Delibar: Stylish Delicious Bookmarking

Delicious is a fantastic service for organizing, sharing, and finding great bookmarks on the web. However I’ve never thought much of the bland appearance of the site and as a result I’ve never felt the urge to sign up. Until now.

After finding out about Delibar, a new Delicious client for Mac from Shiny Frog, I’ve realized the potential of Delicious bookmarking and Delibar feels like the perfect way to do it. Delibar lets you search, share, discover, and organize your Delicious account right from within the Menu Bar on your Mac. This review will take a look at exactly what Delibar is capable of.


The look of Delibar is visually stunning and would have to be one of the most well designed Mac Apps I’ve seen. It somehow manages to perform nearly everything you need without cluttering up the interface with lots of buttons.

When you open Delibar up you’ll find four tabs, each performing their own unique function:



Bookmarks: This is the main tab for searching through all of your bookmarks instantly. Searches can be done using URLs, titles, notes, or tags.

Recent: Gives you a list of the last 30 bookmarks added.

Network: This tab shows you the latest bookmarks from all of those on your network. It even supports growl notifications to alert you of new additions.

Saved: If you find yourself searching for the same things over and over, you can save searches to here for quick access. It also shows you the most used and last used bookmarks.

Delibar also has a nice little feature of detaching the current window from the Menu Bar, for those times when you are constantly going back and forth between Delibar and your browser.


Detach that Window!

Adding & Managing Bookmarks

Adding a Bookmark

Adding a Bookmark

Delibar makes it really easy to add new bookmarks as you are browsing with it’s bookmarklets. There are two it comes with. The first, ‘Send to Delibar’ lets you add tags and notes to the bookmark before adding it. The second, ‘Delibar Quick Add’ is for adding bookmarks quickly without advanced information.



Deleting bookmarks is done in the most elegant way with smooth animated graphics that just swish across to reveal the Delete, Remove, and Cancel buttons. Of course it’s also pretty easy to edit your bookmarks, with just one click to open the Bookmark Information window.


Clicking on the Sharing button next to each bookmark reveals the various sharing options, which are unveiled in the same incredible fashion as the Delete buttons are.

Delibar lets you share your bookmarks with your Delicious network, via Mail, post to Twitter, share with MarsEdit, send to Facebook, and even shorten the URL with



All work seamlessly and in the background. For example when you ‘Share via Twitter’ another animated graphic reveals a type box, within which the url to the site is automatically shortened, giving you more space to type out a message before posting. The ‘Shorten URL’ also works wonderfully, copying the new URL to your clipboard almost instantly.




The Delibar Preferences give you all the customization you really need. Here you can set up the login preferences and whether or not to show the dock icon. You can set up how often you want Delibar to sync with Delicious, and assign various hotkeys.

You can also add your Twitter,, and Facebook accounts.




The only problem I have encountered with Delibar is not even the fault of the application. As of late, Delicious suddenly changed it’s registration system to require a Yahoo! ID. This seems to be a pretty bad decision on their part.

Unfortunately, Yahoo! didn’t bother to let any of the third party developers know of this change, nor have they supplied any documentation on how the developers can use the new authentication system. What this basically means is that at present, unless you already have a delicious account, you probably won’t be able to get it working within Delibar.

Shiny Frog are currently working hard to try and solve this issue so hopefully we’ll see a fix soon. You can read what they have to say about it here.

Edit: This issue is now fixed in the latest version. Great work Shiny Frog!


I’ve been very impressed with Delibar’s unique way of handling Delicious bookmarks, and it does so with style. It is very easy to use, and takes no time at all to set up. It even supports multiple Delicious accounts. Delibar comes in a Free and a Pro version. The Free version can only do searches, but functions with all features for the first two weeks. The Pro version, at $18, gives you all of the features above.

If you use Delicious then I’d definitely recommend giving Delibar a try. Let us know what you think of it, or if you’ve found another awesome Delicious Mac client that is worth sharing.


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  • Just tried this app and I have to say it was love @ first click!
    Fantastic! Beats the competition hands down!

    • Agreed. Money well spent. Great app!

      • I bought this instantly and was money well spent! If you use delicious all day (like i do) this is THE THING!

  • I have tried Delibar but I have found the delicious plugin for firefox much more useful. A simple cmd+b while browsing and I can access all my tag bundles… Something Delibar doesnt seem to support?(unless I just havent found it yet) Sure its a pretty interface and all but I’m comfortable with my plugin.

  • Too bad it doesn’t support Delicious accounts that were created and bound with Yahoo! logins. Otherwise I’d love this app to death.

    • Great news! Shiny Frog have been very swift in getting around this issue and it all works with Yahoo! IDs now.

      Should work for everyone with the new release. As a bonus, they’ve dropped the price to only $18 US as well.

  • Until it supports some form of syncing across multiple machines, I won’t give it a while. Google bookmarks via my toolbar works just fine for now, and I can get to them from all of my Macs.

    This is a good concept, but building syncing in via MobileMe wouldn’t have been too far a stretch, if even for only the Pro version.

  • Until it supports some form of syncing across multiple machines, I won’t give it a while. Google bookmarks via my toolbar works just fine for now, and I can get to them from all of my Macs.

    This is a good concept, but building syncing in via MobileMe wouldn’t have been too far a stretch, if even for only the Pro version.

    • For me, a killer feature here would be integration with spotlight and support of openmeta tagging. Then I’d buy it in a snap.

      @Mike – how do you mean “syncing across multiple machines”? Delcious is a networked bookmark storage. You can access your delicious bookmarks from any machine on the internet. There isn’t any syncing to do. Or do you mean that you’d like delibar more if it synced the smart folders or something?

  • Looks great. I will give it a try.
    Sure Firefox and Delicious integration is fantastic, but if you’re not a Firefox user this could be a good alternative.
    I see one problem right now: you can’t use tags to search or select bookmarks. All my bookmarks are tagged so to find them back easily. Delibar does not allow me to search tags only. It searches tags and URL and description, too bad.
    I hope they let us make better use of our tags and tag bundles.

  • This looks awesome!
    Unfortunately I bought a license of DeliciousSafari last week. hmpf!

  • very g00d

  • I have used Delibar for a long time, but I recently did a clean install on my Macbook and since reinstalling Delibar using the latest version on their site, the app crashes constantly. It crashes EVERY single time I try to add a new bookmark effectively making it completely useless. I just tried reinstalling again and now it crashes when I try to add my Delicious account. Very annoyed as I love using the app and when it is working it is fantastic.

    Anyone else had these issues after installing the latest version?