7 Invoicing Apps for OS X

Sending invoices is a vital task if you ever expect to make any money as a contractor or freelancer. Fortunately, numerous invoicing applications on OS X can turn this mundane task into a streamlined and efficient process – often also creating great looking invoices.

Today we’ll be taking a look at 7 examples of invoicing software for the Mac, ranging from very simple tools such as Involer through to a more complicated SaaS packages. Most applications come with a small cost, but ultimately could save you money by making sure all of your invoices are managed properly and accounted for.




It might be alternatively be worth considering a web-based invoicing solution, such as FreshBooks. This powerful cloud software is designed to help save you time, get paid faster, and look more professional. FreshBooks allows you to create and track invoices and recurring subscriptions from one place.

FreshBooks even has tools for managing contractors. You can invite contractors to join your team then track time on projects and deliver invoices all from the same place.

Price: From $9.99 per month
Developer: FreshBooks

Requires: Browser-based




Invoy prides itself on simplicity, albeit with a few more advanced features. It can create different types of document (cash sales, credit memos etc), supports exporting of data to Excel or Numbers, and can also integrate with the OS X Address Book.

The interface is impressive, and Invoy is certainly an application I would recommend giving a try. A 15-day trial is available.

Price: $35
Developer: Empty Factory
Requires: Mac OS X 10.4.9 and higher

Express Invoice

Express Invoice

Express Invoice

A relatively simple application, Express Invoice allows you to create basic invoices, quotes and orders, manage recurring billing, and automatically send statements to customers with overdue payments.

Support for adjusting the look-and-feel of invoices is fairly basic, but the application does have an in-built email system for quickly sending documents out to a client.

Price: $99
Developer: NCH Software
Requires: Mac OS X 10.2

Billings Pro

Billings Pro begins the move towards more powerful invoicing applications with functionality such as time tracking, recurring invoices, advanced reporting and one-click sending of invoices.

You can even bring up a Google Map of a client’s address so you know where to find them. Billings Pro is a great option for those of you with many clients and more demanding invoice needs.

Price: From $5 per month
Developer: Marketcircle
Requires: OS X 10.4.11 or greater

ProfitTrain logo



ProfitTrain (previously known as Billable) helps you keep track of the billable services you perform for a client and invoice them appropriately. It has flexible support for international taxes, integrated time tracking, and customize invoices via a HTML template.

When it comes to sending invoices out, it just takes one click to generate a pre-addressed email with a PDF invoice attached. Easy!

Price: $49.99
Developer: RazorAnt
Requires: Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later

ZohoBooks logo

Zoho Books

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is another cloud-based invoicing app. Aimed at freelancers and small business owners, Zoho Books is perfect for those who don’t have a financial or technical background, since the user interface is so slick and easy to use.

The software allows you to customize your invoices to include discounts, adds shipping costs, include sales staff names for commission purposes, and more.

Price: From $24 per month
Developer: Zoho
Requires: Browser-based

On The Job

On The Job

On The Job

On The Job has a lot of power under the hood but remains a very easy-to-use application. In addition to invoicing, it can handle time tracking and expenses. Invoices are very easy to customize through an innovative template editor.

Quotes or time-sheets are also easy to put together, and On The Job has no problem handling multiple currencies for different clients.

Price: $39.95
Developer: Stunt Software
Requires: Requires OS X 10.5


Whether your needs are remarkably simple or incredibly complex, there should be a billing and invoicing Mac application perfectly suited for you. It may also be worth considering a web based-application for added mobility and ease-of-use.

Which invoicing application do you use? I’d be interested to hear of any other alternatives on the market.

Update: This post was updated on May 27th 2015. The original article was posted on September 3rd 2009.


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  • Thanks for this. I’ve been looking at Billings, FreshBooks and Invoice Machine but I’ll have to check out the other ones you mentioned aswell.

    Ideally I’d like one that can store my clients information such as contact details and passwords aswell. Do any of these do this?

