• http://www.chrisdpratt.com Chris Pratt

    It’s worth mentioning that Snow Leopard natively lets you show the full date and time in the menu bar now. iStat Menus does much more than that, though, so it doesn’t detract from it’s value.

    • http://www.ademaweb.nl jeroen

      thanks for the tip! I rather use native settings than installing iStat menus just for that!

    • http://twitter.com/kaypearl Alexis Brille

      Hey, Chris and Jeroen!

      Yes, thank goodness Apple realized that having a full time and date in the menubar is very useful!

      And ever since I’ve upgraded to 10.6, I haven’t been using iStat Menus to display that info but now, I use Snow Leopard’s default time and date options.

      I still, however, use iStat Menus to track network usage.

  • http://www.attic22.com Marco Traverso

    At the moment Sticky Windows is not compatible with Snow Leopard.

    • http://twitter.com/kaypearl Alexis Brille

      Unfortunately, no, it’s not.

      But keep in mind there are still far more Leopard users who are yet to upgrade to Snow Leopard.

    • http://twitter.com/kaypearl Alexis Brille

      No, it’s not, but keep in mind the number of Leopard users who are still yet to upgrade to Snow Leopard.

  • http://www.usefulfruit.com/ Chad

    The price for TextExpander is wrong. It’s $29.95.

    • http://twitter.com/kaypearl Alexis Brille

      That will updated soon.

      Thank you very much.

    • http://davidappleyard.net David Appleyard

      Sorted – Cheers Chad

  • Nite

    Sidenote can sometimes be a bit buggy. So, I switched to Scribblet.

  • http://www.ademaweb.nl jeroen

    I feel that this list is setup in a jiffy. Without alot of reviewing and deeper investigation of the software. Subjective texts like ‘This is truly a revolutionary software’ doesn’t cut it either. I think most of these apps aren’t considerable installing worthy (except for Juncut).

    • http://twitter.com/kaypearl Alexis Brille

      I wouldn’t say that was the case, really! 8 of these are the apps which are really installed on my MacBook and run on boot. I would run Sticky Windows and Sapiens automatically also if I had a MacBook Pro or something with more power, ;).

      This is a roundup article, we only provide an overview and summary of the apps not detailed analysis of each.

      In my humble opinion, Sticky Windows has something no other apps have to offer. If one were to use that phrase to describe an account/password management app then it would be a bit exaggerated since many other apps also do the same thing.

      Of course, not every app in this list is right for everyone just like any roundup article. After all, we all tend to have personal preferences, :).

  • elmuymac

    Love Jumpcut, good App

  • http://www.heliumfoot.com keith alperin

    Similar to Namely, but more powerful than a locomotive: LaunchBar! Launch apps, control itunes, search your contacts all from the comfort of your keyboard. My own MercuryMover is very much inspired by LaunchBar and if i could take only one app to a desert island, i would choose LaunchBar over MercuryMover. Can you think of higher praise than that? LaunchBar is at http://www.obdev.at/products/launchbar/index.html .

  • Dan Martin

    Been using Sapiens for a long long time. But it broke with Snow Leopard and they don’t seem to care too much to fix it. Shame, I’ve had to stop recommending it to people because of the developer’s lack of response and lack of support. 5 or more emails over the weeks have gone unanswered as to when we’ll see a fix for Snow Leopard.

    Sapiens could be (and was) an amazing app. Too bad it looks like abandonware.

  • tdjukic

    Since I upgraded to Snow Leopard, I haven’t been able get iStat Menus to run.

    • jaypee68

      You may want to check iSlayer’s website as they now have a version 2.0 of iStat Menus that is Snow Leopard ready. :-)


    • http://twitter.com/kaypearl Alexis Brille

      Funny, it works perfectly for me. Make sure you download the latest version.

      Notice the network usage running on my 10.6 MacBook http://twitpic.com/jttzk

  • Dan

    Do you have a different link for URLwell? The link from download.com does not work.

    • jaypee68

      I searched and found a link fir URLWell right here…


      It seems to have not been updated since 2005, but it is working on Snow Leopard.

      Enjoy :-)

    • jaypee68

      Here is a different download link for URLWell…


      It hasn’t been in development since 2005, but it’s running on Snow Leopard just fine.

      Enjoy :-)

    • jaypee68

      Here is an alternate link for URLWell…


      Doesn’t look like it has been under development since 2005, but it seems to work fine on Snow Leopard.

      Enjoy :-)

      • jaypee68

        Oops! sorry about posting that 3 times, but the first 2 times never showed up for me when I posted them so I thought something had gone wrong, and I posted again. :-/

  • http://www.w2point.com Web 2.0

    nice collection…

    • http://twitter.com/kaypearl Alexis Brille

      Thanks, glad you liked!

