Screens 2.0 Released, Adds iCloud, New UI, and More

Edovia, the developer of popular Mac VNC client Screens, has updated their app to version 2.0. This major release adds many new features, refreshes the user interface, fixes a lot of bugs, improves the overall performance of the app, improves the security, improves the documentation, and more. Read on for more information on this release.

New Features

The first major feature addition is iCloud integration. Since it released back in October of 2011, many developers have made good use of Apple’s new cloud storage system to¬†synchronize elements within between iOS and Mac devices. Edovia has brought this great feature to Screens for syncing all your stored screens between your iOS and Mac devices. It’ll prove to be extremely useful if you have an iPad and iPhone or MacBook at home and iMac at the office.

Next up we have auto-resume. This is sort of like Lion’s Resume¬†feature in that it automatically reopens the connections that you had open in your previous session. Auto-resume will be helpful if you need to restart your computer really quick and wish to start using Screens where you left off last time. It’d be really great if they added iCloud sync to this feature because then you could resume right where you left off on any device, not just the one you were on before.

Lastly, this update adds support for SSH Keys and SSH Tunneling, which are useful for advanced users.


Screens 2.0 has improved many of its previous features, ranging from performance improvements and bug fixes to enhanced security and wake-on-lan abilities. In addition, the new user interface is much cleaner and completely removes the wooden texture that was in the previous version. It’s much more subtle and looks better with your screens.

Please beware that you must be running OS X 10.7 Lion or later to use Screens 2.0.

So, that’s what’s new in Edovia’s second major version of their beautiful VNC app. What feature are you most excited about? If you’ve already used this new version, then how is it faring thus far? Any bugs? Let us know in the comments below!