Producteev For Mac: The Ultimate Free Task Management Solution?

Producteev has long been one of my favorite web-based task management solutions. Before Producteev, there were fully-featured GTD solutions and there were free solutions, and the two almost never overlapped.

Then Producteev came along providing free web and iPhone apps, automatic task syncing, multiple workspaces, due dates, labels, and a lot more. The one thing that it has always lacked is a native Mac app. That problem was remedied earlier this week. Let’s take a look.

A Team that Listens

Before I jump into the review I want to say that Producteev won me over not simply because of the software, but because of the people behind the software.

They have the strangest habits that I’ve ever seen in an app team. In the early days of Producteev, I would send them a tweet to tell them about a bug… and they would actually respond. Further, within 24 hours, they usually let me know that they had fixed the problem.

The same goes for feature requests, when Producteev first launched there was no support for recurring tasks, users said it was important and the Producteev team made it a top priority to get it implemented.

It’s incredibly refreshing to see a developer take an active interest in the concerns of an app’s user base. You would be surprised at how truly rare this is.

Producteev for Mac

Producteev for Mac brings all your favorite web features to a slick desktop environment. Everything you do here will automatically sync to both the web and iPhone versions. Perfectly synced task management is a beautiful thing.

One thing that I really like about the Producteev Mac app is that it doesn’t seek to emulate every other task management app out there. The interface does use a familiar column layout, but it manages to look and feel completely unique.


Producteev for Mac

As you can see, it’s a nice mix between light and dark areas, the contrast makes for a really sharp interface that fits perfectly into your Mac environment. It’s all quite intuitive and can be picked up in an instant, but let’s take a closer look to see how it works.

Sidebar and Task Column

As you would expect, the sidebar holds your various lists and sections, but the system is a bit different from what you may be used to in other apps.

By default, you’ll see a list of filters and labels. The filters include all your tasks, your inbox and special groups of tasks like starred and hot. You star items manually but “hot” items are those with a due date coming up.


Producteev Sidebar and Main Area

As you can see, next to the sidebar is a column holding all of your tasks within the current filter and workspace. There are large buttons for checking off a task, starring it or assigning it to someone.

The little “+” icon under the task name allows you to quicky add labels and the little clock icon on the right lets you add in a due date.


Assigning Labels


Setting a due date


Where some apps have separate task lists, Producteev has “Workspaces,” the idea is basically the same and just gives you an easy way to keep your projects separated.

To change Workspaces, you simply click on the the name of your Workspace near your avatar at the top left of the screen. This turns the sidebar into a list of your Workspaces, just click on one to activate it.


Changing Workspaces

The “Overview” Workspace will allow you to view all of tour tasks from every Workspace in one unified list, sortable by due date, last updated, etc. You can add new Workspaces (and labels) via the “+” icon at the very bottom left of the app window.

New Tasks and Notifications

Clicking the little pencil icon at the top of the screen will bring up the new task window (there’s a menu bar shortcut for this as well). This little guy is wonderfully designed. Right off the bat you see only what you need to create the task but you can quickly access the controls for adding any additional information that you want: due dates, labels, etc.


Adding a new task

The little globe icon brings up the notifications panel. This is mainly used for collaboration: the free plan allows for two users, the premium ($220/year) and platinum ($330/year) plans allow for unlimited users.



Task Info

When you select a task, all the related details show up in the task info column on the far right, which is collapsible and can be hidden at any time.


Task Info

Producteev is a remarkably powerful task management solution and keeps a ton of info for each and every task in your Workspaces. Here you can not only track basic info like labels and due dates, but historical information such as comments and notifications as well.

How Is It?

Producteev is one of those products that I continually think is too good to be free, and the Mac App falls right in line with this theory. It’s attractive, highly usable and gives you complete freedom to run your entire Producteev account instead of forcing you to open the web app for more advanced actions.

