The Ultimate Mac Setup for Bloggers (60 Apps)

Whilst many blogging platforms come with excellent web-based administration interfaces, a variety of desktop tools can make the experience far more enjoyable. With a useful set of applications installed, managing a blog is a far simpler and more natural experience.

Today we’ll be looking at 60 applications for desktop blogging and tweeting, formatting images for your posts, recording screencasts, utilizing social media, communicating with other bloggers, and keeping track of statistics.

Looking for a few useful iPhone apps to help with your blogging? Check out our roundup of 100 free iPhone apps over at iPhone.AppStorm for some really useful budget-friendly software.

Desktop Blogging


  • MarsEdit – A powerful blog editing tool which can integrate with all manner of blog systems. It’s easy to upload images and write in your favorite local text editor.
  • Ecto – Another widely popular app for writing posts locally. Integrates with Blogger, Blojsom, Drupal, MovableType, Nucleus, SquareSpace, TypePad, WordPress, and more.
  • Blogo – Easily publish text, images, videos, slideshows and more. It’s remarkably simple, with a very straight forward interface.
  • MacJournal – A great way to keep a local journal on your Mac, with the option to publish it to a blogging platform at the same time.
  • Blog.Mac – Designed for blogging and podcasting, it’s another (albeit less popular) option for desktop blogging.
  • iWeb – The full-featured Mac design tool bundled with iLife. Great for all manner of web design, including running a regular blog.
  • RapidWeaver – An iWeb alternative, with a range of well designed templates and a simple publishing system.
  • Tumblr Widger – Easy posting to your Tumblr account. Supports HTML formatting, spellchecking, and saves your username and password to speed up posting.

Desktop Tweeting


  • Twitteriffic – The original desktop Twitter client, with a great interface and minimal footprint.
  • Twhirl – Powered by Adobe Air, Twhirl is a multi-platform client. It can connect to multiple accounts, automatically shorten URLs.
  • Tweetdeck – A famous multi-panel client, which supports groups and various advanced features. A favorite of Twitter pros.
  • Twucket – A simple application, Twucket is designed to use minimum screen estate and runs in a normal OSX window.
  • Tweetie – One of the newer competitors, Tweetie ports the iPhone experience to the desktop with great ease.
  • Tweetr – Notable features include the ability to automatically upload and share files through drag and drop along with support for sharing photos taken with your iSight webcam.

Text & Notes


  • TextExpander – Saves you countless keystrokes with customized abbreviations for your frequently-used text strings and images. Great for phrases used regularly in your blog.
  • BlogAssist – Sits in your menu bar or services menu, and is a handy tool to make dealing with HTML markup on your blog easier.
  • Scrivener – Outline and structure your ideas. Take notes. View research while you write. A great app for planning and drafting posts.
  • WriteRoom – A distraction free writing environment that gets everything else out of the way, and allows you to focus on kocking out a killer post.
  • YoJimbo – An information storage tool for keeping track of research, interesting bookmarks, and post ideas.
  • Circus Notebook – Like a Moleskine, but for your desktop. A lovely interface, and a handy tool for taking notes and keeping track of post ideas.

Image Editing & Uploading


  • ImageWell – An image editing application to resize, crop, watermark, edit your images, take screenshots and upload to the web. Also good for batch processing.
  • Skitch – A quick and easy tool for sharing screenshots and images over the internet or pasting them onto your blog.
  • Flickr Uploader – A great way to quickly upload photos directly to Flickr for sharing on your blog. Full categorization and tagging tools included.
  • InstantShot – Offers a more comprehensive set of screenshot tools with multiple file type options. Great for sharing screenshots on your blog.
  • Keynote – A presentation app from the iWork suite which works well for creating graphs and tables for your blog.
  • ImageShack Uploader – Another uploading tool for those who use the ImageShack service.

Videos & Screencasting


  • Captureit – A new product which was published recently. The developers concentrated on making it fast and easy to use and succeeded.
  • ScreenFlow – The most expensive, but greatest, screen recording tool for the Mac. ScreenFlow has an incredible range of post-recording features.
  • CaptureMe – A fairly basic application, but great for recording quick videos to post on your blog.
  • ScreenRecord – With a simple interface and low price tag, it’s an appealing tool if you’re just experimenting with screencasting on your blog.
  • iShowU – Another highly regarded option, with a slightly dated interface. Reliable and full-featured.
  • ScreenFlick – Screenflick features similar functions to other tools, but assures smooth, fluid motion with up to 60 frames per second.
  • Snapz Pro X – The app is supposedly “20 times faster” than any other screen recording software on the market. You be the judge!
  • ScreenMinic – Screen Mimic is a recording application aimed at creating SWF Flash movies, FLV Flash videos or MOV Quicktime files.

