Top 7 Twitter Apps for Mac

Twitter has proven itself to be a great tool for networking, keeping up to date with friends, and generally “stalking” unsuspecting folk. The Twitter website works remarkably well, but there are a variety of different desktop applications which integrate sending and receiving updates into your local environment.

Each of these have different strengths and weaknesses, and I’m confident that you’ll be able to find a client which fits your need perfectly. In no particular order, here are 7 different Twitter applications for your Mac.




Undoubtedly the most obvious and famous Twitter client; Twitteriffic looks great, retains a small desktop footprint and is the tool of choice for many Twitter users. A huge number of keyboard shortcuts, support for multiple accounts and the cutest icon of all the apps in this list makes Twitteriffic a strong contender. A companion iPhone app is also available.

Price: Free (Ad Supported)
Requires: Mac OSX 10.4 or later
Developer: IconFactory




Powered by Adobe Air, Twhirl is a multi-platform Twitter client with a host of useful features. It can connect to multiple accounts, automatically shorten URLs, cross post with other services (such as Pownce and Jaiku) and the color is customizable. It doesn’t look quite as pretty as Twitteriffic, but provides greater functionality.

Price: Free
Requires: Mac OSX 10.4.9 or later
Developer: Seesmic, Inc




A simple application, Twucket is designed to use minimum screen estate and runs in a normal OSX window. It works in the same fashion as a standard Mac application, with a selling point being its ‘silent operation’ – no notifications or annoying bouncing dock icons here.

Price: Free
Requires: Mac OSX 10.5 or later
Developer: Rebisoft



Twidget (Dashboard)

Taking a slightly different approach, Twidget displays through the OSX Dashboard rather than the normal desktop space. It retains the familiar Twitter-esque branding and offers a ‘conversation’ view. Functionality is fairly simple, but the list of planned features is impressive.

Price: Free
Requires: Mac OSX Tiger or later
Developer: Aquabox

Twitter Pod

Twitter Pod

Twitter Pod

TwitterPod is a Twitter client with the ability to store messages. Everything is displayed in an easy-to-navigate window, ‘quick post’ makes it easily to quickly post a tweet and the app integrates with Growl for notifications.

Price: Free
Requires: Mac OS X 10.4 or later
Developer: Drikin




The oddly named ‘Spaz’ is a Twitter client for users who value open source software and a slightly different design. Using the Adobe Air framework and jQuery, the app uses short URL creation, Markdown syntax support and custom CSS styling.

Price: Free
Requires: Mac OS X 10.4 or later
Developer: Funkatron




The final Twitter app in the roundup is Tweetr. Notable features include the ability to automatically upload and share files through drag and drop along with support for sharing photos taken with your iSight webcam. Tweetr doesn’t have the prettiest interface ever, but might be worth a look if you require specific features.

Price: Free
Requires: Mac OS X 10.4 or later
Developer: John Ballinger

Do You Know Any Others?

I hope that you’ll be able to find a client which works well for you. Personally I’m a big fan of Twitteriffic, but run two instances at the same time to allow me to have multiple accounts logged in at once. Have I missed any? Feel free to let me know if you use an application not listed here!


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  • Tweetdeck should be on this list, it is by far the best twitter app ever made. Just my opinion but I love the fact that you can add different sets of users to categorize tweets and love how it includes short url creation, twitpic and tweetshrink!

    + Kudos to you guys, this is looking sweet.

    • Definitely. TweetDeck is my favorite by far.

    • Yeah. I didn’t start really actively using Twitter till I downloaded TweetDeck. IT made all the difference in the world.

      • Totally, same thing for me. Another vote for Tweetdeck!

    • Another vote for tweetdeck!

    • Yeah, same here. Another vote for TweetDeck here. Loving it. Especially how it separates sections into updates, replies, TwitScoop, etc. I also didn’t really start taking tweeting seriously until I started using TweetDeck.

      P.S. I just found your blog. It’s looking really nice. I’ll definitely be checking up. Good job :).

    • Tweetdeck!

