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  • I was looking for something like this over the weekend and came across Subler. It’s still very much a work in progress in my opinion, but on the right track. The interface is not yet as slick as a fully-fledged app (the reviewer calls it no frills, I call it an ill-thought out mess), and the lack of batching is for me at least a major drawback. However once it’s got good potential once it’s fully developed.

    Another option is iFlicks which is far slicker and does batching, however seems to hog a lot of inactive RAM and then doesn’t release it, and doesn’t allow for concurrent processing. It’s also $20, but with a 14 day fully functional trial.

    There are pluses and minuses for the two, but as you can try both for free there’s no harm in having a play and seeing which if either is the best fit for your workflow.

    • … but one big iFlicks drawback (at least for me) is, it only lets you save mov-files, NO mp4-files (for mp4 you have to change the container-format with another software)

      • Doesn’t that depend on the original file? IIRC, if you use the “iTunes compatible” preset, any original file with h.264 content will result in an M4V file. Or you can use the “allow muxing of Mpeg-4 visual tracks option”

        Not 100% sure of this without having the app in front of me, but worth a look.

  • This was exactly what I was searching for. Unfortunately it crashes when I want to ad an Artwork.

    What I don’t quite understand, is how I save the metadata after I retrieved it from the web?

    • Oh I just have to hit CMD + S. Didn’t expect that

  • Does anyone have a recommendation for a good metadata editor for audio? Subler or perhaps iFlicks seems good for video, but I haven’t found anything for audio files…

    • Jaikoz

  • I find that iDentify App is fantastic for tagging files. Subler is great and is very handy at times. But for multiple files, you can’t beat iDentify.

  • Quick question regarding the CNID. i have some shows tagged already and the CNID doesn’t match the one in iTunes. When you tag with Subler does it end up with the same CNID?


    • I’m not in front of subler right now, but I’m in doubt about it. However the number itself is not important, choose whatever number you want, it just need to be unique for each movie/TV show.

  • I am a former MetaX user. As a result of this excellent post, I’ve moved to Subler and love the lookups and tag data. I’m having one major issue for which I can’t seem to find a solution.

    TJ talks about how slow MetaX is for saving tag data, as it re-writes the entire file. I agree. He then raves about how quick Subler is – “Saving tags to a file in Subler on the other hand is nearly instantaneous.” I am not having the same result at all and I’m not sure what I am doing differently.

    I am working with large files (average 8-10GB) created in 1080P with Handbrake for my Apple TV and iPad (both 3rd gen). Writing the tags takes a loooooong time (approx 30 minutes per movie). I can’t seem to find a way to update the tags directly on the existing file. I have to write the tagged file to a different directory or filename.

    A straight file copy of the 10GB file takes less than 5 minutes. This has me concerned that Subler is also doing something to the format of the Handbrake files which I have tested extensively for compatibility and quality.

    Am I doing something wrong? I have many files to finish encoding and tagging, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • just started using Subler yesterday and have the exact same problem with write speed. Handbraked movies with “Apple TV 3” settings, import to itunes, then load into Subler for tagging. Writing from the queued up files takes way more than 30 minutes. This seems at odds with comments I saw this morning of a review of Subler against another app that claims Subler writes in a matter of seconds!!!

    Anything I should know about the set-up of Subler?

  • I got a little further.
    I turned off the (usually) two ticked items when loading an iTunes file into Subler (vid & audio) – these actions caused new windows to show, but then I simply searched for tags & art, then added to the queue and started the write.

    Good news – it took a lot less time, but still, a few minutes.
    Bad news – once finished, Subler stopped (with the usual pop-up “your application stopped unexpectedly, do you want to …”)
    Bad news – I could not queue multiple jobs as Subler stopped unexpectedly after first job.

    Still looking for the set-up that lets Subler update tags in “a few seconds”.

    • Finaly read the blurb at top of this site and discovered the simple CMD+S to write tags. I have been ripping DVDs for new Apple TV 3 so performed multiple tasks simultaeously – Handbrake ripping (Apple TV3 setting), importing previous rips into iTunes, updating tags with Subler, settting imported TV shows to “TV” not “Movie”. In combination, this was loading up CPU effort, so Subler was taking it’s time (a) loading the selected iTunes file and (b) writing back iTunes tags – the search was very fast for both tags & artwork. Write time varied between 1.5 mins to about 4 mins.

      Tried Subler load and write without any ripping or imports and both were well below 20 secs. Nice.

      Happily, this weekend’s effort means nearly all done – bulk of DVD collection done. so now down to incremental work.

      Subler works very well (although, with no real user docs, it took a little time to work it all, hence 3 posts here), and I don’t see need for batch, as I want to see each search before writing tags to iTunes. I don’t feel the need to look to other, similar apps.

      I owe the Subler team some money.