Quick Look: MacKeeper
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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting MacKeeper. The developers of the application describe it as an all-in-one, award-winning solution for your Mac that combines a set of drive clean-up utilities, standalone tools, and online services. Simple and powerful, this app will make work easier for beginners and give more flexibility to experts.

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MacKeeper Screenshot 1

MacKeeper Screenshot 1

MacKeeper Screenshot 2

MacKeeper Screenshot 2

About the App

Here are the top four features you can expect to see in the latest version:

  • Cleaning utilities: Binaries Cutter, Cache Cleaner, Logs Cleaner, Duplicates Finder, Languages Cutter, Old Files Finder.
  • Standalone tools: Backup, Data Encryptor, Default Apps, Disk Usage, Login Items, Shredder, Undelete, Wise Uninstaller.
  • Online services: Anti-Theft, Geek on Demand.
  • 24/7 call center and built-in live chat

Requirements: Mac OS: 10.5 or higher

Price: $39.95

By the way, we offer a 30% discount to those who purchase MacKeeper now, so hurry up!

About the Developer

MacKeeper is developed by ZeoBIT LLC. ZeoBIT was founded in 2008 by a small group of enthusiasts and outsourcers. Today they work only on their own projects and have a constantly-growing team of more than 30 employees.

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  • interesting app, but seems to be similar to many…btw i like the quick review and voting feature!

  • Like the previous commenter said, there are lots of other apps in this category. MacPilot is the app I use so I would need a very compelling reason to switch. And I see none in MacKeeper- imho.

  • Thirded. I can’t see anything in the features list that can’t be done by software I already own (all of which can also be done in the Terminal if you’re that way inclined).

    As for including Login Items – that’s in System Prefs for goodness sake! What’s next, Volume?! Even the GUI for this is just an iTunes / Finder rip-off. I’ve got far better things to spend my $40 on.

  • Do you know what I would like? A Head 2 Head post type.

    Where you put apps in the same category head 2 head to see which is the best.

  • Im debating on getting this but whats the difference between this one and cleanmymac? this one seems to have more features.

  • Too many features but none of them done right.

  • My Rant to ZeoBit:

    I think that you should tell the buyer somewhere that online services and updates are only for 1 year… I am sure that people would like to know exactly what they are getting before they buy. You quietly slip it in just before they buy. I understand that the 1 year subscription covers online content and I think that that is reasonable, but what I find absolutely ridiculous, is the fact that you restrict updates to that 1 year period as well. Updates SHOULD BE FREE no matter what, I am sure you make enough money off of you online services and people enjoy and uses them, but you should make updates free to everyone after purchase. I can go to MacPaw and but a lifetime license of CleanMyMac which does most of the stuff that MacKeeper does for cheaper. Your duplicate files finder is absolutely terrible, it finds files that are not duplicates and files within applications that should not be deleted. There are also free alternatives like DupeCheck. I already have a fantastic and free data encryptor (A Password protected DMG/SpareBundle/Archive) and FileVault (Built into Mac OS X). Your default apps function can be easily done in Finder with the files users use most. How many people use the outlandish file types in there? Time Machine and Carbon Copy Cloner (Both Free) can do what your backup utility does. Your disk usage is useless too- Disk Inventory X can do exactly that. Login items can easily be managed from System Preferences–> Users–>Login Items. You can easily “shred” files like your shredder by Securely Emptying the Trash via Finder. You can recover files by visiting the .Trashes folder. Your “Wise Undeleter” too is useless- AppCleaner and AppTrap can do that for free. Anti-Theft? BAH! Only lasts for a year! I purchased UnderCover from Orbicule! That is LIFETIME and does the exact same thing. Geek On Demand? Visit a forum!!! ZeoDisk? CloudApp or DropBox. Or Both! They are both free! Binaries Cutter, Cache Cleaner, Language Cutter, Shredder, and Logs Cleaner can all be found in CleanMyMac for 20 bucks. As you can most obviously see, MacKeeper is simply a waste of money! It costs 40 bucks for a year, when for 20 I can buy CleanMyMac. And if I really want Anti-Theft for 50 bucks, I can get a lifetime license of UnderCover. Thats 70 dollars for life! If I want your software for life. It would cost me a about a grand total 2,400 dollars. If you want to give people a reason to buy MacKeeper, you need to change your ways. Updates should be free for life, you should provide at least 512MB-1 GB free storage, not that anyone would use it with DropBox out there and the ability to get up to 10.25 GB for free.


