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As always every Wednesday, here are our weekly picks of the best (and free) deals on the App Store for this week.

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Tune Buddy Lite

Tune Buddy Lite

Tune Buddy Lite does nothing more than show you the current song playing in your Mac’s status bar taking up no space and no additional Dock icons. You can pause, rewind, fast forward and skip songs directly from it and copy the song that is currently playing to the clipboard. It’s probably best to get it now whilst it’s on offer, as the normal price of €3.99 seems to be very steep for such a simple program.

Price: € 3.99 – free
Developer: Flux Forge
App Store link: Tune Buddy Lite



ReFind is a little utility that sits in your menu bar that allows you to press a hotkey which quickly finds a file or folder you are looking for. The app automatically tracks your most popular folders and files and also lets you browse quickly through your hard drive. There’s a good built-in list of keyboard shortcuts already waiting for you when you install the app and of course you can customise your hotkey to your liking.

Price: € 2.39 – free
Developer: Mysterious Trousers LLC
App Store link: ReFind

Battery Expert


BatteryExpert constantly examines, monitors and reports on the status and health of your Mac’s in-built battery. The app will tell you about the actual condition of your battery, e.g. how many cycles it has “lost” and can provide you with real-time information about the charge amount, time left to charge and the temperature of your battery. All results can also be graphed from within the app so you’ve got an easy overview of all the relevant information.

Price: € 0.79 – free
Developer: Lee C. Baker
App Store link: BatteryExpert

Talk To Me

Talk To Me

Although the usefulness of this app may be a little questionable, it is certainly pretty fun to play around with! Talk To Me will speak out anything that you type into it, in a number of different voices of course. You can use the suggested sentence starters, pick a quote or simply enter your own text and hear your Mac come to life. Of course, the possibilities are endless but we accept no responsibility for any damage caused whilst using Talk To Me!

Price: € 0.79 – free
Developer: Alex Wasserman
App Store link: Talk To Me

Timer Boom

Timer Boom

Timer Boom is a simple countdown timer for your Mac which is extremely customisable. You can set it up to send your computer to sleep after a certain time has elapsed or remind you to take a break after a hour’s hard graft. You can change the hours, minutes and seconds on the countdown and choose whether or not a “bomb” should be set off (not a real one, of course!) when the time has elapsed.

Price: € 0.79 – free
Developer: Mighty
App Store link: Timer Boom

Oh, and one more thing:



Thanks to a tip by my colleague, Alex Arena, Postbox has been slashed in price from $30 to a mere $10 – an absolute steal. I’m sure you’ve heard about Postbox by now but if you haven’t, it’s easily the best e-mail client for Mac hands down, beating Apple’s default Mail offering, Thunderbird and, in some cases, Microsoft Outlook (although Postbox doesn’t support Exchange). For a full review of its features, head over to Justin’s comprehensive review (link below).

Price: $30 – $10
Developer: Postbox
Review: Postbox 3: Meet The Third Installment of First Class Email

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  • The title of this is “Free App Store Deals This Week” yet Postbox is included in this which costs $10 which is obviously not FREE!

    • Yeah but “Free app store deals this week and also some other apps that aren’t free but have had their prices lowered for a limited time” doesn’t flow off the tongue quite as easily.

  • I am very happy to see Postbox on sale. I love the program to pieces but 30 bucks just from someone that has only one primary email address? It just wasn’t worth it. Now I feel like I’m getting it at a simple consumer price and not a business account, if that make sense.

    You just made them a sale appstorm. . . demand your commission!

  • PopClip is also on sale (but not free).

  • Actually, I love the Mail app because it is totally free. Though Postbox may be a bargain, it still cannot beat the Mail, which is free of charge.

    • While the Mail app is free, Postbox is $10 and the license allows you to install it on as many computers that you use personally. Since it’s also available on Windows I’m able to have a consistent e-mail experience on all my computers (except Linux) for $10. Well, I may have paid more when I got it but I do remember using a student discount which I believe was 50% off.