Weekly Poll: Will You Buy Lion Right Away?

At this point, you probably know all about the newest update to Apple’s legendary operating system: OS X Lion. It has over 250 new features, including new gestures, full-screen apps, Mission Control, Launchpad and all kinds of other goodies that I just can’t wait to get my hands on.

The demos at WWDC had us all drooling over this new toy and we learned that it will hit the Mac App Store in July for a mere $29.99! This marks a serious shift in the way that Apple does business. Never before have they released a major operating system update as a download-only product. At over 4GB, many are nervous about the logistics of this affair. It’s easy to imagine Apple forums filling up on launch day with stories from frustrated users.

Today we want to know whether or not you will purchase and download Lion right away. Will you hit the Mac App Store as soon as possible on launch day or wait a while to see how things work out for early adopters before jumping on the bandwagon? Vote in the poll and leave a comment below with your thoughts.


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  • In my opinion, upgrading to Lion will be more trouble than it’s worth.
    The changes are not substaintial enough for me to warrant the update. Plus I really don’t like some of the interface changes like the move to monochrome icons and the redesign of some core apps. It seems like the Apple Human Interface Guidelines aren’t worth a dime anymore.

    Nah I stick with Snow Leopard for now. We’ll see.

    • Go on…

      It sounds like you have a lot of reasons, but just barely touched on them. I’d like to hear the “why-nots”.

    • I don’t really see how it could be more trouble than it’s worth? It’s got to be one of the easiest OS upgrades ever. Buy it directly from the app store, no discs, dirt cheap. It can’t get easier.

      That’s not to say it’s the best OS update ever, or that I’ll use all the new features, but still more of a reason to upgrade than not in my opinion…

      • i share the same opinion with andy. the new icons look boring, are harder to recognice – a little bit of color separation would have been nice. what happened to the love for details?

        heres my list of why nots:
        – a lot of apps wont work right away with 10.7, you´ll have to wait till the developers release new versions. means more trouble reinstalling stuff and everybody knows that upgrades wont work right away like you imagine it. there will be a lot of bugs in the new software versions for a few months.

        – its not faster, dammit! i tried two benchmark tests (geekbench and ibench) on a FRESH install of lion and it scored less points than my bloated up old snow leopard installation with tons of background processes. working with applications like photoshop, cinema 4d, etc. i didn´t recognise any speed increase at all. the speed advances from 10.5 to 10.6 were way better.

        – mission control is not as handy as spaces. it takes a lot of time to change your working behavior. most of the time apps are not grouped logically. there´s also a bug with viewing all open windows with expose – it doesn´t integrate as good as spaces & showing all windows. its harder to move windows from one mission control “desktop” to another.

        – launchpad is a nice feature, but not really necessary. if i can group applications in a folder, why do i need to group them again in a different app? a mac is not an ipad is not an iphone. i use this thing for work, not to play around with sliding screens.

        lion is just a housecat, fed to the size of a lion with dull marketing.

  • Why are there even options other than “Yes, as soon as it is available just take my money & give IT to me!!” I wonder :D

  • I think I’ll way a few days until news of how an App Store download acts in attempting to do a clean install. For example, is there a way to burn it to a DVD and boot from that DVD? Obviously, a clean install will wipe out the very large file I just downloaded. Surely that’s not the objective.

    That’s my real concern. I’m generally the type to install quickly.

    • There are already numerous site giving out instruction on how to burn and install Lion using a DVD.


      My 2007 macbook which is eligible for Lion is said to be able to install it (Core 2 Duo) I still have to wait and see for other people if the performance on this machine can actually run it smoothly. The only way I would install this on my macbook is if I’d be able to upgrade my drive to SSD.

  • I’m pretty sure they’ve tested all that could go wrong before making such a move. So i dont think there will be that many frustrated users. I mean have you seen their new data center? they’re not kidding us, thats pro stuff.

    Plus, i cant stand the thought of having one of my friends calling me 1 hour after the launch time and saying: I already have Lion and you dont!
    No way, I’m definitely gonna be the first xD

  • I’m already using it

  • i think poll needs – I will wait untill it is confirmed that software i use for work is fully compatible.

