Skype 5.6 Released With Full-Screen Lion Support

Skype has released the latest public update to its popular VOIP software, version 5.6, which brings full-screen support for Lion users, a wealth of bug fixes and a slightly overhauled user interface. The update can either be downloaded directly from Skype’s website or via the app itself (click on “Check for Updates”).

Skype Mac splash

Skype 5.6 for Mac was released to the public yesterday, with full-screen Lion support and other bug fixes

There were a couple of other surprises in store for us with this update, so let’s take a look at each new feature individually:

Automatic Updates

Probably the biggest feature of this new update was the ability for Skype to automatically update itself without having the user to click on “Check for Updates” every couple of weeks or so. This ensures that all Mac Skype users have the latest version installed and that they don’t miss out on any critical updates (such as bug fixes or security patches)

Better Group Calling

Skype 5.6 for Mac has brought along a better group calling interface with a new “dynamic” mode, where the person speaking in the conversation is automatically moved to the top of the screen in conversations of 5 or more participants, making it easier to identify exactly who’s speaking in the conference.

Full-Screen Lion Support

The latest version of Skype has brought complete full-screen support for Lion users, meaning that you concentrate on your conversation without any distractions.

Skype full screen

Full-screen Lion support has finally been brought to Skype for Mac

Other Features

Besides a few bug fixes, you can now delete messages within a conversation as well as the ability to remove conversations from the sidebar and history and improve the call quality in conferences by being able to disable the automatic adjustment of the microphone.

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