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If you use multiple monitors with your Mac, then Multimon is a great way to manage them. You can have multiple menu bars on any number of screens, manage windows so you can quickly deal with each one and windows even automatically resize depending on how big your monitor is. The app supports both Mountain Lion and the new retina display on the MacBook Pro and is currently discounted to $1.99 as part of the Two Dollar Tuesday promotion, which ends this evening.

Price: $9.99 – $1.99
Developer: Delve Systems
App Store link: Multimon



Vitamin-R is another app currently discounted for Two Dollar Tuesday and helps you become more productive by trying to avoid procrastination. It breaks down all your tasks into a series of time “slices” ranging from 10 to 30 minutes and each slice has easy and manageable objectives. The app helps you keep concentrated during this time by keeping you focused on one objective, meaning that your mind doesn’t wander so easy and provides methods to help you when you do get distracted, allowing you to focus on the task in mind. As a student, I think this application would be highly useful to anyone who finds it difficult to concentrate, and it’s a mere steal at only a couple of bucks.

Price: $19.99 – $1.99
App Store link: Vitamin-R

Disk Alarm

Disk Alarm

Disk Alarm alerts you when the hard disk drive on your Mac is getting close to becoming completely full up, and not just for the boot volume. You can add any single drive on your Mac as well as external drives hooked up to your computer and network volumes. The app can also integrate with your e-mail client (currently, Apple Mail, Sparrow and Mailplane are supported) so that it can send you a reminder when your disk space is near to being filled. The description on the App Store is valid for Lion and there is no word on Mountain Lion support, so best e-mail the developer and ask him before committing to purchasing.

UPDATE: The developer has confirmed that Disk Alarm is fully compatible with Mountain Lion.

Price: $3.99 – $1.99
Developer: Manuel Carrasco Molina
Link: Disk Alarm



Moneydance is a popular personal finance application for Mac (we featured it in our roundup of personal finance apps back in May) and to celebrate the app’s release onto the App Store, the developers are currently running a 50% off promotion. With Moneydance you can manage and integrate all your bank accounts and use it to track your expenses, income and so on. There’s even an iOS app which integrates seamlessly with the Mac version, so you can take your finances with you on the move as well.

Price: $49.99 – $24.99
Developer: The Infinite Kind Limited
Link: Moneydance

There’s also a couple of sweet app bundles knocking about at the moment which are well worth grabbing. The first is the Humble Indie bundle, which our editor, Matthew, wrote about earlier on today which features some sweet games and soundtracks and what’s great is some of the proceeds from sales of the bundle go straight to charity (which you select). There’s no fixed price for it (you pay for what you think is fair) and the bundle ends on Tuesday October 2nd.

Another great one (which is running off the same system of ‘name your own price’) is the Mac Bundle from StackSocial. This one features some popular (and extremely useful) Mac apps, such as MacFlux 4, a great HTML editor, Forklift 2 (one of the best FTP clients for OS X), iDocument (basically iTunes for your documents) and much more. The apps are in total valued at $340 and you get to pay whatever price you feel like but remember, a portion of the proceeds are going to charity, so donate generously!

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  • Just wanted to mention that Disk Alarm is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 Moutain Lion. We’ve updated the release notes.

    • Thanks, I’ve just changed that now!