What Will Your First 2012 Apple Hardware Purchase Be?

We’re at the beginning of a brand new year, which means there’s no better time to look ahead and start planning your upcoming hardware purchases. If you’re like me, you’ve got a few pieces of aging hardware that you’ve been putting off updating and it’s just about time to give in and make a trip to the Apple Store.

In today’s poll, we want to know which Apple product is at the top of your list. Is it time to finally give in and pick up the MacBook Air that you’ve been drooling over or are you tired of working on a tiny screen and ready to switch to a 27″ iMac?

After you leave your vote, tell us about your purchase timeline in the comment area below. For instance, if you’re going to pick up a new iPad, will you wait for the iPad 3 or grab an iPad 2 sometime in the next few months?


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  • It’s not in the proposed answers but I just bought a QWERTY keyboard from the Apple Store.

  • Just bought 2x Apple Battery Chargers. Guess that counts.

  • I want a new laptop. Not sure when yet! Might even go for a “Air” model. I have been waiting hoping they would include the 3G style capabilities onto it that an iPad has. That would make the Air an unbeatable piece of kit for me.. Don’t like using a dongle style 3G mobile device in laptops. Might wait till the next Air model comes out then make the leap and buy.

  • Already made my first purchase: Apple Airport Express to extend my existing Time Capsule wireless network. Don’t need any more Mac hardware just yet … already have four Apple computers running here. But then, since when is ‘need’ the reason why people buy this stuff? :-P

  • Mac Pro, once they get around to upgrading that line.

    • Ditto! Hope its soon… my current 1,1 is definitely struggling.

  • I’ll look into replacing a mid-2010 Mac mini which I use as my main machine with an iMac. Possibly also upgrading my 1st gen iPad for an iPad 3 if it sports retina display.

  • I missed the option: Thunderbolt Display, that’s what Im having.

  • My first thought would be the Mac Pro, especially if they revamp it a little to provide a “more expansion-friendly than an iMac but not necessarily server-grade in every way.” alternatively, if an iMac with a truly great desktop-class GPU drops, I’d be all over that.

    Oh, and whatever new AppleTV product comes out; I’ve been doing well with just Netflix in my new apartment, and like buying only the shows I want. If the rumored display with good UX is released, I’ll gladly use that instead of the 26″ monitor that’s been doing double duty.

  • Unless some major software thing comes out, I’m good. I have an iPod touch (4th gen, 32GB), and a late 2010 MacBook Air, so what else could I want (besides 10.8, um, Muddy Lion).

  • Probably a macbook air to replace my 2009 white macbook. My 2011 ’27 iMac should last me a while.

    I’ll also buy an iPhone when Apple make one I like:)

  • My only definite is a new iMac when they come out. Then probably an iPad 3, iPhone 5. We’ll see what else happens with MacBook Airs and AppleTV.

  • Time Capsule wireless network. Don’t need any more Mac hardware just yet …Good Work !

  • Waiting for the next gen of products. Figure the iPad 3 will be out first, then the new Ivy Bridge Mac Books (hopefully a slimmed down, but still pro MB Pro), and the next iPhone, which I’m assuming will be 4G.

    So my wallet’s ready – all AAPL has to do is release……

  • Just ordered my 15″ MacBook Pro today with 2.0GHZ quad i7… Intending to put Logic Pro, Ableton 8, Traktor 2 and a whole buncha other Mac goodies on there… Would like to round out my Apple hardware with an Apple TV as well as an Airport Express or Time Capsule…