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Social networking isn’t a new thing of 2012, but it’s sure hit a mass saturation point. You can’t ride public transit or eat at a restaurant without seeing people checking Facebook and tweeting pictures. It seems you’re more likely to see a Facebook page mentioned on an ad than the company’s own website, reminiscent of companies advertising their Aol. keywords back in the late ’90s.

So, it’s not surprising at all that the latest OS X and iOS feature deep Facebook and Twitter integration. You can share most things you do on your Mac in a click, sync birthdays from Facebook with Calendar, get Facebook and Twitter avatars in Contacts, and push notifications when you get @replies. It’s great for those addicted to Facebook and Twitter, but not so much for those who avoid social networking or who’d rather use another network like

Have you started using the Twitter and Facebook integration in OS X Mountain Lion? Do you like it, or would you just as soon they’d left it out?

The Mac App Store is rife with price cuts this week, so come take your bounty from Mac.AppStorm’s deals. (more…)

Our sponsor this week is Last5, an app that makes it incredibly easy to track the time you spend on work and more each day. It’s designed to be the “Minimum Effective Dose Of Time Tracking” you need, just enough to track your time without taking you away from the task at hand.

Last5 was designed by Jonathan Yankovich, a freelance web and user experience developer who found that the worst part of his job was accounting for how he spent his day. After working all day out of coworking spaces and other distraction-prone environments, he wanted a tool that would let him move fluidly between people, projects, and conversations without having to punch in or out.

With most time tracking apps, you either wait until the end of the day and try to reconstruct your day (or worse, week!) from memory, which is stressful and time-intensive, or you use timers which are prone to being forgotten. Last5 is designed to let you think as little as possible about tracking your time. You can setup your projects, then throughout the day, Last5 will ask you what you’re working on. Just hit the correct button, and go on with your work. That’s it!

You can then see a breakdown of how you’ve spent your time from the dashboard, and integrate it with Harvest for accounting if you want. Last5 is also planning to add Basecamp and Freshbooks integration in the future, and currently lets you export your data in Excel format from pro accounts. Best of all, you can use Last5 from your iPhone or Windows PC, in addition to your Mac, so it’ll work wherever you’re working.

Go Get It!

If you’ve been looking for a more efficient way to track your time, Last5 might be just what you’ve been needing. You can sign up for a free Last5 account to get started, and when you’re ready to get more serious with a project dashboard, and Excel export, you can go Pro for $8/month or $60/year.

Best of all, you can get 20% off a year membership if you sign up before the end of the year with the coupon code appstorm. What better way to finish out the year and start the next than with a discount on an app that can help you be more productive?

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Games don’t often show players the future implications of their decisions or the systems behind their interactions, but for Eden Industries’ Waveform this is a core feature. It tasks you with guiding a wave of light safely through levels, layering ever greater complexity on a simple idea.

Colorful visuals, great music, and slick presentation combine to make Waveform a compelling, atmospheric experience well worth your attention, although the game falters and frustrates at times. (more…)

We’ve collected the top four reviews, roundups and how-to articles from across the AppStorm network in September. Whether you’re interested in Mac, iPhone, Web, Android, Windows, or iPad apps, there’s bound to be something you didn’t spot over the course of the month. Now would be a good time to explore a part of the AppStorm Network you’ve never seen before!

Thanks for reading AppStorm, and I hope you enjoy looking over some of our favourite posts from last month!


This week has been another fairly quiet one in terms of app news but we’ve still managed to find a couple of stories to keep you ticking over till next week.

Enjoy! (more…)

MacTuts+ is the superb new site dedicated to teaching people how to use their Mac, and OS X, more effectively. We’ve got you covered for apps, but combine that with an in-depth knowledge of OS X and you’ll be unstoppable, limitless!

This is a quick roundup of the best tutorials from MacTuts+ in September, from How to Launch Any App with a Keyboard Shortcut to Awesome Reader Submitted Mac Tips and Tricks.

This Week in Mac News is a new column we’re now publishing each Saturday, rounding up the latest Mac and Apple news. Just the fact here; no rumors. See, rumors are expensive, so we’ll stick to the facts.

Welcome to the first edition of This Week in Mac News. There’s so much going on in in the world of Apple, beyond just regular app updates, we wanted to be able to help our readers stay a bit more informed about what’s going on without having to trace down every rumor and Apple press release. That’s why we’ve started this new column, and we hope you enjoy reading. Let us know your thoughts about it and if there’s anything we’ve missed in the comments below.

With that out of the way, let’s get started with this week’s news. Briefly, Apple released a OS X 10.8.2 and 10.7.5 supplemental update with bug fixes, the company’s fourth quarter earnings will be announced on October 25, and Ping closed at 11:59 p.m. September 30. Keep reading for full coverage of these topics. (more…)

The Mac App Store is rife with price cuts this week, so come take your bounty from Mac.AppStorm’s deals.


Almost everyone loves going on trips and getaways. Whether it’s for business or for pleasure, it’s nice to experience new places. Whilst it can be remarkable seeing different cultures and experiencing different ways of life, it can be daunting and overwhelming just trying to plan your trip.

YourtTrip aims to simplify the process of preparing for a trip and aims to help you plan out where you’re going, what you’re going to pack, budgets and also helps you make an itinerary. Let’s take a look. (more…)

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