Chronicle Gets iCloud Sync and the iOS 7 Treatment

Missing a bill payment is more than just frustrating — it can be a very expensive experience thanks to overdue fees, not to mention the inconvenience if your utilities get cut off. But then, there’s no reason to forget to pay your bills nowadays. You could add calendar reminders or put your bills in your todo list or

Or, you could use Chronicle, the Mac app for keeping track of your bills. With its brand-new iCloud sync and a fully redesigned companion iOS app that looks great in iOS 7, its the best way to keep track of all your bills and more.

Taking a Bit of the the Pain Out of Bills

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When it comes to keeping up with your bills on the Mac, there’s few apps that can beat Chronicle. For $9.99, it’ll help you make sure you never miss a bill payment again, and help you keep track of how much you spend on all of your bills over time. Most finance management apps are complex and confusing, but Chronicle’s simple — if now somewhat dated — interface makes it a breeze. That’s why we gave it a score of 9 in our review last year.

On the surface, not much has changed in Chronicle 5 for Mac since its release. That’s not such a bad thing, per se, since OS X Mavericks looks very similar to older versions of OS X, leaving Chronicle’s corkboard style interface not so out of place. What’s important is the functionality, and that’s as good as ever. You can quickly add your bills, set reminders for the frequency you want, sync your due bills with, and keep track of past payments to see how much you’re spending over time — something that’s especially nice for, say, your electricity bill that varies month-by-month.

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But under the hood, Chronicle’s got some great new features. It’s been reworked to make syncing with its iOS companion app a breeze with brand-new iCloud sync integration that’s nicer than most app’s iCloud sync. In most apps, iCloud sync is 100% invisible — it just works, and you never think about it. Chronicle’s iCloud integration is just as simple, but with the added option to see what time your database was last synced from the settings. It also keeps its original Dropbox sync, so you can continue to sync your database over Dropbox if you’d prefer. Either way, syncing should be flawless just as you’d expect.

iPad Version

Best of all, the brand-new Chronicle Touch brings all of Chronicle’s great features to your iPhone and iPad with the simplicity and charm of the best of iOS 7’s redesign. Your bills will stay in sync with your Mac over iCloud automatically — or over Dropbox if you’d still prefer to use it to stay in sync, your choice. Either way, your bills will stay in sync with iOS 7’s new background sync so you’ll always have access to your bill info wherever you are. Put that together, and the Mac and iOS versions of Chronicle are awesome for keeping up with your expenses wherever you are. Be sure to download the updates if you’ve already purchased the apps, or consider picking up a copy of each if you’ve been looking for a great way to keep up with your expenses.

One More Thing…

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