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David Appleyard is a designer and writer based in the UK. He manages Tuts+, along with having founded several design websites including Design Shack and Themelantic.

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Following our recent introduction to Quicksilver, we have rounded up a list of ten fantastic plugins to extend functionality and allow you to achieve more with the utility. All the plugins are completely free, and can be installed through Quicksilver itself.

They range from actions for manipulating images through to interacting with the terminal or changing your screen resolution. Prepare to find a bunch of useful new functionality, all accessible right from your keyboard!


The iPhone is a wonderfully designed device, sporting sleek curves and oozing minimalism. Fortunately, the great design doesn’t need to stop there. Ever since the App Store went live, we’ve seen some incredibly attractive software released for the platform.

Whether you’re looking for a robotic unit converter, a realistic app for reading novels, or a intuitive Twitter client – this roundup has something for you. Each application puts design first, offering a fantastic user experience.


A big thank you to everyone who entered our competition to win a copy of The Hit List.
It was fascinating to read all your to-do lists for the day!

The Hit List is a fantastic task manager for OS X, and certainly worth taking a look at if you haven’t before. As ever, our review is a good starting point to learn more about the app.

The two randomly selected winners are:

  • Kevin Cannon
  • Antonio

Congratulations to you both – I have passed your details on to Potion Factory and you should be receiving a license shortly! Sorry to those who missed out, but we’ll be running another financial-themed giveaway next week. As ever, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out.

There has been a great deal of recent talk about the new version of OS X, scheduled for release in September. Called Snow Leopard, it aims to offer a range of speed and performance improvements, improve the architecture upon which your applications run, and offer better Exchange support for businesses.

Due to the lack of many new end-user features, it’s set to be the cheapest upgrade to date – priced at only $29. This article will go into detail about the improvements to expect in Snow Leopard, along with offering a few reasons to upgrade.



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If you use iCal to manage appointments and to-do items, you’ll already be enjoying access to them on your Mac, iPod and (in all likelihood) through some form of online service. Calendar data is easily accessible and can be viewed from a range of different locations.

iDeskCal doesn’t stray too far away from home, displaying a list of any upcoming appointments and to-do items right on your desktop. It’s possible to gain a quick overview of your schedule without needing to open iCal at all. This review will outline the functionality of iDeskCal, along with how to customize it to your heart’s content.


Everyone generally agrees that having some form of backup solution in place is vitally important. Hard drives are far more reliable now than ever, but they’re still prone to fail from time-to-time. Many people consider Time Machine to be the de-facto backup solution for the Mac, but you’d be surprised how many others are available.

This roundup will take a look at a new way to customize Time Machine, a variety of different drive cloning utilities, and a few online backup tools. I hope you find something new, and however you choose to go about it be sure to backup your data!


Following our review of The Hit List a couple of days ago, I’m pleased to announce that we have two copies of the fantastic application to give away. Worth $49.95, it’s a great chance to get your hands on one of the best task managers available.

Entering is simple – all you need to do is leave a comment, letting us know the main tasks you’re working on today (I’m intrigued to know what all our wonderful readers get up to!)

The competition will run for one week, and we’ll randomly select the two winners on Wednesday 15th July. Good luck, and be sure to follow us on Twitter or subscribe to the RSS feed to find out if you’re a winner!


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