For users who have tried simpler apps like Wunderlist but need a little more power behind their task management solution, Producteev is the way to go. It really has tons of muscle and certainly can’t be accused of lacking in the features department.

The one thing that I miss in the desktop app that I enjoy in the web app is the calendar view. For whatever reason, it’s quite hard to find a task manager with a calendar view and that’s one thing that helps Producteev stand out. I’d love to see it implemented on the Mac app as well.


To sum up, Producteev is a fantastic task and project management solution and the Mac app is a worthy addition to the family. Whether you just want a simple and free task list or you’re looking for a high quality, professional solution to manage projects across large teams of people, Producteev has you covered.

Check out the free Producteev web app, iPhone app and Mac app today and let us know what you think!


The awesome Producteev web service has finally made the jump to the Mac. It's beautiful, functional and free! What's not to love?



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  • I have been using the web app for a while, and was in the beta for the Mac app, I really like it except I am getting constant failures, works for a while then window will stop responding, have to force quit, then never restarts just opens the quits I have to delete its plist everytime :(

    • Yes it happens to me too. Have you tried You should try the beta version.

    • Ryan, I believe we’re already in touch with you about this bug, and it’s fixed in the next release

      • Hey IIan,

        Actually nobody is in touch with me lol. I had sent in my info way back int he beta and it was received but never heard any updates on it. Glad to know it will be fixed though, any idea on timeline?

  • I tried it already but not happy with it. I’m glad I found I can’t believe it’s free! There is a Beta Version of it and you should try it.

  • Wow, this app looks seriously awesome! I just purchased The Hit List for iPhone and Mac and also got a sync subscription. I’m almost afraid to give Producteev a spin for fear of liking it.. :-/

    • Ashraf, check us (Producteev) out! I think you’ll start to love it soon! =) We’re fast, simple, collaborative, and instantly sync (we have clients for web, OS X, iOS, Android, Blackberry, as well as integrate with Outlook, Google Calendar, Google Apps, and Google Tasks, among many more). Best of all we’re free for personal use and teams of two people!

      Give Producteev a spin and let us know your impressions!

  • I tried it out for a bit… it doesn’t seem to be a “truly” native Mac app. Or it could just be the feel of it… but it feels like some kind of layer of an app built into a native app.

    The overall feel of the app is slow. Window resizing is not native. Animations are slow and gittery. The whole advantage of a “native app” is that it can be quick & snappy, simple and familiar (like other native apps)…. things that a web app often struggles to be able to replicate. This doesn’t seem to meet that goal.

    • Hi Drew,
      The app is as native as it can be, everything you see use native Mac elements. We’ve rarely had beta users reporting slowness, but we had a big launch, and the app was a little less responsive at times, now it’s back to normal.
      Feel free to give me any specific feedback you’d have to improve the next releases though!

  • another app based on monthly subscription like kickoff app.
    no way. avoid it.

    • It’s free if you don’t need to share your lists with other people?

      • Indeed Matt, thanks. It’s even free if you share you lists with one other person

  • For me, Producteev is the best! =D

    • Thanks Tiago!

  • Josh, thanks a lot for the fantastic post, really happy you like it that much, we spent a lot of energy on it!

    • Why doesn’t it sync between the mac & ipad2?

  • How about full Lion compatibility. When is a new version for Mac coming out? Switching from wunderlist and liking it so far.

    • Thanks Bojan. What Lion specific features would you like to see?

      • Well, not much actually, just the easy usual – all around resizing and full screen. It’s pretty slick on the Mac – the only drawback in comparison with Wunderlist is actually a lack of a dedicated app for iPad (at least for my needs).

        Wish you the best for future releases which I will certainly be following.

  • Forgot… Any plans for an iPad app?

    • Yes definitely. In the meantime we’ve just launched a super fast mobile web app. Just go to from your iPad!