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  • Pingback: deboraparentes.com » 10 Essential Productivity Apps For Your Login Items()

  • Pingback: deboraparentes.com » 10 Essential Productivity Apps For Your Login Items()

  • Iby

    I recently purchased a new app launcher called Berokyo. I just saw it listed as a ‘Staff Pick’ at apple.com and immediately fell in love with it :-)


  • http://joshboulton.co.uk Josh Boulton

    Using a few of the those, but I’ll look into some of the others, thanks!

    • http://twitter.com/kaypearl Alexis Brille

      No problem!

  • http://ninoscript.bligoo.com Cristián Arenas

    I like Butler, it does the app launching as Namely, the clipboard stuff and a lot more :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/emesstyle Matt

    Evernote seems good as well.


  • Arturo Mary

    nice but sapiens, Sticky Windows and istat not 10.6 compatible!

    • http://twitter.com/kaypearl Alexis Brille

      Unfortunately. Donelleschi seems to stop working on their apps.

  • http://joeldt.net Joel

    I’m surprised that Quicksilver isn’t on here.

    • http://twitter.com/kaypearl Alexis Brille

      As author of the roundup, I felt Quicksilver was already well-known.

      Most of the roundups nowadays titled “20 Mac Apps For Beginners” or something similar incorporate Quicksilver.

      Thus, I wanted to give an alternative to Quicksilver, that is, Namely. I chose Namely because some only need an app launcher, not a clipboard viewer, etc.

  • http://www.blindacre.com BlindAcreMedia

    I’m really liking the URLWell.

    • http://twitter.com/kaypearl Alexis Brille

      Definitely. It’s a free alternative to Shovebox.

  • http://www.m65jacket.com m65

    textexpander is great. nice share

  • Kieren

    The ‘Time Out’ application functionality is already built into os X and has been since launch as far as I know.

    It’s called ‘leave’ in os X and will remind you to leave your computer to take a break.

    Open a terminal window and type ‘man leave’ to get usage instructions.

    You could probably chain this to other commands and set the output to growl or email etc if you are prepared to a little reading

  • http://www.martinvaresio.com.ar Martín

    I wanted to give an alternative to Quicksilver

  • http://www.goncalorodrigues.com Gonçalo Rodrigues

    I prefer ClipMenu instead of Jumpcut. http://www.clipmenu.com/

    • Krol

      ClipMenu is great! It also supports images and has snippets feature, which can be used instead of “expanding” text.

      And it’s a donationware.

  • http://www.fuego-liquido.com.ar Esmalte

    Open a terminal window and type ‘man leave’ to get usage instructions.!!

  • http://www.artimplant.ro Implant Dentar

    I like Butler, it does the app launching as Namely, the clipboard stuff and a lot more :)

  • http://www.anvelopex.ro Anvelope noi

    thumbsup Goncalo, clipmenu is my fav too !

  • http://www.royaldental.ro Clinica dentara Bucuresti

    sticky windows 20 bucks? come on, I have stickies.. FREE

  • http://mamjed.com mamjed

    How is alfred not on this list!

  • Krol

    I prefer ShoveBox instead of Sidenote. It’s a bit pricey, but it can be synced with an iPhone.

  • http://www.taldent.com/ Cabinet stomatologic

    These applications are really useful, especially since some of them are free.

  • http://www.coaching-vision.ro Razvan

    thanks for the tip! I rather use native settings than installing iStat menus just for that!

  • http://www.vanzarianvelope.net/ cauciucuri ieftine

    Thanks for keeping free Jumpcut as is the best tool I used till now.

  • http://www.remedii-naturiste.com remedii naturiste

    Apple is the best but is more expensive then windows.

  • http://www.royaldental.ch zahn implantat

    some of them have ridiculous pricing. mac app store is full of freebies, way better than whats posted in this article…

  • Nickolena Coop

    Hi there! I used to have a Mac with Tiger and was a huge fan of Sticky Windows app. When I got a MacBook pro with Lion I spent ages trying to remember that app. When I finally found it again I was so excited and was ready to download it again, only to find that it doesn’t work on this version. Do you know of or could you find a new app that will work!?!?!

  • http://dirsur.com.ar Directorio

    Thanks for keeping free Jumpcut as is the best tool I used till now.

  • http://sztachetapcv.dibu.pl/ Sklep z ogrodzeniami z plastiku w Poznaniu

    This web page is mostly a walk-by means of for the entire information you wished about this and didn’t know who to ask. Glimpse right here, and also you’ll definitely discover it.