    • I’ve been using On the Job since last November, and it has improved my freelancing life by leaps and bounds. With OTJ you can store a custom image to represent each client (I use their logos), and their contact info syncs up with Address Book. I haven’t found an area to store passwords or similar sensitive information, but in general I have found OTJ to be very useful.

      I have heard that Billings is soon going to add an iPhone app, which I do wish OTJ would develop.

      • I use InvoiceOn, great app and fantastic support from the devs.
        You can include a payment link in your invoice.


    • I like but don’t love Billings. I tried iBiz and OTJ breifly but preferred Billings method of time tracking slips.

      For storing client passwords nothing touches 1Password from Agile Web Solutions. It’s HEAVEN to go to a site and then pick from a drop down list which user/pass combo I want to login as.

      • Lastpass is probably one of the best and has the additional ability to automatically log into a account when you go to the page, something 1password doesn’t appear to have. It’s still a must have app though.

  • I use Grand Total (http://www.grandtotal.biz/GrandTotal/) and I find that to be the best. I don’t use time tracking, I bill by flat rate, so many programs are pointless for me. I am checking out the first 2 on this list, though.

    • Grand total is great, Ive been using it for 2 years now, and really happy.

      • At first glance, I love GrandTotal, but the fact that I can’t seem to add a fixed discount (instead of a percentage) to my invoice items is a deal breaker for me. Plus the fact that there seems to be no support at all. Too bad.

  • Personally I use On The Job, I enjoy the time tracking ability and the way you can set up invoice numbers per client.

  • The one I use is MacFreelance (http://www.macwareinc.com/products/MacFreelance/overview.html). I think it is fantastic. Some of these may have more features, so I don’t know.

    I’d like to know if someone who has used MacFreelance and has found something better.

    I love how it tracks payments, works with international currencies, gives stats super easy, customizable invoices, manages discounts (for pesky family members), and my favorite is the project timer with start, stop and pause.

    I think it should be on this list.



    • I would have to agree! I’ve been using MacFreelance for a while now and I would be hard pressed to switch to another program right now. It’s easy to use, and the stats are great!

    • MacFreelance has been a disapointment for me. The invoice doesn’t show my logo properly. Very poor options for different looks of invoices.

      You can’t itemize services that are all included in one service package (each itemized services has to have a price so you have to put zeros everywhere.

      The invoice doesn’t show payment description on the invoice when there is still a remaining balance. So if a client has paid a 1rst installment, the invoice shows the amount but you can’t explain what the installment was for (like: Deposit, Retainer, etc…).

      Very poor technical support.

    • I find the application of little use. It is hard to customize an invoice if you are not a programmer. Not being able to try before you buy should be a sign to avoid it. Also buggy, the main window freezes at times.

  • I am using Billings and loving it. Took a bit of getting used to at first, but now really suits my needs.

    • Hi, Michael Camell
      As a Billings user how do you deal with credit notes ?

  • I really like Cashboard ( http://www.getCashBoard.com ) for doing all of this online. It’s a monthly service but their prices are the best around, and you can accept payments from your clients online.

    Better yet, they always are adding new stuff and making it easier to use. Great people over there and great support too!!!

  • I’m still getting up to speed on it, but even with the learning curve I am already saving time with Billings. And if you are really really anal about the layout of your estimates, invoices, statements, etc. this is definitely the route to go. As a graphic designer who wants to practice what he preaches, that was key in eventually deciding to go with Billings as I could, albeit manually, move my invoices from InDesign templates to automated Billings templates. That it has so many other features to boot was just icing.

    Love it so far. Great looking invoices, built in timers (per client/per job), and the flexibility to handle many different billing rates and types (flat, timed, etc.) per client, per job all puts it over the top for my business needs.

  • which one is the best for graphic design/time tracking & just regular invoices?

  • i user billings and love it too. Its a little over my needs in some areas but i find it very configurable etc.

  • Billings has worked very well for me.

  • These guys forget the best invoicing app out there every time they do an invoice app roundup… TimeNet! http://applesource.biz

    What gives?

  • You should definitely give TimeNet a whirl. http://timenet.applesource.biz

  • http://www.moobiz.com is worth a look, invoicing, cost proposals and accounting work alongside project management with shared workspaces for client access and project file sharing.

