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With Mountain Lion just around the corner, most of us will be running a new OS in the next few weeks. Among the deeper changes that Apple baked into their latest version of OS X, there’s a ton of new apps coming along for the ride: Notes, Reminders, Notifications Center, and more. Plus, long-time standbys like Mail are getting updates along with the rest of the system.

The interesting thing is, all of the new apps are ones that originally appeared in iOS, but Apple’s finally bringing them to OS X. Coming along is the skeuomorphism – mainly with stylized leather – that Apple recently seems to love applying to new apps.

Many of us already have ways we keep up with notes and to-dos, and perhaps have already used alternate email and calendar apps, too. This time around, though, do you think you’ll be using the new apps, or trying out the updated ones? Or will you stick with you existing apps, or perhaps even try a new 3rd party app instead? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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The first Mac I ever used was a Bondi blue iMac G3 at a friend’s house sometime in ’99, though I don’t remember much about the experience other than admiring the translucent case. Months later, though, I began using an Apple product on a daily basis: a Newton MessagePad 100, given to me by an uncle after the company he worked for decommissioned them.

It ate AAA batteries and weighed a ton, but it was a rather cool device to play with even without internet or new apps. I wrote a journal (turning off the writing detection) and used it for keeping a calendar, and messed around with every menu and dialog in the system, discovering a hidden temperature indicator in the process. Sadly, it got stolen from our house several years ago, so I don’t have it around.

The best part of having a Newton was discovering little Newton things years later in Apple’s later projects. The trash animation in the Notes app on iOS looks just like the trash animation when throwing away a note on the Newton. Plus, the smoke puff when removing an icon from your OS X dock looks just like the delete animation on the Newton when you drew a w type squiggle over anything on a note.

Did you ever get to use a Newton? Have you found yourself looking for Newton features in other Apple products? Or do you wish you could have tried one out? We’d love to hear any Newton stories you have in the comments below!

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Completing your todos can get a bit boring, so why not add some flame to your tasks? That’s right: TaskBurn lets you literally burn your todos off your list, so they won’t be filling up your plans for the day any more. It’s a serious task manager with iCloud sync, task groups, and more, with the extra addition of a fun animated design to keep your productivity sizzling.


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It’s always exciting to find a new app that perfectly fits your needs. Some programs are great, and you’ll use them every day, but then sometimes you need this one little utility to make a part of your life easier. Even if you only use it a few times it feels amazing that there was an app that did just what you needed.

App Stores are great for discovering apps like this. I once needed to quickly crop and rotate a set of images on my iPad. Without knowing any apps that could do that, I searched the App Store and quickly found OneEdit, which did exactly what I needed.

On my Mac, I’ve recently started using QuickCursor and Sublime Text 2, both apps that I thought I didn’t need but now would hate to live without. It made me wonder how many apps our reader have recently discovered that really helped them.

So, what’s the greatest new app you’ve started using on your Mac? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, and maybe we’ll discover a few apps we didn’t know of before, too!

I know: it can’t be a poll without a poll, but hey, you have to change things around sometimes, right?

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HR and other internal business apps are often confusing, with outdated designs built for PCs. employment:app is an exciting break from this tradition, bringing modern Mac app design to the enterprise. You can manage your employees, keeping up with detailed personal info, files, trainings, and vacations for each employee. You’ll be able to look through your database of employees and find the right person for any job based on their abilities.

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If you use TextExpander much, chances are you don’t actually think about the app itself that much. You’ve added your own shortcuts to it over the years, and now you type them in and they’re automatically expanded without you even thinking. It just becomes another part of your Mac.

This week, Smile Software released the first full new version of TextExpander since 2010. It adds several new features, but if you’re already using TextExpander 3, a quick glance at their new features list might not even make it seem like its worth your time to upgrade. After all, when’s the last time you opened the TextExpander window, anyhow?

Turns out, there’s more than meets the eye in TextExpander 4.


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