Weekly Poll: Will You Buy Mountain Lion Right Away?

WWDC brought a little more clarity to the story of Apple’s next major operating system: OS X Mountain Lion. There were no real surprises, but we should all have a solid idea of what’s to come.

Because of the Mac App Store’s inability to handle paid upgrades, many tech blogs and Mac users have been speculating lately that Apple would transition us all into a utopian world of free software upgrades. I never bought that story for a second and Mountain Lion’s recently announced $20 price tag validates my skepticism. Personally, I think $20 is a small price to pay given that it’s not unprecedented for operating systems to cost over $100.

However, plenty of people are not happy about the dream of free operating system upgrades vanishing. For this and other reasons, I’m sure there are many users out there who will hesitate to hit the download button on the day that Mountain Lion releases.

In this week’s poll, we want to know if you’ll be among the early adopters who will download Mountain Lion right away or if there is something holding you back. Cast your vote in the poll and leave a comment below explaining your answer.


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  • going to up getting a new macbook pro so no point to buy it for my old laptop

  • No, not this time

  • Pass.

    And it always makes me giggle and smirk and then cringe whenever I hear “gatekeeper”; anyone remember a film called “The Net”? Sheesh, what were the Apple people thinking; its as bad as someone coming up with “Homeland Security” and forgetting about the Nazis.

    • You know its optional right?

      It can also be over ridden if activated with a right click.

      In fact, I read an article on how gatekeeper is actually quite ineffective.

  • Define “right away”.

    I’ll wait long enough to know if there are any killer problems with it. Probably just several hours. That wait might be longer if Apple’s servers are busy.

    Whining about paying $20 is just that: Whining. if you don’t want to spend the $20, don’t upgrade.

    • I think waiting several hours would still qualify as “right away” ;)

    • Yeah, I’m with you, I want to wait, but I’m sure that’ll turn into all of a day at most. No crippling issues on the forums, done!

      And seriously, $20? If you have a problem with an OS upgrade for $20 bucks, you should go back to Windows and see how that works for you.

  • As I already said before in a previous post, Apple is only introducing small features with their new OS.
    I first entered the Apple world when I bought a white macbook with Snow Leopard installed. I was 100% satisfied until Lion. When I installed it I was disappointed for it’s lack of features. Come on, is this what you call 250+ features Apple?
    Then I studied the history of OS X, and read about all the updates. People really felt advancement between releases. I really think Apple are swingling their customers with .7 and .8.

    • Those major upgrades use to cost $129. They’ve started releasing more frequently but charging a quarter the price. Frankly, I like the newer method. It’s easier to justify the smaller purchases and I just think of it as basically being a SaaS model. I pay $20 a year for use of a modern, up-to-date operating system. $20? That’s a great deal.

  • I’ll be purchasing and installing the day of; Lion has been a complete disaster for me. I’m stuck at 10.7.2, any attempt to upgrade beyond there totals the system and then leaves me with a 2 hour restore from my time machine. My Macbook hasn’t worked even remotely well since the upgrade – it was quite a drop off from Snow Leopard. I’m hoping a clean install to Mountain Lion and then a migration of vital files will fix the issues I’m having.

  • I’m getting it in hopes that it runs better than Lion. My MacBook Pro is a mid-2010 model just after that year’s refresh and has 8GB of memory and runs über slow. I know it’s not my apps because I don’t keep any running that could cause that.

    I’m hoping that Mountain Lion solves that. If not, I’m going to throw in the towel and just run Windows.

    • If so, you’d better make sure to do a clean install, and then reinstall your apps. That’s your best bet to get a fast install … though it’s definitely not the funnest!

    • Same here, I’m running Lion on a mid-2010 MacBook Pro. Though in my case, slowness IS caused by a fair number of utilities running in the background, Lion has caused so much general instability and workflow issues, I’m desperately hoping Mountain Lion improves things. It’s hard to downgrade to Snow Leopard due to poor iCloud support, but it’s probably the best option. :(

    • Cleaning up cache and repairing disk permissions weekly usually speeds up a little my 2006 MacBook Pro with 4 Gigs of Ram (3 Gigs active) running Lion. And I’m using Adobe CS 5 Apps on it. Actually I bought the top iMac last December. But my laptop is still working almost comfortably. I guess an SSD upgrade will help it to last few years more.

    • Yeah same here (MacBook Pro mid 2010, 10.7.4), slow as hell, I’ll clone my drive an then go for clean Mountain-Lion install.