    It’s been designed and built to run a design/web agency.

  • I was shocked TimeNet and TimeNet Law aren’t on this list! Did these guys completely forget about this great app? Not only does it have all the features I need but AppleSource’s developers always have their ear to the ground, releasing updates, making bug fixes and adding features.

    • Great plug. It’s funny, there’s a guy named “Ian” on staff there. What a coincidence! :)

    • I have to agree with the other poster. If you’re going to post fake reviews, why not change your name?


  • Definitely GrandTotal, especially if you look at the layout designer. By far the best among all solutions I have tried.

  • I use GrandTotal. very satisfied

  • I find it strange that TimeNet from Applesource wasn’t included in this listing. I’ve been using TimeNet for years and couldn’t be more satisfied. The software is constantly improving, becoming easier and easier to use yet still getting more and better features. If for some reason you guys aren’t aware of TimeNet you can download a free demo at: http://www.applesource.biz

    In all fairness I think TimeNet should be included in this list seeing how it’s some of the best invoicing software out there.

    • I smell a troll…


  • How about a table listing each of their features? That might make it easier to compare. Or a list of pros and cons of each?

  • Not a desktop app…. But Harvest all the way…. Best pricing for a solo freelancer. No one can compare.

  • Good list. I’ll try a few new ones i’ve heard for the first time.

  • I’m very satisfied with GrandTotal. Beautiful, minimalist interface. Easy to design your own layouts. Works very well with multiple currencies.

  • I wonder why should you use a desktop app for invoicing?? Isn’t the de-facto now to be web based, like email?

    That said I use CurdBee for my invoicing, which is a web based app and it’s totally free. Can handle Multi-Currency and integrates with PayPal like a breeze..

    • What a waste of time!

      “You need to be a CurdBee PRO user to start using its discount and tax features.”

      totally useless if you were looking for a free alternative

  • omg appstorm. TimeNet?! it’s the best, come on! it’s the only billing app I know of that gets away from the nightmare of one-window-interfaces on a complex app. note: a billing app should NOT look like a cluttered ugly iTunes window!

    you need to ammend your article for timenet asap!

  • Spent a long time searching out and trying all the invoicing apps I could find, and settled on GrandTotal, and I am very happy with it.

    All the searches I did, not once did TimeNet show up in any of the results, as I would have tried that also… ??

  • You need a “real” accounting package for a business.
    Not, an “invoicing” system.
    QuickBooks, FirstEdge, etc.

    • Better to have good integration with those programs, as your accountant may have their own preferred program.

    • I just switched from an accounting package to an invoicing system and a spreadsheet and it makes tax time a lot easier. The only real reason to use a full accounting program is if you’re holding inventory and have to deal with all the overhead that goes with that. You could make a case that it’s important if you have employees as well.

      If you’re on your own you’re a lot better off talking to an accountant about how they want your profit and loss statement to look at the end of the year and then using a spreadsheet to pull together all the numbers from your company (or personal) bank account so you know what all the numbers mean.

      My father is an accountant, and he gets really frustrated with all the people that dump their data into accounting software, generate a report, then bring it to him with no idea where any of the numbers came from or what they mean. Often the reports don’t even make sense if they didn’t configure Quickbooks properly or set up a good chart of accounts.

      Better to track the numbers with good plain english descriptions so everyone is on the same page.

      • After researching all the apps on this list I have to say while most of them look fantastic they make entering your information for a quick invoice much more difficult than it needs to be. If you don’t need a time tracking widget built into your invoicing software (and you can get independent time tracking widgets) I think GrandTotal is pretty tough to beat.

  • I think invoice3 is the best solution for freelancers and small agencies.
    Give it a try :)

  • I wonder which app is better for both time tracking AND invocing. Something like “On the job vs Billings vs Ibizz”? three really similar app, which one is better for a freelancer? for a little company? I think this comparaison would make a great article too.


