Quick Look: Folx Downloader
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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Folx. The developer describes Folx as an internet download manager and a torrent client for Mac OS X with a friendly and stylish interface. Because it splits downloads into several threads and offers broken download resumption, downloading files or torrents with Folx is faster and easier than with a web browser.

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The Main Window

The Main Window

The Scheduler

The Scheduler

About the App

Here are the top five features you can expect to see in the latest version:

  • Splitting the downloads in multiple threads and auto-resuming file transfer
  • Download speed control and “Smart Speed Adjustment” (pro version)
  • Download tasks scheduler (pro version)
  • Smart tagging technology
  • Online torrents search in Folx (pro version)

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or later

Price: $19.95

Developer:: Eltima Software.

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  • How about a review of this vs. Speed downloader?

  • I’ve been using JDownloader mostly… but i may have to give this a try.

  • “.. friendly and stylish interface.”
    Really? The developer needs to research those terms a bit. Maybe dig in to the culture of minimalism.

  • I use Folx free version and it works well for me. I’ve found its interface rather pleasant. I am thinking about purchasing Folx PRO and would like to hear comments concerning Folx PRO version.

  • Friendly and stylish? It looks flat-out disgusting.

  • The design is the blind side of this app. Those buttons are horrible.

  • iGetter….

  • I use this application for all of my Rapidshare downloads, really helps increase my download speeds a lot, normally by about 200kb/s (Giving me a total of 800-900kb/s). It is nice to be able to highlight multiple links, right click and then “Download with Folx” and have them all download in order.

    The UI is nothing to write home about but it is functional nonetheless.

  • Looks horrible, and for that reason I won’t use it.. I currently use Leech, which has enough features for me (however I want/need a speed limiter), but it has a really minimal style, and most options are in the preference panel.

    I’ve used jDownloader and whilst good it kept crashing because it was coded in Java and not native cocoa. Also Speed Download however I felt that it was hard to implement and slow to load up, also the browser plugin would never remove properly when I disabled it, which mean everytime I tried to download anything it would take ages to load up into SpeedDownload.

  • Still, it’s made by Eltima Software, the same ones who make the incredibly useful ‘SFV & FLV Player’ and ‘Flash Decompiler Trillix’ for Mac…. that alone makes me want to check out this software.

  • this app is ugly but i have to admit it works very well as i tried the free version once but i still use Speed Downloader as my main Download manager

  • This is the worst downloader if you do not uninstall it correctly it will not allow you to open any of your downloads DO NOT Buy!