Weekly Poll: Will You Keep Using Sparrow?

This past weekend, the Sparrow team shook the Mac app world by announcing they had been bought out by Google and wouldn’t be adding any new features to their popular email app. Sparrow was a great example of the amazing Mac-only apps you can get from the App Store, an app that was lovingly created by a team that really knew what they were doing. Now, the team’s moving to work on Gmail, and odds are Google will totally forget about the Mac app the team had built in the first place.

For those of use that use email all the time, many of us exclusively use Gmail or Google Apps on our own domains. However, we usually don’t use Gmail online, preferring instead to use Mail.app, Sparrow, or other 3rd party email apps to manage our email workflow. Sparrow was an especially good choice for Gmail users, as it supported Gmail’s features in a brilliant Mac interface, and just worked so good.

It’s not like Sparrow quit working overnight, but most of us are seriously considering alternate email apps now that Sparrow won’t be in active development going forward. That’s why we’re wondering if you’re going to keep using Sparrow, or if you’ve switched to another email app. We’d love to hear what email app you’re using, and why, in the comments below!

Special thanks to @CoolD78 for the poll idea!


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  • It’s just an email client, and yet I’ve been surprisingly disappointed about this news for days. It was honestly the most used app on my Mac, and I never stopped appreciating all the features it had.

    I really hope another developer steps up to make a client that integrates so well with GMail labels, because as it is, Mail doesn’t come close. Postbox at least tries, but I’ve never been a fan.

    • I’m still using Sparrow. I have even Postbox, but I was tired about this kind of interface. Sparrow is perfect for GMail and I’m worried about how it’ll behave with new Mountain Lion (that I’m not buying for some time, after the bad experience with Lion) and, of course, with specific development of GMail. Someday it will stop working…
      Maybe Google is going to develop an application similar to Sparrow?

  • i’m still using it, but after Mountain Lion come out I’ll switch to Mail.app,

    if i still using it now as it working, after couple of months it will be outdated, so why don’t we just walk away before that happens

  • For iOS, i’ll keep using it. I never did for Mac. Apple’s Mail.app is perfectly fine.

  • I have a longstanding love affair with Sparrow, I can’t throw it away that easily.

  • Nope, the fact that there are still some problems with Sparrow and there’s not going to be any more development is a big turn-off. I’ve switched to Postbox and, although it’s not as good-looking, it comes with some big benefits.

  • Purchased the app the day before this announcement, felt totally cheated. Apple agreed with me and refunded me!

  • Still using it. Seriously considering trying Postbox, though. Sparrow will apparently not integrate with 10.8’s Notification Center, which may or may not be a dealbreaker for me. I’ll wait a few weeks and see if I need any other features before switching.

    I’m still annoyed there is no “undelete” function in Sparrow though.

    • It does have Notification Center support.

      • Agreed, it should work with Notification Center. The Growl devs were making it so that Growl integrates into Notification Center. From my understanding, if you have Growl installed and you’re on Mountain Lion, Growl will pass the notification into Notification Center. Hopefully it’s a per app setting because I still want to use Growl for some things.

    • It already has native Notification Center support!

  • I’ll keep using it on my Mac. I’ve tried many (Thunderbird, Mail.app, Postbox even Outlook) and Sparrow is quite I was searching for. Simple, efficient, neat ! I’m sure another developer/company will create an even-better client soon inspired by Sparrow.

    I just hope they will be updating their iOS app to work on iOS 6.x because some serious bugs are blocking the app from being used.

    • I will stop using it on iOS instantly, because without push it is useless, I just used it because I hoped there will be push in the future…

  • Poll needs more Mailplane

    • Just updated the poll with Mailplane ;)

  • I’ve always been a big fan of Sparrow, but with the clear message they’re giving out to their users saying that they won’t be adding new features puts me in a position where I can no longer be using an unsupported product that soon will become obsolete. Will look for an alternative as light, clean and beautiful as sparrow and hope that they wont sell out to a big company and then being shut down. I’m sure good competitors will come up, or even from Google (with its own gmail client).

  • I have just got a refund from Apple for both the iOS and OSX apps, as I bought them a week before the announcement was made that no new features/development will happen.

    The fact the the devs knew this was coming, and decided to put both apps on sale prior to the announcement, stinks of a last minute cash grab.

    I assume I am not the only one who felt this way, as Apple refunded both apps within the hour.

    …probably just go back to Apple’s own apps now, as while not perfect, they will continued to be developed.

  • Unfortunately it is crashing all the time. And it seems like they will do nothing about it. So switched to Mail.

  • I love Sparrow, if they don’t plan on keeping it up to date, I wish they would at least open up its source for another developer to take over. (Or, transfer Sparrow to someone who will actually work on it, and keep the fee, I don’t care much).

    I have been depressed for days, ever since getting the e-mail.

  • I like Sparrow very much, and I don’t care that they’re going to stop adding new features, it works for me as is, and if in a couple of months or years Mail.app or other client catches up with the Gmail label integration, I may consider switching.

    For apps that have both a lite and a paid version, I’m probably going to stick to the lite version as long as possible. I’m a little bit disappointed on investing money (even if it’s not much) in a project cancelled so soon.

  • For what it’s worth, I’m now not planning on installing Sparrow on my new MacBook Air, and plan to give Mail.app another solid shot before trying anything else. And that’s just so frustrating, because I really did love using Sparrow.

  • Patrick Rhone on MinimalMac has a great response to the hullabaloo about Sparrow: Email programs stopped evolving a decade ago, and Sparrow is no different; it’s just another skin on the same experience. It’s time to re-think how we do email. Great post: http://minimalmac.com/post/27915486406/on-email

  • I was taught that you must keep your promises.

    I bought Sparrow for iOS the day it came out, and was about to submit a request for a refund the moment I realized it does not do Push.
    I did not do that because the developers promised they will give us push, one way or the other.

    Now you could at least do that folks, before doing cool stuff for google.

  • I love Sparrow but can’t use a product that’s practically been abandoned now. I switched to Mailplane, which isn’t perfect but at least it’s not as bloated as Postbox and the others. Well, in fact it’s only a window to online Gmail, which is perfectly fine for me.

    Hopefully someone will create a minimalist mac email client soon. There developers, here’s a great market for you :)

  • I thought Sparrow was pretty solid but I’ve been using Gmail online exclusively now for almost a year.

  • I used Notify before Sparrow became available, but I’ve been a Sparrow die-hard fan for a while now. It’ll be hard to tear away from it, but once it starts to show its age, I’ll gladly look for something new- mail.app is just too much of a heavyweight for me.

  • The only thing I have to say is that I cannot wait for this: http://dotmailapp.com.

    • I spent some time yesterday reading about this, and it really does look very promising (:

  • Mail.app does have GMail label support…

    But I’m sticking with Sparrow for quite some time :D

  • Very ……disappointed about this news…. I will switch back to Mail….. they kill the software.

  • I’m still using it for now, but I’m not updating it. There’s no way I’m installing anything from Google on my Mac.

    I need a roundup of Sparrow alternatives (hint hint).

  • Until something better comes along, Sparrow will remain as my default mail client. It’s sad that Sparrow won’t be developed further because it’s leaps and bounds better than any alternative. But that last sentence sums it up, until that is no longer true, I will continue using it.