iMovie ’11: Slicin’ and Dicin’ Your Videos

Recently we toured the interface of iMovie ‘11 in a screencast. This provided an overview of how to create a project in iMovie, and how to get your videos into your project. Today we’re back with something a little more in-depth!

In this video, we’re going to look at slicing, trimming, and editing your videos. I’ll show you how to go over your movie with a fine-toothed comb, making sure that you make those cuts right where you want them. By the end of this short tutorial, you’ll be on your way to becoming a video surgeon.

Watch the Video

Using an iPhone/iPad? You can watch the video here.

Wrap Up

With some simple keyboard shortcuts like Shift + Command + S, you can become quite adept at slicing up your videos. And to select portions of a clip en masse, just click and drag from where you want to begin the selection, to where you want to stop.

The beauty of a well-designed application, is that it allows for power, yet remains simple. That’s the pinnacle of quality from an app developer, and Apple is always so adept at doing that. It’s especially evident in iMovie ‘11.

I hope you feel ready now, willing to start slicing and dicing your videos with confidence. Just remember, there’s always Command + Z if you make a mistake.


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  • This is great. Are you going to keep this going as a series of tutorials?

  • FINALLY! A good tutorial on iMovie that:
    1. Doesn’t treat me like an idiot.
    2. Doesn’t treat me like an expert.

    I agree with Chris, please make a series!

  • I can’t agree with you Stephen. It was a good video and I hope it becomes a series, but it treated the person watching as a complete idiot. Anyone with just like 10 minutes in iMovie knew this stuff about drag and drop and doesn’t need two minutes of explanation about it and about the orange bar….

    If you keep going, maybe consider making two versions, one with a more streamlined tutorial and one with a drawn out explanation like this one. I feel like you could have done all of this with good enough instructions for most users in a four minute video (at max), not a nine minute video. Still, a great idea for a series. Maybe just once a week and get more advanced as we go along! :D

  • Hey Zach! I watched this and the previous part, and I just want to say: thank you. I really hope you keep going and we’ll see another tut, and then another, and another.

    It’s really helpful, I’m waiting for the next part. Thanks again!

  • Thanks so much for the kind words guys. I understand what you’re talking about Shash, and I’ll do my best keep things more streamlined in the coming tutorials. I have a tendency to be a little long-winded at times. Sorry about that.

    This will be a series, we’ve had two so far, another one is schedule, and we’ve got a few more planned out. After that, we’ll have to see. :)

    I’m just really happy people are watching, learning, and enjoying them.

  • Hey Zach,
    Thanks for presenting this material.

    I’d be interested in advanced tips for iMovie on iPad too … in case you’re hungry for more ideas ;)


  • Zach, excellent tutorial. Even though some posters feel you need to be more
    “streamlined” or advanced in your presentation, I can’t agree with that POV either.
    Every one of us has a different level of familiarity with whatever app we’re using,
    thus, what may seem obvious to some, is not always obvious to all. Thus the cliché “never assume anything” (or whatever). I’ve seen so many tutorials where just one “little” detail is left out, and then you spend loads of time figuring it out.
    Spielberg didn’t get accepted into film school – wonder what “little” detail he forgot, and then “figured out later” Excellent tutorial !
    Thank you
    “The Devil is in the details”

  • What you said made a lot of sense. But, think about this, what if you added a little content? I mean, I dont want to tell you how to run your blog, but what if you added something to maybe get peoples attention? Just like a video or a picture or two to get people excited about what youve got to say. In my opinion, it would make your blog come to life a little bit.

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