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Hello, and a very warm welcome to AppStorm – a site dedicated to Mac application news, reviews, competitions and tips. If you’re a Mac user, I hope that the upcoming articles will open your eyes to a whole range of innovative new applications. If you’re not a Mac user, be careful; reading about the fantastic software offered for the platform may cause you to switch!

The next few weeks have some great content in store. I’ll be reviewing several fantastic pieces of software, rounding up a selection of the best Twitter apps, keeping you up to date with all the latest Mac software news and giving away a free copy of Things. We’ll also be launching a weekly Mac comic strip by the talented NC Winters!

To keep up to date with what’s going on, I’d recommend following AppStorm on twitter or subscribing to our RSS feed.

If there are any features or articles you would like to see on AppStorm, I welcome your input. Please feel free to leave a comment, send me a tweet or drop me an email.

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  • Another great site from team envato.. the site looks really cool and im looking forward to reading mac application articles and reviews.. Im a sucker for mac apps.. :o)

  • Ah! I’ve been eagerly waiting for the launch of this one ;) Bought a Mac this summer so I can’t wait hear what you guys recommend! Congrats on another great launch from Team Envato :)

  • Might I suggest a read more link? Having to scroll back up and click the title is not great, especially when not all your posts are in summary form.

    Nice looking site though, added to feeds.

  • Will there be an option to write for this site as well? I could write Mac articles all day long.

  • Looks like another hit for the Rockstars at Envato. I’ll definitely be tracking this.

  • Yay! Finally you are there. Subscribed via Twitter, E-Mail and RSS !!!

    PS: Let me know if you have a blogger spot vacant. I would love to blog !

  • Collis: this site kicks some serious ass!!

    Congrats and keep’em coming!

  • Lovely design. Even though I am not a Mac user (but I would like to be :) ) – its always nice to come in for a visit. Picked up the URL from twitter.

  • this is rad, thanks for launching this

  • Awesome, very cool design. I love the feed subscribers box ( although it appears to be broken at the moment, it says 0 subscribers). The Threaded comments are very cool too.

    Not really a fan of the social bookmarks area. Prefer the way it is done over at Creattica or one of the TUT sits. The color used on the Related Posts and Social Bookmarks section does not really fit with color scheme.

    Not sure about this growing trend of not having a home button on the menu, but oh well.

    Keep up the great work.

    • The feed box isn’t broken, it’s that feedburner only updates once a day, so tomorrow it will be working fine. I tested it with other feeds so the code is solid, it just need to be updated by feedburner. I’m interested to see what the first day brings. It’s like waiting to open presents Christmas morning ; ) the anticipation is the best part.

      • I thought this might be the case, but was just checking.

        Yes, it is exciting indeed. Are there any plans for app giveaways?

      • Absolutely! We’ll be giving away copies of Things, WriteRoom and TaskPaper over the next couple of weeks.

      • Cool! Can’t wait.

  • What about covering the mouse tracking acceleration function – as a recent windows convert I find this very frustrating in OS X

  • This is great! I’ve subscribed.

  • Wow!!! your sites are awesome, i never think u would do a mac blog! XD, love tha sites, this site is already in my feeds (like most of your sites)

    Keep the good work!!
    (Sorry for my english)

  • You guys did it again – another amazing site! Thanks for helping us all out!

  • Will you be tracking apps for Mac portables like iPhone and iPod Touch?

  • Oh WAU!! And I just get a Mac!! Now how cool is this… :)

  • Since another popular blog’s transition to a paid membership site (pay for a software weblog…hello?) I’ve been looking for a replacement. I just might have found it.

  • Nice addition to your library of blogs envato, aka collis et al

    Interesting too is the structure of your domain.

    Methinks, or at least might imagine, something for the whiny brats on other-than-macs may have something being built for them too. Why else the sub? (Just kidding on the whiny. They’re not all whiny. At least not all the time.)


    Great stuff, great addition. Heading to subscription now…

  • Another great work. and another site need to follow.

  • Hi! Looks great… I’m going to started coming here now instead of Mac Rumors which Im bored of now.

  • Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!