52 Superb Free Icon Sets For Mac

If you own a Mac, you probably know that the software on these machines is often stunningly well designed, and in particular Mac icons are renowned for being gorgeous, or even ‘lickable’ to borrow the words of Jobs.

These beautiful icons are made not only by Apple designers, but by designers from around the world, and due to the ease of replacing icons, your Mac experience can be very customizable. Icons don’t have to be for replacing current App icons, they are used everywhere in design to get the best user experience and we hope you enjoy this collection and that you find many ways to express yourself with these wicked icons.

Some of these icon sets do not permit comercial use and others may require a link back to the site, always read each set’s conditions before use


Apple Armada

This comprehensive icon set with 12 beautiful icons cover a vast range of Apple hardware and in multiple colours with pixel perfection. Great for adding some vitality to your work.

Apple LED Display

This stunningly detailed LED Display comes in a variety of sizes, perfect for any personal project that needs some style

Bee Mac

This cute icon set has a great contrast from the original Macintosh to the new iMac. An absolute must for anyone who remembers the game changer it was (or anyone who values totally awesome design).

Front Row

These 4 icons are fantastically well designed and to such a level of detail that they would look great anywhere. They could be your replacement for iTunes or anything to do with media you are covered here.

iMac generations 2

Cute little icons of the iMac generations that would fit on anyone’s screen.

Magnus Opus

The last in our hardware section is a great and vintage collection of 270 Apple hardware icons. If you need an icon of an Apple product its almost certainly going to be in here. Need the Lisa? It’s there. Want to show you’ve got a Newton? It’s there. It’s an uber large set of delicious Apple icons.


Christmas Magic

These wonderfully designed 12 festive icons will get you ready for Christmas. They can spice up your computer and sprinkle a bit of magic over your desktop.

Clash of the Titans

Based on the original film, these 4 icons appeal to only the purest souls. With stunning designs like this, how could you not want these on your computer


OS X Panther

This appeals to the long-time Mac users. Remember the pinstripes of Panther? Ever wanted to return to the good ol’ days? Well this might be your best bet with this icon set based on that great OS.

Quicklook 1

The Quicklook icon set does what you would expect and gives you a bit more of a view of the application you’re about to click on. In some cases its just a bigger version of the icon, in others it reveals more details of the app’s capabilities. Good fun and with 3 icon sets you may just find icons for all of your needs.

Quicklook 2

Quicklook 3



This selection of 54 hand drawn icons may not be very professional, but they sure a fun. With icons ranging from uTorrent to Skype you’d be sure to find an icon suited to your liking.

Star Wars

No matter what your take on the controversial Blu-ray version of this great franchise, you have to appreciate these loveable little fellas. May the foce be with you.


Ever considered replacing your entire icon set of your Mac? Well this may just be your best option. With over 60 gorgeous icons for every aspect of your Mac you can’t go wrong with this epic set.


Old Bottle Crowns

These social icons are grunge and classic-themed, and with 20 of them there are more tan enough for any website design out there Pop them onto your site for that vintage look.

Furry Cushions Social

Get ready for a comfy social life with these furry icons. Use them wherever you want to add a personal touch, and plus they look cool.


Extreme Grunge Icons

This high quality icon set is full with 20 extremely grungy social media garments that cover the important social aspects of our lives.

Socialize part 4

This is the 4th addition in a series of social stickers that are cute and simple – give a fun touch to your social life.


A more realistic approach to the common social media platforms, these irresistibly awesome social icons will give an edge of style to whatever you chose to you them with.

Social Media

38 high quality icons to make your site look far more modern – a perfect mix between professional and personal touches.


100 awesome social icons to brand your work.


Adobe CS5

Adam Betts’ replacement set for Creative Suite 5 is a wonderful combination of the original icon design and the product box. It contains 37 application icons and 300 document icons meaning if you use any of the CS5 collection you’re covered.

Aqua X

34 beautiful and shiny folder icons for your system.

