50 Hot Designer Mac Desktops

Your search for that new wallpaper just got a whole lot easier! Everyone loves a great wallpaper to up the visual awesomeness of your machine. So here’s a collection of 50 of the best I’ve found on the net! Thanks to these wallpapers, your desktop is guaranteed to kick much more ass than before. So relax and pick a design that you suits you!

Archigraphs Sheep Wallpapers

By Cyberella74


By Pete Harrison


By tommyhev

Romantic Cottage

By zero


By Administrator

Forgotten Games

By Jaziel Valladares

Night Scape

By Adi

Aurora Borealis

By kiddik

House on the Field

By Adi


By Richard Mohler

Route 66

By blue

Orange Days

By rekfoto.se

Massive Stars Resolved in the Carina Nebula

By Jesús Maíz-Apellániz

Conquer the World

By Dawn42


By MasterChief

Kari Nebula

By casperium

Blue Mountain Lake

By The Wallpapers

Heart Of The Universe

By freelancah

Pier to Nowhere


Love in a Cage

By kharax

Paris – Eiffel Tower V WP

By superjuju29

Curious Ostrich

By Adi


By JoeJesus

Look What I Ate

By Sunira

Apple iGolf

By Adi

Heart of Ice

By fridaythe13th

The Opal Lake

By Macindows

Visitor Wide

By relhom


By Rodrigo Zenteno

Bloody Fog

By nucu

The Mountains Of Guilin

By roncc

Fort Jefferson

By Tangata Manu

Falling Star

By Administrator

The Dancing Nebula WS

By casperium

Tree of Life

By parki


By zueuk

Moraine Lake

By pat1926

Croatian Boat

By Philippe Clairo

Field of art

By Iunewind

Blue Forest

By keman

Magic Space

By Dany


By emats

Metalicious Wide

By relhom

The City of a Thousand Minarets

By dpainter

Venetian Cat

By saturos


By artush


By Zilla774

House of Grass

By Adi


By Macindows

Dream Stream

By Matthew Turner