    • If you don’t like your system running slowly, you probably shouldn’t run Windows. My advice would be Ubuntu. Running extremely well on my 1.6 GHz AMD Sempron, 512MB RAM machine.

  • I’m too scared of all this sandboxing and Gatekeeper… I’m not sure if I’ll be using a Mac for very much longer if this kind of thing takes over. I can tolerate these sort of limitations on my phone because they aren’t present on my computer.

    So, I don’t know. Since there’s nothing really great about the update, I’ll wait to see what others say. I really, REALLY don’t want my computer locked down by Apple like my phone is.

    • I don’t think you understand what sandboxing and/or Gatekeeper are.

  • Expecting a company to give free upgrades in perpetuity is unrealistic. $20 is nothing (skip going out for dinner one time and its paid for).

  • I think it’s stupid that u guys have an option about the forking over money. Mountain Lion is at such a small price, it’s a steal!

    • I think that they put that option in there as a joke :P

      • Yup!

  • Yea, I will probably buy it fairly soonish. Its not a big deal to me, i think the notification system will be an improvement to growl. and its only £14 ($20) so why not.

  • If performance is better then on Lion,sure.If its same thing just with those few futures that i dont care about,i wont care about updating eater.
    I even think downgrading to Snow Leopard.Performance on Lion is terrible.
    It even reminds me of Windows.

    • Absolutely agreed, Lion has been the biggest dissapointment in a very, very long time. I can’t even open Safari’s download panel without crashing the entire browser about 75% of the time.

  • Yes, predominantly because I hate Lion so very much (try switching desktop spaces in Lion, I dare you…then try it in Snow Leopard).

  • Nope. Hackintosh user here.

    Once someone figures out how to make sure that everything continues to work on my current Lion install, then I’ll consider it, but until then, I’m in no rush.

    • Hackintosh user? sound more like son of Bill Gates.

      Sorry to say, Hackintosh user need to get real Apple Mac.

  • Is that even a question?
    I either buy the same day, or whenever I remember… But will definitely buy as soon as I can!

  • Does anyone know if Apple final makes the finder more usable, with a cut and plast option and tabs instead of all lose windows?

    • No, they rather integrate facepoop.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • I’ll be waiting a few days just to make sure there are no teething problems.

  • Considering Lion is terrible compared to Snow Leopard. I’m hoping this will get us back the speed and stability we saw in SL.

  • Whining about paying $20 for Mountain Lion??

    Do you guys know how much Lion cost in my country? It cost around RM119 (that about $37 USD). Damn you guys lucky for $20, I wish I’m from USA. $20 just a small amount for you guys.

  • Even though I am a little cautious with the inclusion of Gatekeeper and Sandboxing (more for their future implications than their current states) I will be upgrading to Mountain Lion as soon as I am able.

    Lion was such a huge let down and there were a number of things that just destroyed the work flow I have adopted with Snow Leopard. I tried to adjust and spent around a month using it, but overall the cons outweighed the pros so downgrade I did.

    I’m hoping Apple redeem themselves with this instalment and give us the OS we should have had a year ago.

  • No. Price is not a problem.
    I was really disappointed by Lion (first time I felt that way since my first Mac). I really hated most of the changes (particularly the new, unusable saving paradigm).
    Don’t know if I’ll keep to Mac much longer.

  • Price is not a problem too but i didn’t see just one interesting feature. ( I’m running Lion )

  • Paying for a service pack? No thank you. And Lion is not really something I would consider since it has no Rosetta support and gave me a lot of issues when I tried it.

  • I’m upgrading, mainly to be able to use AirPlay outside of iTunes. Lion does run slower than Snow Leopard on my 2010 Mac Mini Server, but it’s not horrible.

    My concern is the cost of the Server upgrade, since I was forced to buy the Server upgrade when I upgraded to Lion, despite never using the Server. I only bought the Server for the dual hard drives. This does bring the upgrade cost closer to Microsoft’s bloated OS pricing.

    Still, this system is so much more stable than any Windows PC I’ve owned that I’m a happy Mac owner. Even Windows 7 running under Parallel’s Desktop is far more stable than my Windows exclusive PC’s, though it is slow on the Mac Mini.

  • Since the upgrade is free for developers and I’m really interested in the notification stuff I am looking forward to upgrade.

  • Mountain Lion – a desperate attempt to postpone the death of Macs as we know them. Apple still wants you to buy their desktop computers so it screams of “look at me, I’m still useful and work great with your iDevice that you love”.