    • Absolutely! And examine how well do they integrate with Ical, Address Book, Mail, other databases, other computers, foreign currencies, and your accountant’s PC/Excel-based systems; give reports, create individualised invoices and backups. That’s all I can think of at the moment… ;-)

  • I’d love to see an app without timers. I have a small company that normally during office hours, isn’t in-office but outside. Although i can see past having timers cluttering my screen i would like to track my customers. Just little notes about when they pay, how they tried to screw me over 3 years ago, that kind of info. I would also like the app to be accesible from multiple locations. A server would be great.

    I’ve been trying a couple of apps, and all of them have some pro’s and cons but so far i haven’t seen any customerinfo in any of those apps. I like the way that OTJ lets you actually compose a invoicenumber, rather than just use a generic number.

    • Well, not sure if you business accepts credi card payments, but Synapse offers an app that can accept payments from any location with high speed internet, ie your iphone. also, we integrate with many invoicing and accounting packages so that the payments are updated in real time. let me know if i could be of help.

  • Ok, i’m newbie here and still trying various apps for invoicing. I am a freelancer, so I don’t need something extremely complicated. Save my customers, my products, etc. But I certainly need one more thing:

    I need to have the ability to add a discount (%)on a SINGLE item and not on the total amount of the invoice!! Any ideas?

    Thanx in advance!

    • Grandtotal supports that feature

  • Hi Guys, I would have liked to use BIllings but it seems that it does not take into account international currencies. I have customers in different countries that use different currencies… I don’t understand why they don’t include that…

    • Billings does support multi-currency. It’s highlighted on their site.

  • I’ve been using Billings for quite a while now, but am not very impressed.
    It has many nice features, but it misses one of the most important ones which is CREDIT NOTES!
    The problem is that not many of those applications have this feature and it’s so essential to have it, because if you raise the invoice, then send it to your client and after a while you realise that it has been sent in error or you simply got to the agreement with your client that you will cancel this invoice -then there’s no way for you to get cancel it – you would have to delete it, but then client has already the copy of the invoice – so really – all those packages are nice, but without this feature they are useless to me.
    In Billings you can put negative balance on the new invoice and even change the heading – but the negative balance doesn’t reduce the outstanding balance of the payments owned – so not really a great solution either.

    Anyone out there knows of the software which has this capability?

    • Yup – I know of one that has credit notes and it’s free and web based: Tradeshift (.com)

  • Same problem here…. Credit Notes!

  • My request is simple: I want an accounting/invoice software designed for a creative like me – one, that’s easy and simple to use.

    It should come with the following guarantee:
    At the end of the year, press one button and your mac will spit out all the statements that your accountant needs to do your taxes. You will hear your accountant say, “wow – I have all the documents and information I need to do your taxes. I’ll get on this right away, you go back to being creative.”

    Where’s that application?!

    • Im in the same boat. I’ve been using grand total and really like it, but need a compatible accounting app. They just made it compatible with debit+credit, but you can only get it through the app store and its not available in my country. I can’t believe that I can’t buy software I want. Its retarded!! The app store seems like a big step backwards. I looked at ibank and it seems an overkill for what I want to do.

  • Great article – although i’d recommend GrandTotal.
    You can read my review of it here. (http://www.bearpig.co.uk/blog/?p=215)

  • If anybody is interested this is our invoicing program “Busy Bee Invoicing” you can find it here: http://bee-software.net/invoice-software/
    Runs on a mac and you can try before you buy (only $25). We are updating the software all the time and we have just added a “quotes” option so that you can Create Quotes as well as Invoices!


  • very nice share. i have been using billing for a while now and really happy with how easy and powerful it is

  • I’ve been using Billings for several years an am a big fan. I offer freelance coaching and consulting services and finds that it offers all of the functionality that I need in a very attractive package.

    @Francis – A recently released update to Billings supports multiple currencies.

  • I ve been exploring Billings for a while and like this app a lot but i will not continue to use it just because u cant do one very simple and for me very important think Discount.

    Like all other features and sorry because I have to keep trying with other similar apps … :(

  • I use Invoice2go. Easy to use and has some nice features. Plus it has a desktop version which you can sync too.

