This Week in App News: 19 – 25 March 2012

This week saw some pretty big announcements in the world of Mac software, especially with the release of Photoshop CS6 beta on Thursday with a completely revamped interface and tonnes of new features aimed at making editing photos an absolute breeze.

However, Adobe news aside, let’s take a look at what else has been going on this week.

TweetDeck 1.3 released with list management and new tabs

When I wrote about the new version of TweetDeck back in January of this year, it was clear from the general consensus that this “new” version took away many of the features adored by TweetDeck users. TweetDeck 1.3, which was released on Thursday, is an attempt by Twitter to claw back some of those loyal users who abandoned the app for another third-party Twitter client.


The new version of Tweetdeck, version 1.3, released on Thursday

New features include list management, activity and interactions tabs (like on the web version of Twitter and in the official smartphone clients), inline image and video previews and a redesigned “edit and retweet system”. Although there are plenty of features from the old version of TweetDeck still absent in this release (such as more customisation options), it does seem that Twitter are listening to those endless cries from users and bringing more functionality to the app.

TweetDeck 1.3 is available as a free update from their website or from the App Store.

Angry Birds Space released for Mac, iOS and Android

After several months of development, Finnish game developers Rovio Mobile released a new version of their evil green swine-destroying game Angry Birds, however this time the birds are off to space in a whole new reincarnation of one of the world’s most downloaded apps of all time.

Angry Birds Space

The new gameplay in Angry Birds Space

The gameplay mechanics are radically different in this version, with gravatational fields and new birds with their own destructive capabilities, including a laser bird and “space eagles”, which can be earned either by playing the game or via an in-app purchase. For a look at the gameplay itself, head over to Kevin’s review of the app over at our sister site, iPhone AppStorm.

The Mac version of Angry Birds Space is available on the App Store, priced at $4.99 and is also available for the iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Windows.

Skitch for Mac now features Evernote support

After being purchased by Evernote back in August 2011 for an undisclosed amount, Skitch, the popular screenshot editing software now boasts full Evernote integration, allowing you to share your doodles with your Evernote account with one click.


Skitch for Mac now features Evernote support

Your Skitch doodles can now be viewed on all of your devices that support Evernote (for example, iOS and Android devices) and owing to Evernote’s web-based system, you can access them no matter where you are (as long as you have a computer!).

Skitch for Mac can be downloaded from the App Store for free.

Xcode 4.3.2 released with new SDKs

Xcode, Apple’s own development environment, got a small update up to version 4.3.2 on Monday with support for Mac OS X 10.7 and iOS 5.1 software development kits as well as a few other little fixes, such as the ability to digitally sign applications using your OS X Developer ID.

Xcode 4.3.2

Xcode 4.3.2 was released on Thursday via the Mac App Store

Since the release version 4 back in March 2011, Xcode has been free to all Mac users and can be downloaded from the App Store (warning: the download size is around 1.5 GB), however you’ll have to be enrolled in Apple’s Developer Program (subscription fees start from $99 yearly) to be able to submit your own Mac and iOS apps.

If you already have Xcode installed, then open up the App Store where the update should be waiting for you.