  • If this app works well, this can be a game changer. Downloading now…

  • We currently use 37 Signals Product suite and we are finding it to be disjointed. I like what I see here, however there doesn’t appear to be a place for contacts as in client contact files for the various projects we area working on. Am I missing something here?

  • I assume the developers are not interesting in capturing former OmniFocus or Things users as there is no way we can import our tasks. Nor can we create subtasks or hierarchical project list. Pity.

  • I’m impressed! Thanks!

  • I am a omnifocus user, but the lack of collaboration in OF sucks so much I went out and paid for a team membership on producteev. It’s slick, the web app is awesome, but at the end of the day, I really missed the os level integration of OF with mail and files. I am hoping this app fixes that. But, two issues I have with this app, first being sub tasks, second being pricing for workspaces. Pricing is not unlimited, it’s unlimited users per workspace, this sucks big time. Basically I wanted a workspace per project where clients could login and see the task, I basically have to purchase another version of the subscription. Likewise I planned on having workspaces for work and personal, and a projects one for unrelated stuff. I was at 3 unlimited subscriptions at like 1000 per year. It’s too expensive based on that model. My pricing in this is not exact, I am basing this off the 330 number shared above. There are discounts, but still I want unlimited workspaces.
    … And sub tasks :-)

    Next to OF this is the best product out there, for a price.

  • Adoring the desktop app. I don’t have any collaboration needs, so I’m loving how free it is.

    I’m eagerly waiting for an Android App that can match the desktop app. I saw a few apps in the marketplace that works with Producteev, but I’m not impressed by any of them.

  • Is there any todo app that will show more than 1 line of todo text in the main view?

  • Really great app. My Things were left unused.

  • – can only assign tasks to one person at a time
    — they have been working on this for about a year now
    – anybody can ‘complete’ a task
    – anybody can delete a task (only the creator should be allowed)
    – i got four notifications today for the same post via email
    – i’ve unsubscribed to notifications yet they keep coming
    – there are times when the server is clearly having hiccups

    It’s beautiful, but it needs more time.

  • Great app only thing that I would like is the option to get notifications/badges for due tasks (instead of email reminders) as an option since I will not use the collaborating feature and therefore could find better uses for the notifications.

  • It has definite possibilities. Clear you have given it a lot of thought and time invested. Wishing you success.

  • Downloaded it, but was kind of skeptical at first. Then finally put about 45 tasks in it. Meanwhile i downloaded the iPhone app and logged into my account.

    I also entered a few bogus tasks to see if the syncing worked as i expect it to. First of all i have to press a Sync button for a manual sync, otherwise it will only automatically update once every 5 minutes. Right…..

    Then i noticed that when i mark a task “completed” it will not show up once i click the “Completed” label (not in Overview or the Workspace that it belongs to). So i checked my iPhone. Took me a while to figure out that it has a “pull-to-update” function. But my completed tasks never showed up.

    Went back to the mac app, unchecked a completed task and noticed that without pressing the manual sync button that it actually does sync rightaway, but apparently only to the server… not from the server. Tasks start completing, uncompleting, disappearing and re-appearing randomly for the next 15 minutes.

    I constantly had my browser pointed to for the webversion of the todolist. It had a completely different list of completed tasks than the mac app… very weird. Then the “Beaverdam got clogged” and the webversion was unreachable. I immediately checked the mac app, synching was busted. So was the iPhone version.

    At this point not only i think it’s safe to say that the Producteev app was rushed out, unsufficiently tested and QA must’ve been asleep. The webapp works a LOT better than the native app. Manual sync is just unacceptable, even if it actually worked and didn’t corrupt the list one task at a time. Plus i want access to my list at ALL times, even when for whatever reason i can’t connect to their server.

    The things i like about the Mac app however are its design, being able to give tasks anywhere from 1 – 5 stars (which i presume is for prioritizing) and being able to post message to either keep track of what’s going on with a task or to collaborate with colleagues.

    Sadly… i must continue my search for a decent todo list app though, this app has a lot of potential but is simply too unreliable for my liking.

