Rodrigo Leon

Currently residing in the OC, California, Rodrigo is a journalism student by day and a design ninja by night. He is a self-taught web & graphic designer, web developer, writer, multimedia artist, and a proud gamer. He is currently working on various web projects like his own portfolio.

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Today, our computers and mobile devices house many stunning icons that often influence our desire to use a certain application or open a folder. The icons in our machines are practically part of our lives as we see them almost everyday. It is never a bad idea to customize these icons in order to make them even more appealing than they already are.

The icons below are only a few of the many beautiful design pieces people have created for your enjoyment. Replacing application or folder icons is amazingly easy to do, so don’t hesitate to use any of these free and sexy looking icons.


For decades now, voice control over any type of hardware has been the epitome of immersive user interface. From Star Trek to Iron Man, you have seen the benefits of vocal commands used over and over in many forms of science fiction. To date, technology still tries to mimic the essence of voice control from its sci-fi roots.

Like 3D, voice control has been a fun gimmick for computers, video game peripherals like Kinect and even televisions. More often than not, the software fails to capture the greatness that voice control could one day be. Recently however, Apple introduced the iPhone-4S-exclusive voice control behemoth known as Siri — which soon became the most popular feature of the handset. Why hasn’t this extremely helpful and rather cool piece of software made it to OS X yet? Better yet, why should it?


Big air, big mountains, and lots of snow, are some of the things that Shaun White loves. Thanks to Ubisoft, he is happy to share them with us. Shaun has proven time and time again his skills on the slopes and now his red-haired fame has gotten him to make his first attempt at videogames ala Tony Hawk. In Shaun White Snowboarding, Ubisoft has crafted a well-balanced blend of both realistic and arcade styles of gameplay in a free-roam atmosphere. While seemingly a strange mix, the end result gives a rather decent experience – especially if you are an extreme sports fan.

Like many recent extreme sport games you start out as a rookie and work your way up to soon become a glorified champ; don’t get scared of the huge masses of snow though, Shaun has your back at all times. At the very beginning of the game, Shaun becomes your mentor as he pledges to unleash your inner snowboarding beast. To successfully complete Shaun’s course, you must collected several coins scattered across all four mountains, and complete different sets of challenges. Once you’ve tackled those slopes and collected the precious coins, you will face the “Flying Tomato” himself.


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