Notify 2 Preview: A Miniature Email Client

As a precursor to this review, I’d like to mention that Vibealicious will soon be releasing version Notify version 2.0. Around half the features covered are those planned for inclusion in the updated version. I have been lucky enough to beta test the forthcoming app, which has a number of changes that make Notify far more than just a regular email notifier.

Notify does what it’s name says – it tells you when you have a new message in your inbox. Version 2.0 goes beyond that, from viewing messages on multiple accounts to quickly responding to messages. This review will run through what you can expect from the app at the moment, along with what’s coming in the next few months.


Getting Notify installed is quick and easy. Just head over to Vibealicious’s website and download the latest version, currently 1.0.5. Once download simply drag the application bundle into your Applications folder and launch it. Notify will now appear in your menu bar.

Downloading Notify

Downloading Notify

Go ahead and click “Sure”, and set up your Gmail accounts.

Launching Notify

Launching Notify

Adding Your Accounts

Adding Your Accounts

Once you have filled in your information, Notify will begin to read your latest messages from the Gmail account’s Atom feed. This will allow it to keep up to date with all the new messages you receive.

Using Notify

Notify is a very simple application. It allows you to have quick access to your Gmail accounts and provides you with a couple of options, found in the General tab inside Preferences. You have the ability to enable or disable Growl alerts and adjust the look of the menubar icon.



Unfortunately, in its current state, Notify does not support Google Apps or any other type of email accounts. Functionality is limited to, essentially, being notified about new messages.

Notify 2.0

The new version of Notify brings about a number of major changes. For instance, it has been completely rebuilt, and instead acts like an IMAP client for your Gmail, Google Apps, Rackspace, MobieMe or any other type of email account. This makes accessing and getting email updates even easier.

New Messages

New Messages

Notify also added the ability to read, reply and write new messages right from within the application. In addition to this, you are given the ability to mark messages as read, or delete them, right from within the menu bar app.

Create a New Message

Create a New Message

The top menu bar inside the application also allows you to manually refresh for new messages, go directly to your Gmail inbox or view all of a selected email. Version 2.0 also boasts a more impressive set of preferences and, in my opinion, better account management.

Accounts Management

Accounts Management

The new version of 2.0 is about to enter a beta period, and when released will be made available through free and Pro editions. The free edition will be similar to the original Notify 1.0, having just the ability to view messages from Google, Rackspace and MobileMe accounts, sans the generic IMAP accounts. The reply and new message features will be made available in the Pro version only. The price is going to be set at $10, which I think would be perfect for someone who isn’t already using for their email client. If you stuck with using a web app, it is definitely worth the price.


Right now Notify is a good application. It looks beautiful and fits right into the OS X experience. Version 2.0 seems set to push it from good, to great. With the forthcoming IMAP support, and the added ability to create, reply and view messages, it goes above and beyond a simple “notification” tool. It’s another desktop interface to your email, albeit one with a very minimal and simplistic interface.

Let me know what you think about Notify, and whether there are any other applications you use for staying on top of endless new emails. Are you a desktop app user, or are you happy with accessing email via a web interface?


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  • I have my gmail acount added to the Apple Mail app. Seems to work fine.
    Cant see much need for this…

  • I wish the read and write messages feature would be included for free. It is so essential for users.

  • is there any conversation feature on this app? just asking before downloading the demo.

  • It’s gonna be a lovely app. I’m using a Notify 1 everyday and those minor changes are worth $10. I’m gonna stick with free version (thanks to devs for that!) as I use a as a primary.

  • The nice thing about this app is the way it sits unobtrusively in the task bar and lets you view the contents of your inbox in a neat little dropdown that disappears the instant you click in a another window.
    I have mail configured to handle gmail to along with mailtags, and act-on but I prefer to use this to keep track of my incoming messages during the day and only open Mail when I actually need to open, file or compose a message.
    If it could handle domain based email it would be still more useful, but it’s a great app even at 1.05.

  • Sounds great. I’m very much looking forward to try it out!

