Two Minute How-To: Sharing Screenshots with GrabBox

One of my all-time favorite keyboard shortcuts (right behind the 1Password Auto-Fill command) is OS X’s capture screen commands. Anywhere and anytime, you can press Command + Shift + 3 to capture the entire screen. Alternately, you can press Command + Shift + 4 and the mouse turns into a crosshair. You can then drag a box around what you need to capture.

Afterwards, you’ll have an ugly-titled .png file, sitting on your desktop. Mac OS X titles them with a date and time. This means, before I dare send it to anyone, I have to change the title. Today we’re going to be taking a look at GrabBox, a simple utility that makes the process of naming and sharing screenshots very simple, integrating with everyone’s favourite web app, Dropbox!

What’s GrabBox?

In an attempt to further expand the functionality of Dropbox, GrabBox automatically grabs the screenshots placed on your Desktop by OS X and places them in your Dropbox’s Public Folder.

This part of your Dropbox is accessible to anyone on the internet – so as a public service announcement, be careful what you put in there. Once GrabBox moves your screenshot, it will copy the public link (the link that gives anyone access to files in your Public folder) to your clipboard. That way, you’re ready to share your screenshot with everyone, everywhere.

GrabBox Preview

How to use GrabBox

Here’s a quick walkthrough of how the process works:


There are a few other options for sharing screenshots. One of the most beloved is Skitch. This fun little app lets you take a screenshot or other image and mark it up with various drawings, text, arrows and the like. Then, with a Sktich account, you can share files via their website.

Skitch markup Window

This window allows you to easily highlight parts of your screenshot.

Another one of my new favorites isn’t limited to just screenshots and images. CloudApp is a fullly fledged file sharing service. From their menubar app, you can drag files and have their short URL link copied to your clipboard. It’s super easy to share not only screenshots, but Word documents and anything else that might be just a tad too big to e-mail.

Cloud Menu Bar

This is the entire CloudApp interface on your Mac... contained in the MenuBar.

The downside to both Skitch and CloudApp is their requirements for a or account. They’re super easy to set up, but another password and login to remember nonetheless. Most users already have Dropbox, which makes GrabBox super appealing.


I am quite surprised by how useful I find GrabBox. It makes it so easy to share little things with friends and coworkers. The only downside is a lack of editing (a la Skitch), and sharing of other files (as with CloudApp).

Certainly worth considering though, especially if you’re already a Dropbox user. What application do you use for sharing screenshots? Let us know in the comments!


A super simple utility that automatically collects your screenshots and places them into your Dropbox's Public Folder- ready to be shared.



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  • There is one other option for sharing screenshots and it is called QuickShareIt? The whole interface is a droplet icon, just drag what You want to share and the public link is in your clipboard. QSI recognizes what type of content You has sent.

  • You seem to have forgotten TinyGrab: and SnappIr: . TinyGrab is by far the best of them all, and SnapIr takes second followed by GrabBox.

  • After trying them all, my choices are:
    1. Snapplr
    2. Droplr
    3. CloudApp
    4. FileShuttle
    5. TinyGrab (sorry this doesn’t work behind my companys firewall and I’m waiting for an update for quite some time (over a year))

  • I’ve enjoyed using Jing,

  • I recommend Little Snapper, it’s a great tool for sharing screenshots and webpages –

  • What about Voila?
    Great App for screenshots.

  • Sharing a lot of screenshot easily and quickly is cool, but you often need a shorturl. Not only for Twitter! Pasting a full plain Dropbox url in an email can mess up with the text readability while a shorturl only as a small footprint regarding your text readability. ;-)

  • In this article I found great application for screen shots. Here you give all the information about grab box. I will definitely recommend this article to my friends for screen shots. I also like to know about the different applications for file sharing. Keep it up!

  • I wanted to stay away from bigger applications like Little Snapper and Voila. I felt those specialized in both taking screenshots and managing them. Plus Voila also does screencasts.

    GrabBox is a handy utility that makes sharing screenshots easier, but doesn’t really help with the organization of them.

    However, I’ll have to take a look at TinyGrab and Snapplr!

  • I’m trying to set this up but I’m having trouble with the bit where you right click a file in the public folder and set up the Dropbox folder :(

    It just keeps saying ‘Waiting for link..’

    Any help would be great – thanks

  • I love GrabBox because it’s easy, plain, lightweight (unlike LittleSnapper and Jing – tried them before)

    Droplr is very good too, but they didn’t provide raw url, so i can’t use the droplr-generated link in forums or html sites.

    unlike grabbox by using raw dropbox URL (without shortlink generator), I can integrate the url easily in html or bbcode!