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  • It’ll be good to have links and price. Good list btw.

  • Link to the products you’re reviewing! D:

  • Links have now been added!

  • $25.00 for Today? rip off, it’s at most a $10 app.

  • I “extend” iCal with the QuickCal Dashboard widget, it’s very useful to me.

  • Does Spanning Sync do anything extra that you can’t already do by adding your Google account in iCal/Address Book?

  • Geektool is fun with extending ical.

  • Is the DateLine based on Geektool?

  • Hi All,
    You can get $5 off the price of SpanningSync using the following code:

  • I heart iCal even more. If there was a way of syncing Gmail/Gcal To-Dos with iCal, I’d be all over that. Any Mac devs out there listening? :D

  • iSlayer (same guys who make iStat) have a free dashboard widget that does everything Today does, and it looks just as slick as the rest of their software. I use it constantly:

  • BusyCal is a great piece of software! If you use iCal and travel or need sync with Google and calendar sharing, this is a good solution. You can add notes, url links, time zones, and more to calendar entries. Rock solid, very reliable, good support and a beautiful interface. One of my favorite apps!

  • Is there an iCal utility or way to export events and the notes inside NOT as an .ics file?

  • Anxiety was a great app, but it has some issues under 10.6, and regretfully the developer is totally unresponsive. An almost identical app is Remember (, which works perfectly under Snow Leopard.

    • ALMOST identical… but Remember also includes the ability to create folders and sub-tasks. Much better than Anxiety in my opinion. It’s also free. :)

    • Hm… But Remember doesn’t sync with iCal doesn’t it?!?
      That is imho the main feature of Anxiety. If Remember could sync with iCal, it would be the super-killer-app!

  • I’ve been using busycal for a while and find it great over the network and my iphone, means no excuses we all know what’s going on

  • I use Today and have been experimenting a bit with GeekTool. Basically I would like an app that could pick certain events from a ical calendar and display reminders on my desktop like:
    6 days until …
    12 days until …
    15 days until …
    18 days until …
    etc., etc.

    I feel that having constant reminders of how soon some of my work/deadlines are due would help me keep on top of things and stay focused. I know you can do this in GeekTool but as far as I can tell you have to reprogram everything to add/remove each item you want displaying (or have I missed something?).

    Anyone know a good way of doing this easily in geektool or an app that does it?


  • I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned iDeskCal, which puts your events and to-dos in iCal on your desktop (at desktop level, behind your items and folders. It is extremely stable and is very customizable (not to mention looks VERY good). Do a search on iDeskCal.

  • I like DoBeDo much better than Today.

  • I would love to know if there is a calendar out there that can display an 8-day weekly calendar with specific hours.

    Such as Friday to Friday. I need this for a sign up sheet for athletic events which I post every Friday morning and replace the previous weeks calendar. Thanks so much.

  • I’d replace DateLine and Today with Blotter ( It’s far more stylish and useful.