  • i’m happy to hear this:

    Notify also added the ability to read, reply and write new messages right from within the application

  • Glad to hear it’s on its way, very much looking forward to having a play. Still struggling with Google Apps & Mail (have yet to properly read the article linked to by Web.appstorm!).

    But Notify could go so much further than email, even it’s name suggests it could be so much more. What about adding support for Facebook and Twitter accounts .. Wave? With sensible settings you could see and respond to dms, maybe mentions, tags and the like it. Notify could be the one interface to manage it all.

  • I can’t wait for it!
    Thanks for this nice review. :)

  • Really good! I think Notify is a great software and I’ll buy the Pro license as it appear to worth the price.

  • I’ve been using this app for a while now and it’s a really awesome app, it’s simple and does its job very well.
    I’ve been waiting for an open beta of notify 2 but it seems like i’ll have to wait a bit longer.
    The ability to see messages in the app (right now you only see the title and a small bit of the body I believe) will enable me to see and archive most of the messages I receive without having to open the gmail web interface.

  • Looks great. I will definitely pay $10 for the Pro Version. I just wish they had an iPhone app – much prettier than Google’s default offering :)

  • I’m a happy user of Notify 1.0, and I’m very excited about version 2.
    Having both personal and work email on GMail, and using them always through the browser, it will be a very nice and useful tool for my workflow. I don’t like accessing my accounts with because of the behaviour of the labels, which I use heavily.
    And the 10$ price feels just fine.

  • Hah, i just sent feedback to apple about adding menu bar support for I’m so gonna use this one!

  • My University blocks IMAP/POP servers. So, I have to use web-based Gmail rather than Apple Mail. It’s a pain to have three browsers open at the same time (coz I have 3 Gmail accounts)! One thing I want in Notify is the ability to notify about emails in labels (that I archive directly rather than send it to Inbox/Spam). Other than that, this is the best email notification app!

    • If you use more than one email account (or any other type of internet account) I recommend you use Stainless as your browser:

      It can display different accounts in different tabs at the same time. You just need to start a ‘single session’ tab and then save the bookmark for your account from that. It can save different cookies for each bookmark.

    • Well, you can have several inboxes in the same window using a Labs-feature, check it out :)

  • Really unfair. i asked Kyle a week or so ago, if I could do a review/preview. He said no. Yet he let YOU?

  • Sorry Matthew, I think it’s because you are 4 years old.

    • Thank you for that. Such a mature and intellectual response.
      I’m 13 actually, and you’re a nobody.
      I already write for a Tech Blog, I’m on the team for Scraplr, and I do graphics design requests.
      You have done nothing. Do something on the internet, then come back and maybe we can talk.

      • Talk about immaturity.

    • Let’s settle down now boys.

      • These were extremely stupid of me, and I apologize.

  • Got all excited, I was gonna buy it now, thinking 2.0 was already out.. Now I have to wait..

  • I think this is really a helpful app, I was looking around for great apps to use with Gmail, this is one of the few “good” ones. Lets see…

  • Looks really great, but why would you guys prefer this over just curious… Maybe I’m missing something

    • This is mainly aimed at those who normally use or an online website to get their email. If you’re using, it might not be a necessity.

  • Looks really great! I tried out notify before but Apple’s Mail is all I need.

  • We just changed to google AppStore so this notify2 sounds really interresting. What about signatures? Signatures are à Big Problem with google Apps.

  • Hm, this didn’t work the first time I installed it (would not show new message), perhaps because I didn’t enter a display name. Trashed and reinstalled, works now. It looks very nice, a lot nicer than Google’s own Notifier.

  • Looks pretty neat, wondering about the signatures as well. Hopefully something is figured out!

  • Any ETA?

    • Agreed I wanna know when its coming out as well..

  • (im)patiently waiting for version 2…

  • As does not successfully deal with Google labels and IMAP protocol to me, Notify 2 should be the perfect solution for browser-mailer apps fans.

    Definitely ready to pay 10$ for the pro version.