William Mengers

William Mengers is a web designer based in the Maryland - DC area in the US. He just recently completed a program through Johns Hopkins University in web and graphic design. William considers the web and technology not only his career, but a personal hobby. To learn more about him you can view his website at or follow him on twitter.

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iPhoto, Shoebox, Bridge – these pieces of software may ring a bell if organization is important to you. The problem is that they all have one thing in common – dealing with photos.

Why does it seem like keeping home movies and video organized is always overshadowed by static photographs? With video technology on the rise and more and more normal, non-tech savvy folks owning devices capable of capturing high quality films, we’re starting to look for something more capable in this area.

If you have a large collection of home videos, you’re in luck. Clipstart is a piece of software to keep your short movies in a well organised, fully searchable database. In this review I’ll cover this app’s uses and how to get the most out of it.