    • The 3rd party software compability is the main reason for waiting. Or else it seems like an ok upgrade. Not mind blowing, but cool enough.

    • Yes, this exactly. I really want Lion, but I can’t afford to find out that Illustrator or Parallels or any of the other programs that I depend on don’t play nice with it. The only other hesitation I have is that I like to have parity across my machines, and my aging Core-Solo Macbook is finally going to be left behind.

      • I could be wrong, but after doing some research, CS4 and CS5 applications should work fine on Lion. I don’t know anything about Parallels though, sorry :/.

  • @torasko = smart @rse :P

  • Yes if they give it those who just recently bought new macs for free. *whistles*

    • Do some research on Apple’s Up-To-Date program. If you bought a qualifying mac on or after June 6th from an authorized reseller, you get Lion for free.

  • I’ve been using Lion for the past few weeks. It has many little improvements in the UI and how you interact with the system. The new version of Mail is a massive improvement (but still needs some tweaking), iCal is a nice step up (minus that horrid brown header), and the spaces/mission control setup is excellent (once you adjust to it).

    However, i’m missing a few small (tiny) things from Snow Leopard, which i’m hoping will be re-included in the final version. Your mac does not wake up from display sleep when you move the mouse, only when you click or touch a key. The opt-shift + volume keys no longer adjusts volume in quarter increments (I used this ALL the time). Oh, and removing a lot of apps from Launchpad is unbelievably tedious. They better fix that.

    Overall though, it’s an improvement.

  • I will most certainly upgrade but never right away. I’ll most likely leave it at least a month then do the wife’s machine. Once that goes smooth I’ll do my work machine. When you need your computer to run all the time so you pay the bills jumping on the band wagon and then troubleshooting issues is just a bad idea. I had the Snow Leopard upgrade forced on me over a weekend by an overzealous IT department and lost a week worth of work, at least there I was salary so it didn’t really matter from a bills perspective.

  • missing vote option: “i already use lion, thanks to developer subscription”

    yes the future has already beeing started for me since couple of month. lion is great but i hope apple will allow the users to get snow leopard guestures back. the lion ones are not that great at all.

    • Yea, i’m not a developer, but I probably know as much as one with all the reading i’ve done on it! But could you expand on which gestures you are talking about. The one thing I noticed is the gesture to move between history in Safari: Now two fingers instead of three. NOT cool in my opinion. On a similar note; three fingers up for Mission Control instead of four. Also, not cool. I prefer to push four fingers down for Expose. Either way, as I have not yet played with it, I’m sure i’ll actually like these adjustments; and will be able to make my own, in system preferences.

  • i’d love to upgrade on day one but currently it’s impossible to upgrade from Leopard to Lion without upgrading first to Snow Leopard.

  • I still need Rosetta.

  • AutoSave, Versions, Resume and all that iCloud clout are the biggest things that make this a no-brainer buy for me. I can totally see myself using these features and often. I am surprised nobody has mentioned these as yet.

  • I’d love to install it right away, but I’m concern about how long will it take to download 4GB, and besides I’d like to install it on a friday, so I have the weekend to play around and get back to work on monday.

  • Like most things Apple, this release will be hammering the download servers from Apple. I will most probably backup my Macbook Pro and do a fresh install of Snow Leopard, Do updates a few days later and then get the Lion download (by then a week should have passed).

    By then we will know if any issues arrise, however I’m sure they test this over and over with no hitches.

    Looking forward to the new Mail, and Fullscreen features

  • You’re damned skippy… in fact, I have the RC2 Dev version which I’ll be running tonight! :) I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it…. doo wah, doo wah! :)

  • I just might buy it…..

  • I’m sorry, but I have to say this: Those of you who are complaining about bugs you found in the most recent Developer Previews, kindly hush. These Developer Previews are months old and more likely than not, the issues have long since been resolved.
    As for the UI concerns, unfortunate. I personally find Lion’s UI much more aesthetically pleasing than Snow Leopard.

    As for the poll, I’m upgrading as soon as the link shows up, since I qualify for the up-to-date program..