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  • Delaying app launch can help avoiding spinning beachballs of death. At least in my case… I’m guessing that would be less of a problem with more RAM (my old MacBook only has 2 GB, so I guess with the new MacBook Airs and Pro’s the problem wouldn’t be there).

    I created my own applescript which:
    1. Asks if I have internet or not (if I don’t, I have excluded several apps because they need internet in the first place)
    2. for both situations (internet – no internet) it asks whether I want to let it launch everything automatically, whether I want to confirm every app launch, or if it should launch those few apps I decided to be “essential” and that I would launch every time.
    3. it launches apps 1 at the time, with 5 second delays between each launch.

    Oh and all of this goes automatically. If I don’t respond to the script, it assumes I have internet, and it assumes I want everything launched automatically.

  • I use applescript to control my startup items. The script arranges the menubar items so that all the apps are in the same place on every startup. This too is the only thing in the login items list. Mind you it is not as controllable (weekday/weekend etc) Startupizer, but it doesn’t cost $6,99 either:

    tell application “Flux” to launch
    delay 0.1
    tell application “CoverSutra” to launch
    delay 0.1
    tell application “Cobook” to launch
    delay 0.1
    tell application “unDock” to launch
    delay 0.1
    tell application “Growl” to launch
    delay 0.1
    tell application “AppCleaner Helper” to launch

    Add your apps, save the script and put it to your login items. Remove all other entries in the login items list.

  • another wrongly priced app. can be useful but no thanks

  • Personally I prefer Sidekick as you has the possibility to define locations and e.g switch printers suited to the locaton or start your business applications when you are at the office and private applications when loggin in at home. Same with network shares etc.

  • Two more FREE apps that do this:

    Of course, you can do all of this with AppleScript or Automator, but the freebie apps make it easier.

  • I have the Mac OS log-in items handle some basic items that I always need (like my font manager, BetterTouchTool for my mouse, etc.), and the rest are in an Automator workflow that asks if I want to load everything, giving me the option to load or cancel.

    It’s much more convenient than having everything load every time I log in; I don’t have to wait for Twitter to load just to quit it and run a utility that ends with another restart anyway.

    I can’t imagine ever using something so involved as Startupizer. As the review asks, how often do you really log in to your machine? It might be useful if it was triggered on waking from sleep, but even then… I would probably just make another Automator workflow that could be triggered instead!