Which Feature Do You Most Want to See in OS X Lion?

There’s plenty of anticipation and hype surrounding Apple’s Mac event tomorrow, and I’m really excited to see which new features and functionality are announced. It’s about time that the Mac and OS X saw some love and attention from Apple.

So, what do I really want to see announced tomorrow? First and foremost, I’d love to see anything that helps to improve Apple’s support for cloud functionality and syncing. This has been a long time coming and, although it’s related to iOS as well, it might make an appearance as one of the new pieces of core functionality in OS X Lion.

Second, I’m excited about the potential that AirPlay has to stream content between devices in real-time. Being able to send a video wirelessly to my iPad or iPhone from my Mac would be fantastic, as would doing the same thing in reverse.

As for all the rumours surrounding tweaks to the OS X interface? I could take it or leave it. I’m a big fan of the look-and-feel of the current Snow Leopard UI and, short of adding iOS style scrolling (and “pull to refresh”), there isn’t much I’d change.

What are you hoping to see tomorrow? Let us know your favourite potential feature in the poll above, and give me a shout in the comments if what you’re excited about isn’t listed!


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  • How would Pull to Refresh be better than Cmd+R on a Mac? I do get that it’s really fantastic with iOS, as I can just quickly pull the screen down and get new stuff, but I don’t get it on a Mac. Can someone explain the thought behind this?

  • Just allow me to cut and paste in Finder!!!

    • Yes please! I want to cut and paste in finder too!

    • +1

      And I’d like resize handles on more than one window corner please.

      Oh, and tabs as standard (yes, I do know about TotalFinder).

      God, Finder really sucks doesn’t it?

      • Oh, and folder shortcuts on the dock that don’t use annoying stacks.

      • Yeah…tabs in finder is really could, if it’s native, it’s better!

      • You don’t have to display folder short cuts as stacks in 10.6+

        Right-click on the stack and you’ll see the option “Display as Folder” or “Display as Stack”

    • You can do it now.

    • I mean cut and paste in Finder. No problem.

      • How exactly do you cut and paste in Finder? I’ve seen hacks that work half way but nothing solid.

  • If things are going the way of iTunes 10, then I would be unkeen to upgrade. Rogue Amoeba’s AirTunes already does the Air Tunes thing – but would be a great addition to the OS.

    Better cloud support, with MobileMe really upgraded to be a world-class (and potentially free) system would help, but then Dropbox is much faster already. If a service like this was easier to integrate with all apps then that would be beneficial.

  • 1. Cut, Copy, Paste everywhere
    2. Better & beautiful UI (Enough with that gray cocoa windows)
    3. A good uninstall system
    4. Mouseover on opened app in Dock should show a preview of the windows open (See windows 7)
    5. Fast cloud sync of almost everything. Emails, Calendar, Folders, etc (free and extended mobileme)

  • Restore from trash can intelligently. i.e., remember where the files came from, and put them back in the right place. Come on, the others have been doing this for years.

    • I’m pretty sure Snow Leopard does that.

    • It does in Snow Leopard, yes! Either right-click on a file in the trash -> ‘Put Back’ or cmd+backspace on a file :)

      • Blarney! O_o

  • I think OSX Lion needs all of the improvements in this poll :)

    • totally agree!

  • 1. Consistent settings for the finder (always open all my windows the same size and in detail view.

    2. Uninstall option for software updates at least. IMPERATIVE.

    3. Touch screen support.

    4. Even faster… not that Snow Leopard doesn’t already scream. ;)

  • I want to be able to cloud sync all my datas across iPhone, iPad and iMac.

  • Integration with the iphone to pick up calls and write and reply on sms on the computer via bluetooth.

  • Can I have my vote back? I meant to choose cloud sync, but didn’t see it at first. :)

  • I’d be happy to see support for resolution other than the native one. Going down to something less than the native resolution of my MBP 15″ (1440*900) looks so fugly.

    • Why would you use a non-native resolution? It looks fugly, because the monitor isn’t supposed to be viewed like that. When it’s in native resolution mode, there’s one pixel from the OS for one pixel of the monitor. They don’t have to stretch them. They call it the native resolution, because it is actually native for the monitor.

      • It doesn’t looks that fugly when I’m booting Windows 7 (via Bootcamp) though.

        My mother can barely read anything at 1440*900.

    • Yeah, agree. Wat would be better though in my opinion is option to use a larger font system wide (larger font in menu bar, Finder etc)

      Because no mather how good the OS looks on non-native res, photos,videos and websites will look crappy

      • You can configure a larger system font in the preferences. I think it’s in Accessibility.

  • Enough with this touch screen crap. It’s built for small hand held devices, not for desktop or laptop machines. I’d hate to see Mac OS go or merge into a iOS or a touchscreen OS.

    • Well played sir.

    • Fortunately, Jobs agrees with you. He had a wonderful jab at the touchscreen laptop rumors in the keynote. We’re getting a Mac app store and a Dashboard-style app springboard though. Overall, it looks like Lion is going to be great.

  • Cut in Finder.

    New dock more in line with the dark snow leopard context menus. Not the tiger dock tho.

    Integrated smart app uninstallation. Still drag app to trash, but with a smart system cleaning the scrap left overs.

    Universal list default option in Finder. Freaking irritating to change every folder to list, 10px font and what columns to show.