Social Media


  • Digg Update – Useful for checking whether you’ve made the front page of Digg yet.
  • Skimmer – A social networking client for OS X with a fantastic user interface and a range of supported services.
  • FMenu – An easy way to display your latest Facebook messages and updates in the OS X menu bar.
  • EventBox – An all-in-one solution for managing different social networks in one application – FaceBook, Twitter, Digg, Twitter, Flickr etc.
  • Delibar – Quickly access your Delicious bookmarks through the OS X menu bar.
  • Flock – The “social web browser”, with all manner of different social media and networking features built right in.

Syndicating Other Blogs


  • NetNewsWire – A full-featured RSS reader for the desktop, iPhone and web with excellent syncing. Slightly under-developed in recent years.
  • NewsFire – A good looking feed reader which was my app of choice for several years (before needing something to sync to my iPhone).
  • Fever – You’ll need to host this on a web server, but it’s a browser-based reader with a host of new, innovative features. Throw feeds at the app, and it will determine what’s “hot”.
  • OmniWeb – An advanced web browser, complete with fairly robust RSS functionality.
  • Safari RSS – OS X’s default browser comes with RSS support built-in. A simple solution if you only need to keep track of a few feeds.
  • Shrook – A next-gen reader that is not only easy to use, but offers advanced features not available to Mac users anywhere else. Looking a little dated now.
  • Cyndicate – An easy-to-use, next-generation, RSS/Atom syndication feed reader that gives you command over your news.
  • Vienna – Vienna is a freeware, open source RSS/Atom newsreader for the Mac OS X operating system. Was very popular before NetNewsWire and NewsFire became free solutions.
  • RSS Menu – RSS Menu is a system wide menu bar app that allows you to read and organize your favourite feeds. Very minimal.

Local Testing & Development


  • MAMP – A simple tool for setting up a local web server for testing a blog locally. It installs Apache, PHP and MySQL, so all you need to do is download your blogging platform of choice and hit install.
  • VMware Fusion – A Windows virtualization app, for investigating how your blog looks for Windows users. Important to ensure no-one receives a bad experience.
  • Parallels – Another popular app for running Windows on your Mac, with a handy coherence mode for seamless integration.



  • Adium – Probably the most widely known IM client, Adium is a free application for Mac OS X that can connect to AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, and more.
  • Skype – Free computer-to-computer audio, cheap international calls, instant messaging, video conferencing, file sharing – you name it.
  • iChat – Bundled with OS X, iChat supports Mobile Me, AIM, ICQ and XMPP protocols. In typical Apple style it offers a fantastic interface and a colossal feature set.
  • Proteus X – Proteus uses the same code framework as Adium. The feature set is similar, but it offers a different user experience.

Statistics & Tracking


  • Dashalytics – A simple Dashboard widget for monitoring Google Analytics statistics of your blog, one of the most popular free stats tools available.
  • WatchMouse – Allows you to monitor the uptime of your blog through the OS X Dashboard and ensure readers don’t miss out on your wonderful content.
  • Junior Mint – If you use Mint as a blog stats package, this is a simple way to stay up-to-date through Dashboard.
  • Reinvigorate (Beta) – Currently an invite-only beta, Reinvigorate allows desktop monitoring of blog visitors. Particularly useful to see the path visitors take through your site.


A huge selection of software is available for bloggers, whether you want to write posts using a desktop application, or have one central place to track social media. It’s always worth trying out a few options before settling on one in particular, as many application in the same area vary dramatically (RSS readers, for instance).

I’m intrigued to know which applications fit into your blogging workflow. Please feel free to share in the comments, and let me know any software I’ve missed!

  • Antonio

    Interesting as aways!

  • David

    I’ve said this before, but I think it’s worth saying again. It takes no talent whatsoever to google “twitter client mac” and then be able to write a sentence about each. What would be much more helpful is if you picked ONE of each type (not necessarily just one in a category—for Local Testing & Development” you could pick MAMP and then just one Windows app) and then went into greater detail. For instance, on the twitter clients, I can’t seriously imagine using any of them other than Tweetie and perhaps Twitteriffic, the user interfaces are too terrible. So, why are you listing other ones?

    You call it “The Ultimate Mac Setup for Bloggers”, but you won’t even tell us what the setup is, you just list a ton of applications and let us pick the “ultimate” Mac setup that works for us :\ This is worse than the public school math program here in the US.

