Safari Update Brings Faster JavaScript and No More Flickering Windows

Apple has released another update to Safari, version 5.1.4, which has a total of 83 improvements to its performance, stability and, most importantly, security. The renewed offering of Apple’s default browser, which was released on Monday via the Software Update, is available to OS X Snow Leopard and Lion users and clocks in at roughly 45 MB download size (depending on your OS).


Safari 5.1.4 has been released via Apple Software Update

The major draw for most users (and one that Apple was keen to highlight), was an 11% increase in JavaScript performance over Safari 5.1.3 (which was tested by Apple using a 2.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 21-inch model iMac on OS X Lion v10.7.3 and Sunspider 0.9.1). A further improvement (and one that had been bugging my editor, Josh, for a long time!) was a fix to stop websites flashing whilst you flick between them, a source of constant irritation for many Safari users. 

Further improvement was seen with Flash content and, for our American readers, a patch which allowed you to print out USPS shipping labels and embedded PDFs.

For a full list of changes in Safari 5.1.4, head over to the press release on Apple’s website. And if you already haven’t done so, head over to Software Update to grab the new version. 

Source: About Safari 5.1.4