Pukka: Start Bookmarking Again

How many of you seriously organize and continue to bookmark the many different websites you go to? For a long time now, Google has been my bookmark system of choice- I would always be able to find a site I recently visited through my search history or just poke around until I found it through the search engine. This system, however, is not optimal and often left me frustrated and without the information I was looking for.

This is where Pukka is a solution to consider. Pukka, from Code Sorcery Workshop, is a Delicious bookmark integration tool for your Mac. Simply put, it allows you to quickly and easily save websites for later, mark them for easy searching, and most importantly – find the site again. In this review, I will cover the core features of Pukka, while comparing it to a couple free alternatives.

Getting Started

Pukka offers a simple splash screen when you first launch the software. This screen allows you to enter your Delicious account information (Pukka does support multiple accounts), watch an informative screencast, or just jump right into the software.



Entering your account information can also be done through Pukka’s Preferences, under the accounts tab. Within the Prefences, you have access to handy interface toggles, like turning off the sound effect or setting the key command for the search tool.

Save it for Later

To make the Pukka workflow as convenient to use as possible, you will need to install the bookmarklet. This can be done from either the splash screen or from under the Pukka menu at the top of your screen.

Web Integration

Web Integration

Once you have the bookmarklet installed, you can just click it when you are on a page you would like to bookmark, similar to clicking the + button within Safari or the Star icon within Firefox. A dialog box will appear, giving you the option to adjust the URL, Title and add Tags and a Description to the website. Click Add Link, and Pukka will add the webpage to your Delicious account.



Speed Boost

In Safari, if you set Pukka as one of your first 10 bookmarks in your Bookmarks Bar, there will be a key command automatically assigned to it. For example, placing Pukka as the first bookmark in the toolbar will assign it the Command+1 shortcut.



If you are on an article or webpage you would like to save for later, you can highlight a bit of the text before you click the Pukka bookmarklet. The highlighted text will automatically become the description. This can save you time and provide an easier way to find the webpage at a later date.


Once you have started using Pukka, you can utilize the menu bar applet to access your bookmarks from anywhere on your Mac. Just click on the little Pukka popsicle, and a Spotlight like search field will appear. Enter in Title, URL, Tag or Description information into the field to pull up the bookmark you were looking for.

Search Tool

Search Tool


Pukka is not free, and is a tad bit pricy for such a simple application, it costs just under $17. Safari, which came with your Mac, includes a great bookmark and web archive feature that allows you to use a cover flow feature to scan through webpages. This can be especially useful if you don’t remember what the page was about, but remembered it has a red sidebar.



Delicious.com also includes it’s own bookmarklet, which allows you to post the webpage you are currently on, to your Delicious account. While free, it doesn’t include the built in search functionality from anywhere inside your Mac, and once you click the link, it will take you to your Delicious webpage, which may not be helpful when you are in the middle of a particular article.


While I never thought I’d start bookmarking sites again, Pukka has really changed the way I browse. Now nearly every site that I find mildly interesting becomes added to my bookmark collection. The only downside is those bookmarks do not transfer over to my iPhone, so I’ll need to find an app for handling my Delicious account.

With Pukka’s 14 day free trial, I would encourage you to give it a try, and let me know if it started to change the way you surf the web.


Add Yours
  • Xmarks (formerly Foxmarks) is my choice.

  • I don’t know why I would pay for something like this when I can just use the (free) Delicious add-on in FF?! Maybe I’m missing the point lol

  • I’m currently using a trial of Pukka and the reason why I find it very useful (for a Safari user at least) is because you can search your delicious bookmarks directly from the menubar.

    Bookmarking wise, I still find the DeliciousSafari plugin (http://delicioussafari.com/) more useful than Pukka’s as it automatically suggests tags for the link i’m about to bookmark, all i need to do is click the tags i want to add to that bookmark and i’m done.

  • While I support what Pukka is trying to do, I’ve not found that it adds more value than the Delicious Bookmarklet.

    What WOULD make me part with my money in a heartbeat is something that would sync Safari bookmarks to Delicious (allowing all the advantages of having both local copies in Safari and synced on Delicious for remote use). (Note: DeliciousSafari does not currently do this — it simply adds a menubar item without syncing).

  • Tags is a pretty good del.icio.us “client” for the iPhone:

    It’s not free, but the interface is pretty sweet.

    • Did you manage to get Tags working? It keeps crashing to me :(

  • Or, you could use something that doesn’t involve local storage.


    Gives you access to all of those features and more through an online application you can access from anywhere.

    Seems like a much more viable solution.

  • I’m using Xmarks for temporary use
    and netvibes for every day use
    so I m not sure of finding any utility in this software, plus I m working on pc too :(
    and Pukka is not available for Windows

  • Pukka helped ease my Firefox to Safari transition. Works as advertised and built-in search is fantastic!

  • Have a look at the new Delibar: http://www.delibarapp.com/ It’s in beta at the moment, but, in my opinion, it destroys Pukka.

    • Glad I clicked on your link, original Delibar looks pretty weak compared to this. Looks like a very nice update.

    • I do think that Delibar’s interface is a lot more refined and “delicious” compared to Pukka, can’t wait to see if it preforms as well as it looks!

  • This is a nice app but it needs a suggested tags feature then i would buy it. Maybe a tag manager like Cocoalicious too. I still may buy but there are too many free alternatives with more features.

  • I bought Pukka at a discount through MacUpdate Promo and I was initially very impressed with the auto-filling and the quick way to add links to one of several Deliciosu accounts without logging in.

    To be honest, I still am impressed with it, but the short-cut (perhaps the most useful feature) stopped working. I’ve added a message or two on the forum but no reply notifications and am to busy to go check, so it’s still not fixed, though they do respond – usually within a few days.

    I wonder if Code Sorcery are getting the RSS feed of these comments