  • “Whether you just want a simple and free task list or you’re looking for a high quality, professional solution to manage projects across large teams of people, Producteev has you covered.” I think lots of assistants my get fired for the smart of the app :P Anyway, human beings need be progressed.

  • I’m thinking of switching from “Things” but wish there was an app for iPad and a way to migrate tasks from Things to Producteev. Any plans for these?

  • From all of the reviews that I’ve read on Producteev it seems like it may include most of the features I’m looking for. I’m currently using 3 programs to manage my workflow + billing for my company and personal life. Things – I use following GTD methodology – its great but no collab, no time tracking , TeamworkPM – for collaborative projects amongst my team, to assign each other tasks, check progress, time tasks and finally import to Harvest to bill the client and track invoices. I would would really love to cut at least one of these apps out of the process or better yet have it all rolled into one solution. Is that too much to ask for? looking forward to hearing some feedback and suggestions! :-)

  • Great app! i recommend for teamwork, i use it for website creation and development projects.

    (sorry for my bad english)

    Guys, seriously, I don’t think you have made a true overview of your market.

    You DO know that you have the potential to kick facebooks ass?

    Know why? Take me for instance, and all my 28 people I work with today within Amnesty and the 10 people in the LongboardSweden association.
    – All of us, never use facebook as a social media anymore (well sometime you check in), but we are ALL STUCK to it because we can make a great use of it’s other stuff.

    We can workinggroups, eventgroups, projectgroups, gatheringgroups etc. Within this group we are able to chat, upload info, upload pictures etc. Just like in your App, however, yours alittle better then Facebook at the moment.

    I think you should reconsider the billing-plan you have. Sure you want money, but are you really sure you are doing it right?
    I would say, Make it Free for everyone to use, and you will get students, workers, project managers and all kinds of people! Try get your money elsewhere.

    Just some thoughts. =)

  • Check out – the most comprehensive collaboration thing on the Interweb including ‘make your own apps’

  • excellent blog post, i certainly love this amazing site, keep on it.

  • I actually have pretty severe OCD, so you can imagine how difficult it is to find any app that is up to my own organizational standards as well as low frustration, easy interface, and less error/bugs etc. Even more of a challenge, finding one that syncs between Mac and iPhone fully and easily. Producteev is beyond amazing. I have yet to find (even very expensive) list and to-do apps that works so well like this one. Of course, its not 100% perfect for every user, but it has many wonderful features. I love the simple interface, theres support for recurring tasks (though i’d like to see a “custom” repeat interval-like iCal has, for even more flexibility in planning), its got labels (and its great you can put more than one label per task), you can sort lists by many different things, the filters are handy (it would be even better if you could select multiple filters at once-i.e. Label A AND Label B, or Label A and Completed, etc.). The subtask part is really great and so is the attach notes and whatnot feature. I like that it also has priority choices AND they show a number with an associated color for quick reference. I love using multiple workspaces for different lists (Primary To-Do, and I also even have my DVD release dates on one and my medication refill dates and info on another, and a few others. One improvement might be to allow editing of the label colors so I can make everything consistent and easy to identify. But overall, you can’t beat this app for this purpose. I don’t take advantage of sharing mine with others, but its nice to know I can if I need to someday. and one major selling point…its FREE! so try it out, if you don’t like it after all, its no big deal to simply delete it and move on with no loss to you. I recommend this one big time!

  • I’ve started using Producteev this year (must say the mac app doesn’t look as clean as these acreenshots anymore) and immediately I loved it, but I eventually stopped using it because as it stands I have absolutely no use for a task manager that doesn’t have a calendar view. Why in heaven’s name is it so hard to have a task manager with calendar view? I haven’t been able to find a single one for Mac OS yet.

  • I like the app but a 2 day reminder just does not work for me. I could not find anything that lets me setup a custom reminder that is more than 2 days before the task.