    And while I’m ranting, why do you have a Communications section here? It’s not really related to blogging, and neither is the Testing category, although you could argue otherwise. I think you sacrificed a good article for having a ton of apps “reviewed” so you could put that in the title and get people to come read it.

    • Benjamin Reid

      Highlighting the best Apps would of been a good idea as well as displaying the competition.

  • palesa

    I think Seesmic deserves a mention in the Desktop Twitter section.

    Thanks for this list. Dashalytics – wow!

    • Vin Thomas

      Yeah, I can’t believe you had Twhirl but not Seesmic. Get with the times ☺

      Great article!

    • Erik Jenkins

      I think having TweetDeck there is good enough, since Tweetdeck and Seesmic are pretty much the same app with different interfaces.

  • Chris Chua

    Eventbox have ‘2’ twitter mentioned. Please correct it.

  • Mike R.

    I like Domainer for tracking my blog stats;

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  • EGY99

    For Video & Screencasting the winner is Camtasia for Mac. Just my thought.

  • Chrissy Morin

    Wow.. Mac folks are kinda cranky on your blog.. I’m NEW to mac.. am I supposed to be cranky too! lol

    I personally LIKED the list and will check them out . Thanks

  • Keith D. Grimes

    An “Ultimate Mac Setup for Blogging” includes 60 freaking apps?

    Dude, as a writer you’re familiar with the concept of editing your work, right? Well, if you’re going to write an article with the word “Ultimate” in the title, wouldn’t you think the selection of apps ought to be pared down somewhat?

    As written, this article is nearly useless. Sorry for the negative response, but if I (as a writer) turned something like this in to my editor, she’d tell me to re-read the title and re-work the content so that the parity is obvious.


    • David

      Glad someone agrees with me :D

    • Jim

      Some people MIGHT be cranky because they’re tired of seeing a simple copy & paste job of a list of apps. These “list posts” are found on tons and tons of Web sites and are transparent ploys at getting hits to a site with the least amount of effort as possible. The apps listed on this page are the same apps mentioned in every other “list post” – which are nothing more than summaries of a search.

    • David Petersen

      I agree I would much rather see a post of “Here is what I use to Blog and Why” than a post that just lists the first 6 things google gives you when you search for each category. Tell me why you picked something over what else is out there. What is it about this app that makes it stand out and why you think others should spend their time to download and use it.

    • Dave

      Agreed. This not a description of a setup, but a list of apps. As far as a list post goes, it’s great. But it’s inaccurately advertised as a setup via the title.

  • Smyge

    Again I think Typinator needs to be mentioned as a very strong alternative to TextExpander.

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  • Ben

    LittleSnapper should be on the Image Editing list I think? :)

  • JF
    • Chris

      I’ll second the call for VirtualBox – it also has the benefit of being a free virtualisation platform, which is nice after you’ve splashed out on buying your new mac! :)

    • George

      I’ll third that. Don’t know why it was left off the list, it’s way better than both parallels and vmware IMHO, nevermind that it’s free!

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  • Jonathan

    I would add Times to the Syndicating list. It is AMAZING. It is greatly designed, and full with features. For me, it is the best news reader out there.

  • tim

    I have a ton of these apps from macheist, but found alot of web alternatives were better. I use netvibes or alltop for RSS and feed managing type things, as well as google reader. Can’t justify using a desktop app.

    Someone else mentioned it, but Virtualbox from Sun is a free and easier alternative to bootcamp and it was EXTREMELY easy to use.

    As a freelancer, Billings helps out with billing and keeping track of project management and time and is well worth the $20 bucks it costs.

  • David Turnbull

    For my own blog I have a single Scrivener project that contains four folders:
    – Ideas
    – Drafts
    – Published
    – Guest Posts
    Whenever I have an idea I create a new document in the ‘Ideas’ folder and then as I work on the article in just moves through the chain. Has been working great.

    Another great app is Stomp. If you deal with video then Stomp is a fantastic compression tool. It cut down one my screencasts by 50% without a noticeable drop in quality.

    Oh, and I bought Fever a few days ago and it’s fantastic. Definitely worth it if you want to keep up to day with a lot of blogs.

  • Adrian

    Nice roundup. Thanks David;

    For those interested, there is an alternative to VMware Fusion and Parallels – VirtualBox. Free and works great. I’ve had Ubuntu and Windows 7 running in it flawlessly.

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  • Doug C.

    Not only do Mac people have the coolest gadgets their gadgets all have the coolest logos. I’m jealous.

