Joshua Lyman

I am a avid Mac fan, a web developer, and a rock climber. I've also recently taken up bird watching, because you have to enjoy the finer (and non-digital) things in life. I've been using Apple products for over a decade now, and love to see the the innovation at every release. I also love the quality of software that is created for Mac and iOS products, and that's one of the big things keeping me here.

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I love Apple products, and have been using OS X fairly exclusively for nearly seven years. Now and again, however, I have use Windows to get various chores done, and a feature that Windows 7 has down pat is the ability to snap windows around on the screen.

There are a couple of tools for OS X that attempt to replicate this, but the best one I have used so far is called Windownaut, from Binary Bakery. It makes arranging and snapping windows a breeze, and also has some extra powerful features that I’ve never seen before!