  • Dear Scythio,
    First of all I wish to thank you and all the other users who have posted here for your interest in our product, and for your feedback.
    Now I would like to address some of the things you pointed out in your post.
    It is not hard to find a free analog for any shareware software. You don’t have to go far for an example, I use my MacMini that has the 10.6 MacOS and I love everything about it. However I have many friends who are running PC’s using Ubuntu and consider me less of a computer user for “paying extra” for a Mac. And I have no way of proving to them that in the end they spend more time not enjoying the system but simply getting it setup, compiled, debugged, get drivers for it, get new drivers when something new is added to the computer, update their OS, spend a lot of time on forums simply looking for things that will work. Whereas I enjoy my Mac for the sheer simplicity of it and it being ready-to-use. If i have a problem I can contact local support division, which will solve the problem faster then I could myself by browsing forums. This is basically the concept that we wanted to use with MacKeeper – to give the user the tools for most common needs all in one place, going through which takes just a couple of clicks instead of days spent on looking for, testing, managing a couple of freeware apps.
    Also you are a little off with comparing some of MacKeepers features to other software:
    – “You can recover files by visiting the .Trashes folder.” – the UnDelete module in MacKeeper is by far the best available right now, supporting the most file types in EXT file system and with complete support for FAT/NTFS. After you “Empty trash” your .Trashes folder will be clean, so you can’t recover them the way you described. When doing a complete disk scan with UnDelete you will be able to restore files that were completely deleted weeks ago.
    – “DropBox out there and the ability to get up to 10.25 GB for free” – you are using these numbers out of context, that space is in no way “free”, you have to do a lot of things for that service for them to provide you with that amount of space. If you do something special for DropBox, like do a blog entry about them, magazine or newspaper article, mention them a couple of time on Twitter and Facebook and then contact their support, they can extend the space available to you by 10-15 Gb, but that is not called gatting it for free. The free space they offer is 2Gb per user.
    Overall, over the course of your post you name at least a dozen other products that a user can have on their computer to do combined what MacKeeper does by itself. If you prefer running, managing and updating 12 separate apps on a regular basis to perform these actions for you, then that is your choice. I believe most Mac users will however see it differently, they will welcome an application that saves them the trouble of doing the same tedious boring thing over and over each week with a dozen different places to go to do so. Also, having a dozen apps that are supposed to make your Mac better instead of just one defies the whole concept of a clean and efficient Mac. You can stand on the point of liking it, but what is a personal opinion and it’s pointless to argue about it more, that is not the purpose of this post.
    Moving on to your argument about yearly subscriptions. So many times have we seen a good peace of software get released and purchased for “lifetime”. Users will buy it, be happy with it, get updates and talk how it is such a cool app to have. And so many times have we seen the company completely cut support of this product, disband or otherwise simply tell their customer – no more work will be done with this, no more updates, features, no modern OS support. Our goal was to avoid their fate. We decided to offer the client not only a huge arsenal of tools in one box but also to let them know that the development and support for this product will go on and on as long as people are still using it. Renewing the license makes it possible to properly support, update, develop and promote the software even if new and exciting opportunities appear on the market for the development company to follow. We do not give out a false sense of a “lifetime” license because nothing in our world is certain for “lifetime”(except death and taxes). When renewing a limited license you can be positive that the product will be supported for this period of time. Also, note that many companies that release products with a lifetime subscription later on release new products that do the same thing but are a updated with new features, they call them App.v2.0 and expect a new lifetime purchase from you.
    MacKeeper was developed to not be a simple utility app, but a complex base to host our cleaners, tools and services, so we can not see how it “must” be a lifetime license. No complex high quality service applications that have lasted for more then 1-2 years come to mind when I think of lifetime subscriptions. They either get a newer version that you buy and the old one gets lost with it’s fancy “lifetime” sign, or the company abandons the product, since they received the initial profit and have no responsibility before their users to keep the program updated for new systems and with new features. Even most of the free apps that you mentioned, except for a couple like DropBox and TimeMachine, are simple utilities that get released once and users have to wait for years to get new updates or features. MacKeeper on the other hand will have the funding for development, new features and proper customer support. For example, the ZeoDisk service that we are working on, will be included into MacKeeper offering much more space then similar online services do, and it will be immediately available to our customers just because they chose to subscribe!
    The price that MacKeeper goes for is fare for all that it has in it (f.e. the professional analogs for UnDelete cost about 100$), yet we even offer a promotion where everyone can easily get 30% off on their MacKeeper purchase. We also specifically included a 15-day full trial for people to evaluate the app and see for themselves that MacKeeper’s functionality is on the level or often higher then its competitors.
    I hope this will shed some light and offer some more information for people deciding on whether or not to try out MacKeeper. The intention behind this is not to force anyone into a purchase, but rather give a reason to go for the trial.
    You can contine to discuss this post or anything else about MacKeeper on our Facebook page, we appreciate any feedback:
    Ievhen Dubravin, ZeoBIT LLC Public Relations Representative.

  • watch this video to download it for free without torrent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xmhLFf7XpQ

  • Installed Anti-Theft with basic packager of MacKeeper on fresh install of Snow Leopard. The random snap-shots from my iSight camera spooks me. The degraded performance on web browsing makes this back-ground utility not worth the claimed protection. The up-front down-side is the loss of privacy of having high resolution shots of me and my work environment randomly collected and stored on MacKeepers server (presumably as evidence to convict a thief who steals my laptop). Before I reconfigured my system to ignore alert messages, the web-based location of my laptop as reported put me in a town about 50 miles away from where I was! I doubt if that kind of information will help retrieve a stolen laptop before this protection gets defeated by the thief.

  • This software may have some good things, but BEWARE! If you run the app and use the “Smart” Uninstaller you can destroy your system! I have been restoring my WORK system for over 24 hours because MacKeeper fried my system! I lost billable time for clients, all bookmarks, etc. etc. etc. I had moved my system and added new drives and the app said I could “clean up leftover parts” with MacKeeper. Ever think of a restore or backup point to undo this???

    The on-line support person told me “restart my Mac” and “Fix disk permissions” Wow. But they were “sorry” and thought I should reinstall all my software. How will that fix ruined database files?

    NEVER will buy anything from Zeobit!