  • Jake

    Thanks for the list! I’d also add Camtasia for Mac to the screen casting category. It’s on the expensive side, but it looks to be really good.

  • Marcelo

    Great post. Very usefull :) Thanks,

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  • Steph (Technofeliz)

    Great list…
    I would just add Nambu ( in the “Desktop Tweeting” section.

  • Kent Schnepp

    Excellent list. There are a few apps I had not heard of such as Dashalytics and Ecto.


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  • Simple Llama

    Dashalytics is actually the first dashboard widget that I’ve installed. Before I saw it here, I never really thought of using my dashboard at all. Now, i’ll probably go on a widget spree. All thanks to you. Thanks for the pointer.

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  • Drake Nix

    DestroyTwitter ( is my favorite Desktop Twitter app. It’s an Air app and has a huge focus on minimizing CPU usage. Amazingly well made, and Jonnie (creator – @destoytoday) is quick to reply to any questions you have.

    You really should look into it.

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  • Matt

    You forgot QuickTime, now that some of us have updated to Snow Leopard, we have the ability to Screen Record.

  • DeeRaz

    Lighten up on “The Ultimate Mac Set Up” dudes! I found his link on a Neo Conservative Site ( I was spying on the “Dark Side” ). At least he has abandoned the “Digital Dark Side” (Microsoft) for “The Light” of (MAC). Welcome aboard dude! You’ve shown that even Republicans can change to The Better Platform.

  • DeeRaz

    Lighten up on “The Ultimate Mac Set up” The dude’s just trying to share! You sound angry and arrogant, like Republican Right Wingers ( Rush Limbaugh , Ann Coulter, and Dick Cheney ) Is that how you want the Mac community to be perceived? I Don’t!

    • Twocifer


      Don’t be an idiot…quit showing off and leave politics out of this…it doesn’t belong.

      – Angry, Dark Side Memeber

      • DeeRaz

        @ “Angry, Dark Side Memeber” Spelling Doesn’t count! After ALL “It’s The Economy Stupid! & “trickle down” Reagonomics & Deregulation DId Not Work. Do You live in a vacuum or have You Not Noticed the Economy? We are political beings and exist as such. Not one without the other. As a Graphic Artist and Color Professional I’ve been on the Platform since 1988 and did Color Work on a greyscale monitor using a numerical readings ( Before Photoshop 1) Now thats Showing OFF! (you called me an idiot?) I Own 6 Macs and have Leopard running smoothly on a Flower Power iMac ( G-3 Processor ) Don’t Try that @ Home! “Angry, Dark Side Memeber” & Member of “The Party of Hate” Welcome to the Light (even if it’s just a Mac)

      • DeeRAz

        @ “Angry, Dark Side Memeber” Spelling Doesn’t count! After ALL “It’s The Economy Stupid! & “trickle down” Reagonomics & Deregulation DId Not Work. Do You live in a vacuum or have You Not Noticed the Economy? We are political beings and exist as such. Not one without the other. As a Graphic Artist and Color Professional I’ve been on the Platform since 1988 and did Color Work on a greyscale monitor using a numerical readings ( Before Photoshop 1) Now thats Showing OFF! (you called me an idiot?) I Own 6 Macs and have Tiger running smoothly on a Flower Power I Mac ( G-3 Processor ) Don’t Try that @ Home! “Angry, Dark Side Memeber” & Member of “The Party of Hate” Welcome to the Light (even if it’s just a Mac)

  • Murid Rahhal

    What about “Destroy Twitter” for desktop tweeting? It’s a great app.
    You should also add “Camtasia” for screen recording, it’s now available for mac.

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  • Twocifer

    Nice list of apps…but I too am growing tired of the “catch-all” postings found on some envato and elsewhere (Smashing Magazine is another culprit).

    I’d rather see an in-depth discusion on ten tools or comparisions between three apps with the pros and cons between them. While this list (and others like it) are nice for reference of what is out there, it doesn’t save me any time in determining what will benifit me the the most.

    Just a thought…

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  • SVWA

    What a nice collection, David! Thanks for putting them all into one place. I’m off to download Dashalytics.

  • Bob

    You missed Seesmic Desktop for Twitter (and Facebook integration) and Qipit (for scanning written docs before putting them on the blog)

  • Freelance Jobs

    MarsEdit and Skitch is my favourite

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  • Karen

    Great List, Thank You!

    The only mention I have an issue with is your listing of iWeb – while there is no doubt it easily makes very pretty websites I think it is very important to mention for SEO it is flat out abysmal.

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  • Blog iPad

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    Same thing for the iPad?

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