    • I wonder why they chose to exclude Tweetdeck. It’s obviously the most used, maybe there is a reason behind not including it.

    • TweetDeck was disappointing. Haven’t found the perfect Mac Twitter app yet.

      • Just started using TweetDeck. Thx for recommendation. Wow, after only a few minutes of working with it, I’m sold. Bye bye, Twitterrific.

    • See, and I am actually looking to replace Tweetdeck. Tweets don’t come in until more than 30 minutes after they’ve been tweeted – even when I hit refresh. My BlackBerry gets them, gets them, but not TweetDeck. Am I the only one?

    • Tweetdeck is a MUST have!

  • Yeah i also think that tweetdeck is missing – LOADS of people are using tweetdeck.. personally ive used tweetdeck and didnt like it, so went to twitterific, but now ive switched to twhirl.. Im using the new beta preview of twhirl which has seesmic and friendfeed built in as well, which is really cool.. On my iphone im using twitterific..

  • Yeah I know one more, NatsuLion.
    Also for iPhone.

  • I’ve been using EventBox ( and it seems to work very well for me. Not only is it a Twitter client, but it functions on other social networks as well as being a RSS aggregator.

  • I kind of think EventBox should have made the list. It’s getting pretty good with it’s search/profile-peek features. It does Facebook too. Too bad Digg got ripped out.

  • You also missed NatsuLion (free) and EventBox.

  • Another one for Tweetdeck :) Started with Twhirl then got bumped on Tweetdeck and I haven’t tried another one since. From the comments above tho… I might have to check EventBox.

  • tweetdeck.

  • I would say that using a menu SSB for Twitter is also another great option, like I mentioned in the Fluid post. I definitely won’t be going back to something else.

  • Eventbox. Twitter client on drugs. Leopard only. Another good looking and functional one if you’re not running leopard, Destroy Twitter, AIR app.

  • I use Twhirl simply because it does multiple accounts, very usefull for managing both “personal” twitter and “brand” twitter.

  • Twidget is great if you are running time-tracking widgets for Harvest, Freshbooks, etc. Since you are already going to your widgets to track time, it makes it convenient to post a tweet and read updates.

  • It’s been said already but I’ll add my vote to the count – Tweetdeck is brilliant at streamlining the mass of information that Twitter provides. Sometimes I feel like Ozymandius from The Watchmen, soaking up information from the Twitterverse like he soaked up info from his array of TV screens :)

  • DestroyTwitter is also a great app. I use Twitterific on my Mac and iPhone !

    • Amen, DestroyTwitter is the only app I’ve actually been able to actually use, rather than just play with for a time.

    • Agreed on that! I tried a few and was about to just give up on twitter all together when I found DestroyTwitter.

    • Destroy Twitter here as well

    • I went through all of the clients on the list (and TweetDeck) and was annoyed by them. Moved to DestroyTwitter and couldn’t be happier.

  • I see a lot of people shout Tweetdeck, but that’s a cross-platform (AIR) app, so not really just-for-mac.. I use it, I love it :)

    • Spaz is a twitter app for Adobe AIR and it’s cool

  • Tweetdeck is hands down the best twitter app out right now.

  • Another great site from envato…. the question is how much more sites are coming? …

  • I agree with gustomela and Tobi, NatsuLion should be on the list. It’s my favorite.

  • Tweetdeck is definitely the “GURU” in this category. Multiple panels which sprawl gloriously across a wide-screen monitor provide you with a good eye full of what’s going on in your own Twittersphere as well as the ability to keep an eye on what’s going on elsewhere.

    Forget the rest, Tweetdeck’s the best!

  • DestroyTwitter is definitely an app that should make this list. Although it is cross platform, it is a far superior client. Check it out.

  • Am I the only one that isn’t a big fan of Adobe Air applications?

    All of the clients listed have their strengths and I actually liked them, especially Tweetdeck, but in the end I end up going back to Twitterific. Why? Not because it has the best features, but because I can stash it up in my menu bar and keep it out of my dock. It just feels better to me.

    • I’m with you, I don’t like the CPU hogging of the Adobe Air apps. Despite the feature limitations (which were not addressed in the recent 3.2 update), I stick with Twitterific.