    • I know its a third party app and most people are screaming for native, but moveAddict seems to work pretty good for cut and paste..

      • Who wants to pay ($8) for something that should already be working properly in the first place especially when the option is there… just disabled > http://cl.ly/2u4y

  • I’d like to have the ability to see thumbnail previews of all open application windows by hovering my mouse over the application’s dock icon. I know that’s available via third party software (HyperDock, etc.) but this functionality is much needed, imho.

    Also, a black menu bar with white text interface. (Or at least an option to change the foreground and background colors of the menu bar / OS) would be great.

    • Changing the color would be nice, I agree.

      • But that would take control away from ol’ steve…. he no like that i think…

  • Finder really needs improvement indeed. As said before, tabs would be great. Universal folder defaults are a must as well.

    And more apps with the QuickTime menubar thing.. I love it.

    Also complete removal of dashboard.. But that will probably never happen..

    • I often wondered if I was the only one that didn’t use Dashboard at all. Most of the widgets suck.

  • I hope they refresh the UI. It’s looking very dated with those once novel aqua buttons and scroll bars. Like to see the dock tidied up. Still miss the pop up draws from OS9 days. The dock often gets in the way

  • Unmounting all external drives (usb for example), memory cards etc. drives me crazy sometimes. In Windows you can connect and disconnect those items without any problems. No sweat. Should be removed in the next version of OSX.

  • All the changes in finder proposed before and:
    1. option to merge folders, not just replace them.
    2. window arrangement (see windows 7) *they copy all good mac things too!
    3. Ability to change desktop and folder icons, put any png.
    4. iTunes lite? (I know, asking too much)
    5. better pictures management in preview (open 1 pic and be able to see every pic on the same folder)
    6. better configurable firewall

    And I’m sure I will remember some more, maybe all of these can be resolved with 3rd party apps, but the finders fixes should come built in and not require some extrange patches.

    • 1. Amen.
      2. Try Breeze (autumnapps.com)
      3. I thought you could?
      4. In your dreams :)

  • Why is no one mentioning iOS support in Dashboard? I think it would be absolutely fantastic to run any iOS app in the Dashboard, because:

    1) The current widgets are old and Windows already does it equal or better with third party support (like Yahoo! Widgets);

    2) Very few people use the current widgets;

    3) You can’t place them on the desktop natively, if you so wished to;

    4) Over a million apps would be instantly available, like that! I’m sure they can do that, if the SDK for that is Mac only, then Macs are able to run iOS code (namely apps).

    For example, there are many good iOS apps that don’t have a Mac equivalent version. I’m thinking about iStudiez Pro, for example (no, Schoolhouse doesn’t even compare).

    Please, Apple, if you can get this working on Macs, it would be a lifesaver. Macs apps are amazing, but sometimes you want something lightweight that just pops up and does the work for you without having to open a native Mac app that consumes RAM and takes up more than half the screen estate.

    • That would be awesome indeed! It will make dashboard finaly usefull

  • Assuming it is called OS X Lion.

    • Well played.

  • These are the changes I would love to see in the next installment.

    1. Cloud-Support: I think we all know it is coming eventually.
    2. Better uninstallation process: Right now, the mac keeps all these system preference files. It would be nice to have a tidy mac.
    3. Faster Boot: This seems plausible – they always seem to make things faster. I would like to see applications running as quick as ever. It takes too long for my Photoshop to load – anything that Apple can do to help is welcomed by me.
    4. Clean-up of Computer Fonts?
    5. No more Widgets? I wouldn’t mind, but there are some I really like. Maybe they will figure out a way to properly use them.
    6. Deletion of useless applications/menu items: There are a lot of items that, if I had chosen so, they would not be on my computer. Things (mostly in the utilities folder) go left unnoticed and, quite frankly, don’t need to be here anymore.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow’s events. It should be cool to see what comes next to the Mac.

  • My wish list would be ( all natives)
    1. Finder’s split view (hence, easier copies and moves)
    2. More descriptive spotlight results
    3. File path copy
    4. option for closing the app when the last window is being closed.
    5. a more organized apps folder?
    6. a light iPhoto for quick rotate, flip, crop and enhance.
    7. windows snapping a la Win7
    8. an easier screen grab utility (with more export options?)
    9. native zip and maybe 7zip handling (both ways) without any additional app.
    10. dock/desktop edit lock (I have a 2 yr/old toddler)
    11. just for kicks, a kiosk mode for safari (see pt.10 for justification)

  • A finder split view.

    Make the whole OS faster.

    Time machine needs more configurations options in an advanced screen.

    Make the whole OS faster.

    Better developer tools.

    Make the whole OS faster.

    Native .sit and better archive tools.

    Did I mention that Id like the whole OS to be faster ?

  • hmm for me release MAC OS LION for normal pc hardware also b’coz so many people can’t afford there huge apple laptops price :)

    • Not going to happen. :)

      Apple’s prices actually aren’t too high if you compare them to the enterprise-level machines that other companies produce. The Toshiba Portegé line, for example.

      The problem is that most people compare them to the loss-leader machines you see at Best Buy or Wal-Mart.

  • Copy handler

  • – integrated 7zip
    – merge two folders in finder instead of only replace.
    – free developer ide (i had to pay for version 4)
    – dragging ability on spotlight results
    – multiple tabs/views on finder.

  • Still miss the pop up draws from OS9 days. The dock often gets in the way!!