    • Invoice2Go desktop version is only for Windoze

      • p.s. Their website does say they are working on a Mac version. To which I say, hurry!! and make it multilingual capable.

  • Concerning credits / discounts on Billings invoices. Looks like there is a workaround for this here. Not ideal, but it works until Billings catches wind of the need for this feature.

  • I use Billings for a year now and i recommend it.

    Recently i tried ProfitTrain (ex. Billable) and liked the GUI

  • Might be worth a mention here that Office123 is now partnering with Tradeshift (a new exciting player in e-invoicing) to give you a full-fledged business management platform from CRM to invoicing.

    This will be a web app that is fully functional on a Mac (I use one myself and no problems)

  • I have looked at most of these apps and one thing that disappoints is that I cannot do percentage invoicing. Most my work requires a 50% deposit. So when converting an estimate to an invoice I need an option to invoice initial 50% and then another invoice for balance when job is done.

    I have not found an app for Mac that does this. I have been using quickbooks via vmware which i don’t like doing. not even quickbooks for mac offers this.

    I don’t think this is an unusual request.

    • Yes! This is exactly what I need as well. I use billings and while it is pretty simple once you get the hang of it, and looks really good, I don’t find the invoices customizable enough.

  • Does anyone know of a invoicing program where I can add a thumbnail size jpeg of the piece or pieces next to the discription column?

  • There’s an app for WIndows called ExpenseI

  • I use Podcastmaker to handle the RSS, details, and FTP to the site. It takes me less than a half hour to import the sermon audio, put it together with the extra audio, and get everything done and up to iTunes.

  • I like the web based software WorkingPoint, its really easy to use and provides invoicing and book keeping and lots of other features. Costs a few bucks, but its worth it.

  • So when converting an estimate to an invoice I need an option to invoice initial 50% and then another invoice for balance when job is done.

  • I have one main requirement for invoicing – it should be able to accept up to 4 decimal places! Would anyone know of an application that could fulfil this requirement?


  • been reading your site around a few days. really love what you posted. by the way i’m doing study regarding this subject. do you know any other blogs or online forums that I can find out more? many thanks.

  • I use a “Ledger”. It’s wireless, never needs backing up and it cheap as hell. Completely customizable too. Its the oldest of all of them as well. Fits in my pocket.

  • it should be able to accept up to 4 decimal places! Would anyone know of an application that could fulfil this requirement?

  • I used Billings for a while and discovered it wasn’t for me. I used it for about 10 projects and found myself frustrated when needing to adjust an invoice or find a certain estimate. It seems really nice if you tend to work and think in a certain way but as I do a lot of freelance work “on the side” I’m frequently having to make adjustments to invoices as the client adds on last minute additions or changes. (That’s a whole different discussion)

    At one time I used blinksale which I really liked and it was exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately they changed their pricing structure and I decided to go with a pay-once solution.

    I’m going to try using ExpressInvoice now which after making 4 invoices on it today seems to be very easy and straight-forward.

  • I’d like to warn readers against Express Invoice. It’s a scam. They offer you free software and then, after about 6 months, when you have loads of data installed the programme stops working and they offer to sell you the right to purchase, at what is an exorbitant price for a rather mediocre product. Then there is none to contact. Beware!
    Regarding iBiz, it used to be really useful and then they ‘improved’ it. Finding your records is a joke. It simply cannot handle data history, which makes for fun when you’re trying to run a business. It now works so badly I switched to Express Invoice in despair… The rest is history!

  • Sorry to revive an old thread. Just thought Id mention another great invoicer

  • I’m going to try using ExpressInvoice now which after making 4 invoices on it today seems to be very easy and straight-forward.

    • Be careful…don’t load too much data in it. The “free” aspect is a scam. Once you start, after 14 days they lock you out and make you purchase in order to continue.

  • I used it for about 10 projects and found myself frustrated when needing to adjust an invoice or find a certain estimate.

  • I’m looking for a completely customizable invoice application that will allow me to bill on a percentage basis. Let me explain… I do commercial real estate brokerage and need to be able to itemize lease terms in an invoice. The “column headers” would need to include: Tenant and Property Address, Transaction Type (new lease, lease renewal), Monthly Rent, Annual Rent (=monthly rent x 12), Total Rent over term (for leases with more than a one year term), Commission %, and Total Due.