Black system

Its your Mac, but in steal-mode. These awesome icons recreate some of the classic Apple icons like iCal but also 3rd party ones like Photoshop and CandyBar altogether making this collection of 50 sexy icons very usable on a large scale – you know, if your want your Mac ninja-style.

Credit Cards

457 payment and credit card icons in multiple sizes. This will have you covered if you need to show people how to pay you, using virtually any payment method on the face of this earth – and it will do it in style with pixel perfection.

Dellipack 2

A set of 15 delicious icons for use with both corporate and professional projects.


4 highly detailed icons to make your Mac computer look a bit more, how shall I say.. Vista-ish (like anyone would wanna do that? but here’s the option should you so wish).


These 5 translucent beauties will fit fit right in will your development project. They’re funky and clean although may be difficult to see on the wrong background.


With HTML5 being all the rave these days here are some awesome icons to represent the wonders of the web, in highly detailed, wonderfully colourful versions, or simple, clean and black versions. Your choice.


Shiny. 10 blue(ish) icons to pimp out your Mac Hydro-style. Although slightly resemblant of Windows, I think you can get away without feeling like you’ve switched to the dark side.

iVista 2

Ok there;s no escaping the fact that these 4 icons will by their very name be leaning slightly on the Windows side of the line. But hey, sometimes beautiful design prevails over fanboyism.


Although these 6 icons were made for LiveJournal from the wonderfully talented folks at Turbomilk, we feel these icons are just too good not to include in this roundup and they’re free for you to use as well.

Made of Wood

An exquisite collection of 19 wooden icons (including a wooden dock) to make your desktop feel like the mahogany desk you always wanted, but without the cutting down of so many trees. Win, win.

Office Supplies

9 icons that have you covered should your designs ever take you near a an office.


113 icons that are elegant and stylish enough to have been designed in Apple’s HQ.


Over 100 icons with a soft touch, in greyscale for your Mac


Yet another very complete icon set for your Mac with over 150 icons including most file types. Really fantastic work.

Web Developer

Although, as the name suggests, this icon set is made for the world of the Web, these icons are just so beautiful that they could certainly be used on the desktop.


Sleak and stylish is the best way to describe this icon set I believe. With 35 awesomely dark icons this is a super cool way to modify your Mac


Chocolate Obsessions

7 luscious chocolate icons for your guilty pleasure. Warning: These icons may cause severe hunger and a craving for chocolate, proceed with caution!


These 9 suave icons are just waiting to add a bit of class and some sheen to your desktop.


8 incredibly detailed drinks in one icon set? I know right! These drink icons could be used in any project and will most likely induce thirst.

Exempli Gratia

This awesome icon set contains 100 icons of many different kinds with a unique take on original concepts. The bottom left one if the shot above for example is iTunes.

Paradise Fruit

The first time I saw these icons I knew I had to have them. These succulent fruits really are from paradise and although may be difficult to find a use for them, they are just incredible.

Heroes and Villains

David is a notoriously awesome icon designer (you may remember him from such icons as Fantastical and Coda, among others) and his 28 colourful and creepy popular heroes and villains certainly don’t disappoint.

Virtually Insane

It seems Virtually Insane may be the best way to describe this very odd, yet beautiful and mysterious icon set of 29.

Kidaubis Chinese Wind

Its not often that you seen this level of precise detail on icons. These 16 stunning icons are a truly wonderful piece of oriental artwork.

Vintage Kitchen

9 amazingly well drawn icons of retro-styled kitchen items. Again possibly difficult to find a use for, but nonetheless awesome.


Another set of icons with a unique spin on common metaphors. This set of 66 icons will certainly add some colour and vitality to your Mac.


20 folder icons with a vintage style that could be great in a personal project to make yourself seem more important.


Yes it’s Mr Lanham again, but with these 8 magnificent icons have an attention to detail second to none. And when things look this good, you just gotta have them on your screen.


So there you go, 52 superb free icon sets to make your Mac feel more customized and more yours. As always, if there are any icon sets you love that we missed, share them in the comments for everyone else to see.