Berokyo: Your Personal Bookshelf

Even with Finder’s Cover Flow view option, organizing your applications, files and creating smart collections isn’t the easiest thing to do. However, with an application called Berokyo this can be done in a simple and stylish way.

Berokyo lets you add files, smart collections and applications into “cabinets”. Along with providing a way to organize your desktop, it allows you to quickly launch your applications, open documents, and personalize each “cabinet” to your liking.

Getting Started

Once you download and install Berokyo, which is also available for Windows, you can add a cabinet. Simply control your cabinets from the menu bar applet.

Menu Bar

Menu Bar

Once you have created your first cabinet, you can right click on the background to add documents, folders and applications. Berokyo will organize your files and give you a beautiful way to scroll through them.


Scrolling Through Files


Berokyo allows you to add dividers and provides different methods for categorizing each section. This way, you can have several different types of files (pictures, music and applications for instance) all in one cabinet.



To add a category, simply right click and select Add Category & Items.

Adding a Category

Adding a Category


You can personalize your cabinet by choosing a variety of different colors, patterns and other tweaks. In the Personalization section you can even create your own styles and save them for later.


Personalize Berokyo

Quick Search

One of the biggest benefits of this application is the ability to quickly search through your cabinets. A global “Quick Search” is set up with a handy shortcut command and provides a somewhat useful way to grab a file that you loaded into a cabinet.



Daily Use

Despite all the visual eye candy, I found Berokyo to be fairly useless for the price when you compare it to the Finder. It is simply providing another way to look at icons and small versions of the documents that you have worked on. Although it allows for heavy customization, the options that are available are cheesy and don’t really help make Berokyo (a strange name at that) any easier to use. It took me far too long to set up a cabinet that offered a great deal of use and, at the end, I would find it a lot easier simply to use saved searches in the Finder.

The “Quick Search” was not nearly as handy as Spotlight or other fast application and document launchers. Berokyo seems to try to be an organizational tool but simply clutters up my desktop. It takes too long to find anything stored away and simply wasn’t worth the trouble.


I wanted to find Berokyo to be the organizational software I was looking for, but it just didn’t fit my routine. I found it perfectly useful for showing off my icons, but then again, isn’t that what Cover Flow was built to do? For nearly $20, I would prefer to spend my money on something else to help me keep organized, like Yojimbo, Shovebox or Together.

Please feel free to let me know if I totally missed the boat with Berokyo, and by all means leave a comment with your favorite desktop organizational software!


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  • I installed and tryed to use it two weeks ago. It didnt fit for me too. I also think the price is too high… great review :)

  • If one didn’t read this review all the way to the bottom, one would think that you loved this app and couldn’t live with out it. Try and be a bit more consistent in the tone of your review. It appears as if you started the review as you were installing the app, continued to write it as you went through the app, and then added a conclusion after you used it a few days. If that is how you best write, fine. But please go back over your writing and check before you post a review.

  • Hmmm, I don’t agree with this review at all. It’s true that the price could be around $10 or so, but it really helped me organize my stuff in several cabinets which I keep docked to my screen edges and I call them whenever I need them. Then, using the built-in incremental find I can visually search for items with just a few keystrokes. The thumbs for images and webpages are very nice too.

    Finally, you didn’t mention the feature that lets you quickly search the web using your favorite search provider without having Safari or Firefox always opened.

    I just recommend users to give it a try!

  • mmm I continue to use Overflow for manage my apps

  • I appreciate the 4 star review, didn’t see a thing wrong with the tone. I think you’ve got to be careful with the spacing of these less than enthusiastic reviews because there is a problem with readers feeling like they’ve wasted your time reading about something that wasn’t worth reading about.
    But if all you post are 8’s and 10’s, you’re either going to run out of good apps to write about or become one of those sites where every app is just awesome as can be.
    This is one of my must reads. Keep up the good work.

  • I think you should consider not showing iSerial in your screenshot. Promoting piracy on a blog about applications is a little sad, don’t you think?

    • Everyone download torrents and use pirate apps.. thats not a secret. don’t be hipocrite damn it! we buy we steal, thats like saying no one surf the net looking for porn. people please. iSerial is great if you don’t like it don’t use it. but I think all of you are a bunch of clowns because all of you knew the app right away. if you know what it is you’ve used it.

    • Everyone download torrents and use pirate apps.. thats not a secret. don’t be hipocrite damn it! we buy we steal, thats like saying no one surf the net looking for porn. people please. iSerial is great if you don’t like it don’t use it. but I think all of you are a bunch of clowns because all of you knew the app right away. if you know what it is you’ve used it.

    • [email protected] i know what serial is and i didn’t noticed the skull icon while scrolling thru the review. but you did. i suppose you are used to see it quite often. while opening your application folder. huh ?

  • You’re a mac-apps weblog. So, I don’t think it’s smart to be showing an app infamous for promoting mass-piracy. It’s just a tip.

  • Just 4 out of 10 ? That’s not fair! I would give it 7 out of 10. I took a look at Berokyo and the product is very nice and for me it is useful.

    Besides, it’s just v1.0 and the developers are planning many improvements for the new version. How did I now that? Well, I visited their Google Moderator page at:
    The link is in the product homepage :-)

  • Considering the features Berkoyo provides it seems to be just a basic build up from what we already use.To justify the market price Berkoyo carries it has to include some features which are only the first introductions of Berkoyo.Why would people go for it otherwise?

  • Uhm, when I was a broke, new mac user. iSerial reader helped me use the tools that I need for my job as a web developer and designer.
    Tools that I couldn’t afford when I was a newbie, but today I’ve purchased the same apps I pirated, multiple times.
    I’ve purchased both Coda and Espresso for example, since I used them so much thanks to piracy.
    But there aren’t many that do like me. Too many people don’t recognize how much effort it goes into writing and creating software. You shouldn’t be “promoting” that kind of practice by showing iSerial reader on your screenshots.
    No one can tell you what apps to have installed or not on your Mac, but you got an responsibility when you write for respected blogs like this as you can damage the income of many developers by depicting that app.

    I hope you remove it.

    Other than that, good review.

    • Sorry! Didn’t release I still had it installed, as my only use for it was the return the old defunct VisualHub back into working order when I lost my license. That’s the only case that I see it as a piece of necessary software. Beyond that, I’ve always supported developers, and my bank account can attest to it! :) We are certainly not promoting the software by any means.

      • Then could the screenshot be replaced, or edited? xD

      • I’ll see what I can do… however I don’t have control once the article is submitted. :)

      • You could always give David a new screenshot and tell him to replace the existing one, Quintin, :).

    • yea, sure. you bough them all. suddenly, after years of NOT paying you decided you didn’t need cash so you bought them? please, people, where are you coming from?

      • 1 more thing.
        if u’re broke, you can’t afford some apps. but the most important thing, when you are broke, you can’t afford A MAC in the first place. last time i checked it wasn’t exactly the cheapest computer on the market.

  • It is a cool app that I used through trial but it just didn’t fit my routine or workflow very well. For a much lower price I might be more willing to give it a shot but at 20$ it just doesn’t seem right for me.