    Here’s the important piece – within one invoice, I need to be able to itemize multiple years in a lease, have the monthly rent calculate the annual rent, and the commission % detail how much is owed of the total rent over the term of the lease.

    PLEASE HELP! Thanks!

  • I am a freelancer based in Spain with the need for flexible invoices for international customers, different language and tax settings available, negative taxes (IRPF) and per customer tax settings. The only invoicing software that comes reasonably close to all those requirements seems to be GrandTotal.

  • Also check out http://www.getballpark.com/ It’s very slick.

  • I begin searching for similar products!!!

  • I was woundering if you have to enter a invoice number for each invoice. Or prefferably does it have automatic ones in an assending order.

  • you forgot to mention THE invoice app for mac ever! Invoice – http://www.kedisoft.com/invoice
    Involer and Invoy are just dirty copies of Invoice. How I know that? Well, I’m a long time in this business and Invoice was the first app in this category. And now check out Involer and Invoy… Do you have noticed something? The concept and behavior is like Invoice, isn’t it?

  • Tried all of these on the list and in the comments, and all have their strengths… except TimeNet that is. TimeNet is a piece of crap.

  • We are a small business selling decorative papers to stores. The program I am looking for should have the ability to list all the items (about 2,000+) so that they can be “dropped” into the invoice content without retying. I would also like to select the retailers details from a menu without retyping also. What was recommended was FileMaker Pro, but on looking at it, my brain went into overdrive! I am a graphic designer working on a Mac and do not want to spend my life learning a software program for invoicing! It would also be great to see how many times a customer buys over a month/year, their dollar spend and to see how many customers are in an area. Filemaker Pro aparently does all this with a database you enter, but I have no clue how or if this is the best program for my needs. The learning curve is huge.

    any ideas are appreciated.
    thanks, Sharon

  • Why is Invoice and Totals from Kedisoft not listed here???

    • Yea, in my opinion this review is not complete without Totals. http://www.totalsapp.com
      And as I can say non of the listed apps have the power of Totals.
      I used Involer and Invoy and these are nothing but shit!

  • I found a coupon for a free year here:

    This invoicing app seems to have all the basics.

  • We use ‘Studiometry’ from Oranged.net, it is the single most powerful invoicing software we have found. Amongst many other useful features it allows us to create multiple companies, time tracking, recurring automated billing, storage area for notes client passwords, Banking Credit card information etc.

    It has many easy to use invoice, quote,archive templates totally customisable, you can setup tax, currency, discounts, export to PDF, send invoices by email directly out of the software and so many other things like quick views of Total earned, outstanding invoices, overdue invoices and for those who have a business which requires recurring invoicing for membership or weekly, monthly billing this also automatically generates invoices ready to send. Yes it also syncs with Address Book, both ways so if you add a new client to Studiometry it will automatically add the details to your Address Book.

    They also have an iPhone/iPad App only $39, and if you purchase multiple licenses the software automatically syncs up with all other machines. You can also assign passwords to workers that are depth level sensitive, so that some staff can add jobs and their billable hours but cant get into the invoicing part or see the companies sensitive financial records.

    They also have one other we bought which is Accounted, this syncs with Studiometry and is for working our expenses, profits etc and submission at the end of your fiscal year etc but havent delved into it so far.

    To be fair I loved Billings, I also tried all of the ones listed here but in the end while all of these are under $40 the extra features put together outweighed the fact that Studiometry is $199 – so we bought it for all of the reasons above.

  • You may also want to take a look at app created by our company – Macoscope:


    Quick, painless and elegant invoicing application. Supports many document types, allows to edit your template, EU compliant and more.

  • Invoicing is a basic function and it shouldn’t cost much. I would like to let readers know that there are more affordable and easy to use options available. Readers should also try several products before selecting the one that suits their requirements. Not all products have same features and navigation flow. Also, Time based billing software and pure invoicing software (in which you can’t track time and expenses ) are two different types of products. If you are an attorney, accountant, or other professional that use time based billing, you should use a product that offers time/expense tracking and invoicing based on the time tracking data.

