Gemini, Ensoul and MacHider Currently 30% Off

Yesterday, CleanMyDrive, a nifty little free utility aimed at decluttering your Mac’s hard drives, hit the App Store and instantly sore straight to the top of the “Top Free” app category. To celebrate this their developers, Macpaw, are offering a generous 30% discount on three of their other popular apps, Gemini, Ensoul and MacHider, on the App Store. This discount is only valid if you purchase the items off the App Store (i.e. not from the developers website) and is valid up till June 27th.

The apps in question are great. Gemini is a useful little tool designed at helping you find duplicate files on your Mac and features a cleaning interface similar to that of DaisyDisk with the beautiful, coloured wheel showing how much disk space is being used up by each duplicate file.


Gemini helps you remove duplicated files from your Mac

Ensoul is a great app if you’ve got an iPhone as it allows you to create bigger and better contact photos and custom wallpapers and has loads of built-in effects, meaning you can tweak your photos to make them look even better. You can edit photos from anywhere on your Mac (including iPhoto, Photo Booth and Aperture) and you can synchronise them all to your iPhone via iTunes.


Ensoul and its built-in photo effects

MacHider is designed to boost your existing Mac security by locking down and password-protecting certain folders and files. You can choose which files to hide (say, for example, bank account information or sensitive personal documents) and the app integrates perfectly with Finder, meaning that you can select which files to hide directly without having to go into the app itself.


The main interface of MacHider

Each app is priced at $6.99 (instead of the regular $9.99 asking price) and are available off the App Store. We’ve included the links for you here:

Happy downloading!