Shawn Maschino

Shawn Maschino has had chart-topping hits as a writer, producer, and musician in multiple music genres. He is completing his Ph.D. in Information Systems and strives to stay in-the-know as an authority on media and technology. You can follow him on Twitter or visit his personal website to keep tabs on his various projects and areas of interest.

Many people think that creating music is an elaborate task that wouldn’t be possible for them. Whether you have never played an instrument before, or you are an experienced producer or virtuoso, creating music is no farther away than your Mac. In this article we will introduce you to GarageBand, the music application bundled with iLife. Like most Apple software, GarageBand is full of features, but it is presented in an easy interface which won’t overwhelm new users.

This article uses the latest release, GarageBand ’09. Users of older versions may see some differences in screens and options, but the main content of this guide will apply. We’ll walk you through creating a project, setting up tracks and loops, controlling playback and building a simple song!