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My work in Information Technology has taken me half way around the world and all of the way around the Internet. As a dedicated Apple fan and developer who is continually learning, I have entrenched myself in the Mac and iOS revolutions. I work hard to provide unbiased reviews and in-depth tutorials. Would you like to know more about me? Check out my personal blog RobIsIT and follow me on Twitter to find out what else I'm up to.

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Do you use a single password online? Have you have been using a handful of passwords for several years across any number of services? Or worst of all, do you rely on words that are found in the dictionary? Increasingly, these scenarios can not only put your personal information at risk, but they can endanger the information of your friends, employers and trusted network connections.

The solution to these problems is to use a different, hard-to-remember, complicated password for each website, service, or hardware device that you have access to. KeePassX is an advanced password manager for OSX that focuses on security and ease of use. For many I.T. professionals, KeePassX is an ubiquitous tool that allows free and open movement between secure services and devices. Created by Dominik Reichl, the open source KeePassX is the Mac version of similarly named KeePass for Windows.

Read on to find out how KeePassX improves on standard OS X password managing tools and why this free software is important.