PickABundle: The Mac App Bundle with Just the Apps You Want!

If you’re looking for a great deal on Mac apps this week, then we have quite the deal for you: the PickABundle! This all new Mac app bundle that lets you pick 10 apps for your own bundle, all for the low price of $49.99, no matter what you pick.

There’s 30 apps you can pick from for your own bundle in PickABundle, enough for everyone to pick from. There’s web development tools like Rapidweaver, Hype, Flux, and Lucid. There’s Mac tools like Awaken, Hands Off!, and Blu-ray Player. You’ll find Tembo for searching through files, DEVONThink Personal to keep your information organized, Swift Publisher to create beautiful publications, MoneyWell to keep your finances organized, Boom to make videos and audio louder on your Mac’s speakers, and more. Then, as a bonus, every bundle will get a free copy of NyxQuest, an adventure game to top off everything else you’ve already gotten.

If you’ve wanted to pick up a copy of any of these apps – and yes, a number of the apps such as Rapidweaver, Hype, and DEVONThink are worth more than the price of the bundle on their own – then you’d better hurry and pick up a copy of the PickABundle with the apps you want. The bundle is running until March 18th, so you’ve got just under 2 weeks to get your copy.

Best of all, we have a special for Mac.AppStorm readers. Everyone who purchases the PickABundle gets entered in a random drawing for a free copy of Pixelmator, Analog, My Wonderful Days, Scribe, and other great apps that aren’t already in the bundle. If you purchase the PickABundle after clicking the link in this article, you’ll be entered in the random drawing exclusively with other Mac.AppStorm readers, so you’ve got a much higher chance of getting one of the extra apps!

If you do buy the PickABundle, we’d love to hear what apps you got in the comments below.