    Readers may review CaseFox.com. CaseFox is a Web-based Time and Invoicing Software for tracking of your billable/non-billable hours and expenses, Trust Accountinbg, create client invoices, record payments, tracking case notes, managing case documents, monitoring unbilled hours, unbilled invoices and many other tasks. Multi-user role based access to cases. Special contract attorney access to your account.

    • CFox has made a good point. Every business has different requirements and a large selection of tools should be properly evaluated. Invoicing is a simple albeit mundane task, but people shouldn’t be paying much for creation at all. What you will be paying for is the value that the product adds. Many of the apps mentioned here will do a great job at providing (or letting you design) a pretty invoice, tracking time, and to see a snapshot of where your accounts receivables are at, but they severely lack the power of an online component.

      I created http://invc.me to solve the payments side of the equation. With our software you can not only create a pretty invoice, but when it comes to payment, we offer a web portal that offers a range of payment options. We also remind your clients a couple of days before an invoice is due, SMS you once payment has been received, and sync your data with the popular Xero accounting application. These feature are just too hard to implement in a standalone application.

      That said we believe having a dedicated app (and Mac experience) is a step in the right direction so we have a Mac and iPad app in the pipeline. This comment will be slightly more relevant to the article then :)

  • Great read and great suggestions. We are a small store base company and am ok with paying a small fee for a great invoice system that works all the time. We bought Express Invoice and it worked good enough at the start for what we need except credits but as we have used it for a year and a bit am finding out the inventory tracking isnt so great and is very important to us. what else is out there. We own apple products
    We need
    1. Customer database keep track of our customers and what they bought
    2. Inventory
    3. Accounting/statements for everything
    4. Credits for returns
    5. Discounts for sales
    6. Auto invoicing

    oh and we just finished a website to sell online

    Simplicity is important as we are very busy of course!

  • hoy en día esta un poco mejor, con el 9 creo que pasará algo similar. Firefox y crohme seguiran punteros

  • We downloaded ‘Express Invoice’ by NCH software. It was fine for a couple of weeks while we tested it, so we started using it in our company. Its started having problems and it kept crashing. I tried getting some help with it but you have to pay a service contract to get any help. We had to keep restarting the software to get our information. After two weeks they reply and give me an update. Then the update asks me to renew with a $69 fee. By this stage we are flat out at work and stuck with the software. After ever Mac update it crashes and they demand money for the service contract pr no one will contact me within two weeks. NCH software is the most frustrating software company I have ever dealt with. We are looking for a software program that is upfront with what it is and no hidden costs. DONT USE NCH SOFTWARE!!! SCAMMERS!!!

  • Actually, to be frank, I had never heard about any of the above tools. The only invoicing tool that I have used and know about is Invoicera.

  • Using a program from a small company is a gamble if a support issue comes up. I used Totals for a while successfully, but when I needed to migrate my data to a new computer I discovered the backup function was buggy and would not work. When I contacted them about it, they were of no help and said it was my problem.

    I discovered that what passed for support at Kedisoft was basically one guy in a garage emailing you — and when a problem was too hard for him to solve, he just gave up.

    Buyer beware when purchasing job-critical software from a tiny company. Your support experience may not be what you are expecting.

  • I need a better software package then QuickBook for Mac; I send invoices and proposals for my construction (drywall) company.

    Suggestions please.

  • I use Salestastic. It’s actually pretty good. If you don’t invoice too often there’s a free for life plan too. Worth checking out: http://www.salestastic.com

  • I’m a designer and developer. I’ve tried many of the big name services for estimating, tracking and invoicing, and they always seemed a little too complex for my needs.

    This led me to build Scoreboard, a simple invoicing tool for individuals and small teams. Invoices can be downloaded, email or shared directly with clients. Clients can pay you online via Paypal. You can check it out for free at: http://getscoreboard.com.

  • I use http://invoicebird.com, nice and clean.