

We’re all permanently connected to the Internet, and our access to emails, social media, and the ongoing barrage of communication is no longer limited to “the office”. If you’re anything like me, it sometimes feels that your iPhone is physically attached to your body, following you around everywhere you go.

Sometimes, this is brilliant. Being in constant communication and always “plugged in”, gives us a connection to the world that people would never have dreamt of a few decades ago.

But it’s no way to live your life every day of the year.

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, why not consider the 25th December a day to leave your MacBook lid firmly shut, turn off your iPhone, and just enjoy the day with family and friends? You never know – it might just be something you want to make a regular thing!


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  • I’d rather be spending time with family and friends than sit on my computer. And I’ve always got my iPhone for emails and my twitter addiction.

    If however I do get something computer related for Christmas, then I might have to ;)

  • What if you have no friends or family? Needless to say, I’ll still boot my mac up.

    • Extra depressing. :D

  • Do people actually power down and need to boot up anymore? My Mac is always on or merely a second or two away from being awake.

    • stop FTW

    • I do this as well, when I sleep I also put my iMac to sleep. Is this bad for the mac?

  • First I associated booting with restarting and thought “what a silly question, no one restarts a Mac just for the sake of it”, until I realized this was about powering up your Mac in general.

    Answer to the question, I most likely will. Gonna keep in touch with friends and maybe stream some Christmas music from Spotify.

  • I’ll be booting my iMac up on Christmas Day, but only so I can wirelessly stream music simultaneously to both the Apple TV in the lounge and a second machine in the dining room…

  • My computer is always on. I don’t switch it off so I won’t be booting my Mac as it will already be on. I will use it to check email, wish people a Merry Christmas online etc.

  • Without a doubt I will be on my Mac at some point during Christmas Day, I usually end up online at some point during Christmas Day so can’t see this year being any different :)

  • I’ll be giving my mom an iPod nano and her computer is down so I’ll need to fill the Nano with content from my Macbook. :)

  • Mine are never shut down. It will get restarted for updates but that’s it. On 365 days a year

  • Yeah, what’s with this booting crap? What is this, Windows?
    I’m sure the iMac will get some good use during the days watching Christmas movies in FrontRow.

  • Where’s the choice for those who never turn their computers off?

  • Yes, to talk to my parents and sister on the other side of the planet via skype and so that I can test the brand new apple TV that my wife is getting me for Xmas (if she understood the very blatant hints that is….)

  • My Mac is my source for entertainment and work. I use my Mac everyday. Especially on Xmas! To communicate with distant friends and fam as well as watch vids, read the news with my coffee, look up a recipe for tips. Update my bog. Update my journal. Update my Family Tree-my relatives and help me fill in unknown info-Maybe buy discount apps. I could go on… :D

  • I need it on to access my Christmas music to play throughout the house. No work though.

  • Yes, like Matt and Robert B., I will be using my Macbook to video chat with most of my family. It’s the only way the grandparents will see their grandchildren on Christmas. To suggest that we should shun our Macs merely for the sake of “unplugging” is a bit short sighted, dontcha think?