The Very Best Mac Apps from 2013

Merry Christmas!

It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone already! And yet, it’s been a great year. Apple showed us they’re still serious about pro users — and, of course, tested our faith with iWork. And then, 3rd party developers did their best again this year, amazing us with great new apps and updates. There’s so many apps that it’s hard to imagine we didn’t have last year — and old favorites that have become even dearer to us.

Whether you got a new Mac today, or perhaps got an App Store gift card that’s burning a hole in your pocket, or just happen to have some holiday downtime and would like to try out some new apps, here’s the very best app reviews, op-eds, and more from Mac.AppStorm this year. So get your reading later app ready, and enjoy!

Apple’s New Stuff

The biggest news of the year was, of course, OS X Mavericks and all the new apps that it brought, along with Apple’s new iWork and iLife Suites. Here’s our articles about everything new in them:

Email Apps

Google bought out Sparrow late last year, then largely neglected it, so email apps were on the top of our list of apps we wanted to see in 2013. And they sure delivered. Here’s the best email app articles from the year:

And then, for some deep thoughts on the future of email, here’s James Cull on Why the Future of Email Might Not Look so Different from Email Today and Kevin Whipps on how is Broken and Needs to be Fixed.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe turned their Creative Suites into subscriptions this year, letting you get everything they sale for $49/month. And yet, that proved to be a not-so-popular decision. Here’s everything we wrote about Creative Cloud, from how it works and what it offers to its effects on the ecosystem and what other apps you can use instead:

The News Apps

Google Reader died this year, leaving a hole in all of our hearts — but that was quickly filled by a ton of new RSS reader apps for the Mac, along with brilliantly updated old favorites. Here’s the best:

And The Rest

There’s so many more great apps from 2013, it’d take forever to categorize them all, so here’s a ton of our favorites:

And some roundups:

Want more great stuff? Then don’t forget about our huge roundups of the Apps We Use this year, with the lists of the tools everyone on our team uses to get their work done.

The Pocket Favorites

AppStorm’s articles were some of the most saved on Pocket this year, and we were very excited that Mac.AppStorm was included in their roundup of the Pocket Hits of 2013. Here’s the top 5 articles from that roundup — be sure to check Pocket for the rest of the list!

Then, a ton of other AppStorm articles about great Web, Android, iPad, iPhone, and Mac articles were included in the Pocket roundup of the top articles from the entire AppStorm network. Be sure to check it out for some great app reading for your holiday free time.

Your Favorites

Did we miss the review of your favorite new Mac app from 2013? Be sure to let us know what your favorite app of the year was in the comments below.

Thank you so much for being a part of our AppStorm community, and we hope you’re having a great Holiday season this year!