  • One more for EventBox. Been using it for quite a while now and it is absolutely fantastic.

    Best wishes,


  • +1 for tweetdeck that app is amazing. Only wish it could manage multiple twitter accounts?

    If it can let me know.

  • There’s a new one now. I began testing it today. It’s called Nambu!

    It’s still beta but it is powerful. It’s very much like mail but with twitter. It allows replys, retweets, favorites, direct messages… etc…

    Give it a try!

  • EXCELLLENT Twitter aps, definately will make use of Twitteriffic! :o)

  • Definitely putting my support out for Destroy Twitter, nice and slick.

  • How do people feel about TwitterFox? Maybe I’m in the dark here, but I usually don’t want another app open if I don’t need it, ala…

  • I am curious how one runs multiple instances of Twitterific (or any app) on the Mac. Details, please.

  • You did a twitter client story, and didn’t put Tweetdeck? That’s peculiar.

  • Tweetdeck here too!

  • Where’s Tweetdeck?? Twitterific is horrenous!

  • Yeah, missing Tweetdeck in a Top Twitter Apps article doesn’t get this blog off to all that auspicious start. Some good ones on there, to be sure, but c’mon.

  • I’m in the same boat with having two accounts logged in all the time, but I don’t care that much about updates so my solution is to use Mattinator. I’m a shortcut fiend so I use Quicksilver to launch the site just by hitting Cmd-Space to open QS then typing ‘m’. It’s super fast and doesn’t take up extra space.

  • i too have been having the most amazing time with DestroyTwitter. The developer has been churning out really excellent updates almost weekly, and all of my annoyances with using twitterific are basically thrown out the window. DEF my favorite to use by far.

  • Today’s new kid on the block: Ptwitter

    • It’s a great client. I currently use it.

  • How could you forget Tweetdeck?

  • I am personally insulted that Tweetdeck did not make the list.

    And I don’t even have a connection to it besides being a user.

  • Eventbox sure deserves to top this list !! I have tried them all and had never got peace of mind till I found Eventbox.

  • Man, EventBox is -amazing-!!!

  • What about Pwitter, Tototl, and Syrinx?

  • Another vote for EventBox. And the next release will have “smart folders” (same thing as “groups” in TweetDeck, which is the only reason to use that God-forsaken mess of an app). I really hate Adobe AIR apps.

  • i use Twirl for couple of months but then switch to Eventbox because it can do more than twitter :)

  • I’ve used some of those… Twitterific, Twhirl, and Spaz… I like the simplicity of Twhirl, but I have to use TweetDeck because as far as ease, organization, and functionality goes, nothing else comes close.

  • My vote goes to Eventbox … been using it for about 3-4 months. I’ve tried just about everything else and Eventbox has them all beat IMO. The dev team is also pretty open to suggestions and moving forward pretty quickly with new features and functionality updates. If you like having one app to manage multiple tasks or user accounts, this is your app. I’m currently using EBox to manage Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, RSS feeds, and they just added Instapaper functionality, which looks somewhat cool. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s certainly worth a look.

  • I am definitely a Nambu user. Multiple accounts (a big miss in Eventbox for example) live searches, and so much more resource efficient than anything AIR is going to be!!

    If you haven’t tried it, you could be missing the killer app!

    • +1. Nambu multiple accounts, nice UI and service menu is what I’ve liked most.

  • Has anyone used Splitweet? It is a fluid app that allows you to monitor & post to multiple twitter accounts. And is selectable for which accounts you are going to post to. I only have one account, so I am not using it, and instead I am using TweetDeck. Gave Spaz a try for a long time, but I do like many of the features in TweetDeck.

    • Actually, I just dug in their site a little bit, and they are currently web only. No clients or plugins available yet.

  • Definitely vote for TweetDeck, with caveat as already noted it can be a memory/CPU hog.

  • EventBox and Nambu are my two favorites right now. Twitterrific is nice, but lacks many features that are now standard on most other clients. And TwitterPod hasn’t been updated in a long time. How did that make the list?

  • I use Eventbox too. There is actually a free version up for grabs for anyone that visits the page during the bundle sale. Just go there and scroll down a bit.

  • +1 for EventBox – a social network addict’s dream and a solid Twitter client that continually adds features. Highly recommend it!

  • All their sucks. Bluebird and Pwitter must be top 1

  • For the iPhone, this is the first mention here of Tweetie, which I have switched to from Twitterific, because it is the most feature laden app one could expect – for now anyway. We’ll see what comes out next month, week, day, etc.

    OK, after the hundred or so mentions of TweetDeck, I won’t bother mentioning what a good app that it is, especially after the new updates this week. But, as others have already said, the Adobe Air apps do suck the juice out of your RAM. Twitter is slow enough some (most) of the time. I still have to give The Deck some mad props though. Notwithstanding, I will have to check out a couple of other apps mentioned here and elsewhere too.

  • there are loads of twitter clients that have been built on adobe air – apart from tweetdeck – another one is destroy twitter, which has a nice search option, it doesn’t take up too much space (unlike tweetdeck).

  • I tried most of them and think Tweetie is the best.

  • Nambu and Beak.

  • Tweetie is the BEST.

  • Tweetie absolutely owns them all

  • actually, Beak is about level with Tweetie for me.
    Am I the only one who doesn’t like Adobe Air apps? They all have the same horrible theme. Plus they’re cpu hogging1

  • i’m using nambu! supernice :)


  • Tweetdeck? I can’t stand the interface, it’s terrible.
    A very reliable source has informed me that an enormous update for Twitterrific is coming, I’m sticking with Twitterrific for now!

  • Tweetie is the most awesome client!

    • Nah, Twitterrific :D

  • I’ve arrived here because I can’t get on with TweetDeck and am looking for an alternative. I’ll give Twitteriffic a try.

    • I’m using Tweetie as well. It’s the best.

  • There is Posty from spreadingfunkyness and Hootsuite. Posty is an Adobe Air app while Hootsuite works from your browser.

  • Beak ( looks promising. Only started using it recently but seems to work well.

  • I used TweetDeck for a long time but eventually couldn’t deal with AIR. I now use Twit Menulet, probably the smallest and simplest client out there that handles both multiple accounts and lists. You can try at

  • very nice share. i think tweetie is the best app out there.

  • For me the best is “Tweetie”

  • What about Echofon! I love that on the iPhone and seem pretty good on the mac

  • The top is Tweetie for me but Echofon is good too !

  • They all suck, especially the AIR dependent ones. You can’t even pick font sizes in most of them. Using the site is better, and setting up a SSB using is a pretty good idea. This gives you full scripting capabilities, font control and theme control. Maybe things will improve in time with these clients, but right now the stuff is lame. iPhone apps tend to be a bit better.

  • Tweetie – probably the best. Free with ad support (which are alway quality ads actually) and the paid version. Some of the best apps I’ve found have been ads through Tweetie.

  • i recommend to use Tweetie…. a lot better than twiterrific..

  • Tweetie, is the best I’ve seen for Macs! It’s like Apple itself created it! It’s prefect! very functional.

  • i need twitter app that can change my avatar without over capacity when i upload it
    any suggestion?

  • This gives you full scripting capabilities, font control and theme control. Maybe things will improve in time with these clients

  • I’ve seen for Macs! It’s like Apple itself created it! It’s prefect! very functional.

  • No Tweetdeck? Interesting. I have got on alright with this one but will give the rest a go to see what they are like.

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  • Is there such a thing as a twitter reader app that make your tweets look like the ones you see on That would be awesome.

  • I’ve got a new client in development –
    It takes a different approach to most of the existing clients – it shows one tweet at a time and cycles through them. Not one for the people who want every feature under the sun, but it might appeal to some. All (constructive) comments welcome :)

  • I don’t know about you guys, but I’m diggin’ Kiwi!!!!

  • I want to download Twitteriffic :) thanks brother

  • What do these apps do? What do they let me do that I can’t do just using Twitter as it is? What do you mean by “client”?